80% of PS4 Owners Have Not Played Uncharted, According to Naughty Dog

And hence, the Nathan Drake Collection.

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Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection

One might scoff at the release of Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and with good reason- it seems to be a rather cynical and pared down re-release of some pretty new games, with moderately touched up graphics, and half the content missing in the form of the excised multiplayer modes. Even the name is an echo of Microsoft’s similar (and more ambitious) Halo: The Master Chief Collection released on Xbox One last year.

That’s because, it turns out, most people who own a PS4 have never played any of Nathan Drake’s adventures yet. “We did a lot of research and discovered that about 80 percent of the people that own a PS4 have never played Uncharted, period. That was one of the reasons why we thought remastering it would be a good idea,” Naughty Dog’s Eric Monacelli said in an interview with MCV.

It makes sense- according to Sony’s own admission, most PS4 owners (as many as 50%) did not own a PS3. I just wish that they were accommodating these PS3 owners with true backwards compatibility instead of incessant remasters.

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  • XbotMK1

    Many PS4 owners came from the Xbox 360 after they were tired of being abused by Microsoft.

    • Starman

      lol , you have become the biggest joke … here at gamingbolt

    • Rodney Patrick

      It’s because he’s an idiot

    • Cypher-Unknown

      Haha! The irony, it burns!

    • Rodney Patrick

      You sound stupid

    • Tech junkie

      What is wrong with you?

  • red2k

    That statement dont make sense at all. The mayority of PS3 gamers change their PSN account when they start to pay for the service. Its like me, i close one of my Xbox 360 account and start to play on a new account. That dosent mean that i never play Halo 3, ODST and 4 on Xbox 360 its just i want play from other account. The same happens with PSN account because the PS3 service was full of John Doe accounts and they want legitimate their status now with a pay service.

  • Starman

    here we go , trying to gas it up to get sales … lol

  • Rodney Patrick

    Lies,lies and more lies.sony why don’t you talk about how much it sold,oh that’s right because it’s not

    • Bailey Pope

      Funny, me and friends bought copies yesterday. The game just got released yesterday, so it’s impossible for them to already be talking about sales idiot.

    • Rodney Patrick

      Salty because it’s not selling LMAO

  • Starman

    The uncharted series has sold 21m, the ps3 sold around 84m, so only 25% of ps3 owners played an uncharted game. And that’s assuming all sales were to unique users. See how these stats can skew the truth?

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