Activision could revive Guitar Hero in the future says Kotick

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Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has hinted that the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises could well be revived in the future. Speaking to CNBC the Activision boss said “we had three fantastic products in the marketplace in the [music] genre this year, our two games, DJ Hero 2 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, and then Rock Band did a terrific game, but it’s just not a category that’s getting consumers enthusiastic right now, and so I think you need to focus your resources on the things that really gets consumers excited. If something’s not working, we’ll take it off the table, maybe reinvent it in the future, but our focus is really on figuring out what are the things that are going to excite audiences the most.”

When asked about the chance of a series revival, Kotick said “we can never say never, but over the past two years we have seen rapid declines in the music genre, and unfortunately, based on current demand, we simply cannot continue to profitably make these games given the considerable licensing and manufacturing costs.”

Thanks to CNBC for the info.

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  • Rival_31

    Everything is about money for that bastard. Screw him.

    • dh4645

      agreed, let it die!
      rock band kicks GH’s ass

  • XMBeaner

    First he is running a business Rival_31, that is his job, to make business decisions. If he was part of the creative team then he wouldn’t have to do this. So condemning him for being a good businessman seems odd to me.

    Sure they over saturated the market and bleed the life out of the music genre but they didn’t do it alone. Rock Band and any other joe blow trying to do music games is as much to blame as Activision. I mean wasn’t Harmonix sold because it wasn’t a good developer to own in a business sense?

    • dh4645

      you make some good points, but gh went downhill after everyone that worked on it went onto rock band. rock band surpassed gh in every way and the gh crew were always trying to play catch-up and never even got close. everyone thought i was crazy when i bought gh when it first came out, but now it’s time to let it die. good riddance gh

  • Thatruth86

    NOOOOOOOOO why revive it its dead as it is its not fun anymore basically as is your paying for is the music il just buy the music instead of rocking out but they should just let end its course there are other games that more important lol

  • aquaman22

    Okay not for nothing but there will be a NEW guitar hero game next year. That’s right you heard it here by Aquaman22! it just so happens that activision had one game canned which was suppose to come out later this year, HOWEVER reports are that they’ve got ANOTHER team STILL working on what’s going to be next year’s title! Activision is NOT MESSING AROUND, they really like their MONEY! and dont give a damn about the quality of work they’re putting out because they just think we as consumers are gonna keep throwing our money at them. Screw you Activision!!!! Aqua Out@!!!!

    • Thatruth86

      Lmao no1 should be surprised if they due dish a new one next year but i dnt think consumers will buy it as its the same game everytime you just rock out with a guitar n new music so why even bother. why not try giving what the consumers want a good GAME VIDEO GAME that it is lol


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