A Very Neat PS4/PS Vita Remote Play Feature That You May Not Be Aware of

Making button mapping easier.

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Say whatever you want about the PlayStation Vita but it surely has its own use. Take for example the much touted feature of Remote Play. Sony has been pushing for Remote Play for all PlayStation 4 games and so far games, like Assassin’s Creed IV, Need for Speed Rivals and Battlefield 4 work just fine on the handheld device.

For the most part, Remote Play works very well except that most of the games do not have custom button mapping for the PlayStation Vita. Take the case of RESOGUN. The game can’t detect whether it’s being played remotely and hence does not offer custom button mapping. Any button customization the player does will be applied to all controllers within your profile. So you’ll have to change the mapping whenever you are enabling/disabling Remote Play.

call of duty ghosts ps vita controls

But certain games like Call of Duty Ghosts support custom button mapping for the PlayStation Vita and adjust accordingly. A user on Reddit discovered custom button options which picture the PS Vita [above]. This means that even if the user changes the button mapping on the PS Vita, it won’t have any affect on the normal PS4 controls. This is a really cool feature as it totally eliminates the constant mapping whenever the user switches on/off remote play.

Right now, there are a not lot of games that support this feature. So we hope developers will be investing some additional time into implementing this feature for every PS4 game out there.

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  • no

  • this article was absolutely pointless. Anyone who’s spent 5 minutes with remote play has already figured this out

    • Daniel Dorestant

      So you speak for everybody now?

    • Do you have a brain? Have you even tried the remote play feature?

    • Daniel Dorestant

      Did I ever say I couldn’t figure it out?

    • Justin

      Actually I have been thinking about a Vita for Remote play for Ghosts and I wanted to know the Controls to know how much different it would be, so this was exactly what I was looking for. So this article is not pointless.


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