8 Video Game Franchises That Get More Hate Than They Deserve

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When popularity of a specific brand name increases, it’s obvious that the number of detractors and haters will follow suit. The more popular a game or a franchise is these days, the more people find fault with it, and the more people seem to hate it, for some reason or another. I’m not saying that hate is absolutely undeserved- a lot of the criticism these franchises get is completely valid. What I’m saying is that they get more hate than they actually deserve. So here’s a list of 8 such franchises, that get way more hate than they actually deserve.

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Sure, Mass Effect moved away from the RPG conventions, and sure, Mass Effect 3 doesn't have the ending everyone was hoping for. But they're still awesome games. Each and every Mass Effect game is very highly rated and is clearly very well made. It's not a cash cow that EA milks by releasing every single year, they're not half-assed, rushed releases. They're great, very well made games. A BIT of the hate is valid, sure, but most of it seems highly unfair.

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  • shaiud;p

    dude, if you seriously think ff12 is a poorly made game compared to ff 10 lololololololol.

  • DB

    So my reason in hating CoD, I think is a good reason…I’m a very well rounded gamer in my opinion. Hell, I love playing CoD and it’s a good game to have when you have friends over. But what I hate is finding a fellow “Gamer” and asking them in excitement what games they play and love, and the response is solely CoD…only own it, dont play/have anything else.

  • Vividier

    I completely agree with these 😀 I don’t really understand why these franchises get much hate ^^ some have dud games maybe but just don’t play those ones and respect people that like other games/franchises 😛 theyre there to entertain, as long as they do that theyre doing their job 🙂 sometimes the more vocal gamers seem to forget that…

  • Bryce

    How about Tomb Raider? Have these games don’t even get hated enough. Yes Lara’s had some awful entries (TR 3 to Angel of Darkness) but once she came back in Legend, Anniversary and Underworld, all beautiful games in their own right, many of the gaming community refused to give her another chance. At least the reboot looks to change that.

  • TheRealTimewarp

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” I don’t hate FIFA because it’s football, I hate it because it’s brought out every year with the least changes per title. Yes when there’s been major and I mean MAJOR changes to what we can do with videogames in terms of graphics, sound and control then yeah that does warrant another FIFA but tomorrow Football will be the same, next week it’ll be the same and unless we somehow at some point in time all forget the rules of Football then it will still be the same as it is now. That’s my problem with FIFA.

    i get that most games out are just different ways of killing the bad guys but there’s always a running narrative that changes, there’s always at least one thing unique to it. I get why people like football games and I don’t see why I would want to take that away from them but when your arguing that your favorite game has changed because this new one has new kicking animation? Surely something has gone horrible wrong. Finally FIFA has a yearly release yet still beats at times games that have been in development some 2-5 years on average. I’m sorry FIFA fans but that just annoys me (BTW, I’m sure a lot of you are better at arguing then the example I put up, just that it was the only argument I’ve ever had with a FIFA fan which ended with them telling me to kill myself and storming off)


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