Added Benefit of PS4 Unified Architecture: Removes Expensive CPU/GPU Transfer For Better Particle FX

Persistant Studios’ Camille Mirey also reveals that the PS4 and Xbox One are capable of thirty to a hundred of thousand particles, no more.

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There are many reasons why the PS4’s unified architecture has been beneficial for developers the world over but it’s been equally rewarding to middleware manufacturers like Persistant Studios, which created particle effects middleware Popcorn FX. How does PopcornFX’s Runtime element take advantage of the PS4’s unified architecture though?

According to Persistant Studios CEO Camille Mirey, “Since we update from the CPU, we suffer from the transfer to the GPU. Therefore, PS4 unified memory architecture speeds things up by removing that expensive transfer altogether.”

Mirey also talked about PopcornFX deals with particle effect simulation due to the presence of millions of particles each having its own physics and attributes.

“Actually, the current generation of games usually deals with thirty to a hundred of thousand particles simultaneously on-screen, no more. Previous generations used to deal with a few thousands to ten thousands of particles, and even games with a high use of particles don’t reach the million which is good mostly for tech demos.

“We put the emphasis on the diversity and the richness of  individual particle behavior, not on their number, although Popcorn has no trouble with high particle counts. And thanks to scripting and heavy batching, each particle is designed to be highly performant and only stores the properties needed, which allows to keep a low memory footprint. For example, a particle whose position is driven by a custom procedural expression doesn’t need physics-specific properties like velocity and mass (ie).

By current generation though, he means the PS4 and Xbox One. Yes, that’s for titles already available (for example, inFamous), we expect that number to increase in the future, as the game engines become more mature on these platforms.”

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  • You are flat out wrong pony

    Oh no not more ps pr bs WD 1080p 60fps now this

    What ever sony.

    • Sticky Notes

      Actually this middle ware developer is referring to both system in this article.

    • Counterproductive

      Considering Watch_Dogs is 792p on Xbox One, I think that Ubisoft let everyone down.

    • Michael Norris

      Ding Ding Ding!

    • Lost teddy

      Yeah sure Watch dogs was lead plat for ps4

      That sony pony spin

    • Counterproductive

      Not sure what you’re getting at. How does PS4 being the lead platform make the Xbox One perform worse? When the PS3 was lead platform on multiplayer games, the 360 versions ran better. Looks like you’re trolling and spinning.

    • Psionicinversion

      if PS4 was the lead platform they did a $hit job at outputting it at 900p with all the effects turned off. On multiplats the lead platform is a PC check some new project cars screen shots out…. do ya think PS4 going look like that??? no way in a million years, thats what a 780 can do for ya

    • Guest

      More ret*rded MS fanboy logic. Everything is Sony’s fault. Sony is the big bad wolf, Evil Sony. You clowns are obsessed.

    • mummiess1

      Sony could of got bad info from ubisoft. you dont know that they said that it was going to be 1080P and 60 FPS. Sony most likely just put it on the site not knowing it was misleading info. i still wouldn’t put it on Sonys fault unless Sony or Ubisoft discuses the issue.

    • Mark

      Are you serious wake up and smell the coffee, that’s sony’ sway of advertising it’s how the do it, bragging about power.

      Games don’t matter now do they it’s all about the power.

    • mummiess1

      what are you complaining about your still getting the game. its not going to be different. we are all playing the same game. its going to get to the point where resolutions and FPS will disappear and no one will care all they care about is playing the game. If you don’t like that your game isn’t running 1080P or 60FPS go play PC. PS4 has the same resolutions as what Battlefield 4 had and thats pretty good. I rather have no lag than a lag fest.

    • Reddz Foxx

      Eventually the standard will be 4k and when everything is upscaled regardless of the console the trolls will need something else to bicker about with each other… Let the trolls tire themselves out.

    • Guest

      Sony’s way? Its MS who wont shut up about DX12, or the cloud, or 10% Kinect reserved power back, or this or that. Sony has been quiet. Yet you fanboy delusiontards keep makingthings up about what Sony is doing. MS is the one trying to act like they are on equal power when they are not. Now go troll somewhere else, troll!

    • Michael Norris

      You should learn how to read.

    • Guest

      What a f-ing moron, this has nothing to do with Sony. You’re obsessed loser! And MS, is the one with all the PR and spin and bs. Why dont you go complain about them. Oh thats right, cuz you’re a fanboy.

    • Reddz Foxx

      Pot calling the kettle black… the Irony is amusing.

    • Guest

      And your the kettle calling the pot black…. oh the irony indeed.

    • Arnold Stallone

      Go play on your slab of plastic called Xbox one, that tries to be a console with an identity, but fails miserably. The x1 never was what it was supposed to be, at launch, and a few months later, it gets even worse, with all the key features being turned off.
      The worst is that microsoft dares saying they have 80 million Xbox fans, when 30-40 million consoles were re-re-re-re-re-replacements after countless rrod issues and other problems.

      What an x1 is?
      A simple x360 upgrade with slightly better visuals, paywalls, no AAA exclusive except the same halo and gears, with a huge power brick and no replaceable hard drive. Without kinekt, the x1 lost the only thing fans could brag about. Now, everything will be officially much LESS good than on ps4. Everything.
      All the hundreds reviewers that gave the x1 a better score than to ps4, saying bla bla, kinekt, amazing, voice commands, snap this and that, etc, they should be forced to edit their reviews and lower the overall score by 2 or 3 points /10. Without kinekt, what the x1 is?
      A system with no future. A system nobody trusted and believed in, a system even microsoft don’t believe. Each week they remove or change something.

      What will they do next? Apart spending 10-15+ billion $ and buying Sony, there are no alternatives. Titanfall was a massive flop. It was a huge test: can sales rise, can we hope to catch up Sony by releasing good software?
      The answer was no. That’s why they are doing this. And they aren’t doing it because ‘they listened to fans…’. They do this because shareholders and investors gave it a last chance. If sales don’t take off and get close to Sony numbers, they will stop making consoles. Selling isn’t enough. They want to be number 1. And with the momentum Sony has, with the ps4 selling like crazy, with dozens millions people still waiting , because the ps4 is sold out every where, it’s impossible to be number 1.
      Sony hit hard with PS+ offers and prices. Next E3, there are going to be some fking announcements, that will leave everybody speechless. They surely knew about Microsoft moves, I am sure they are preparing a real earthquake for E3. They could easily announce a 349$ ps4, or a 399$ ps4 bundled with a eye camera and 2 games. They will showcase their Morpheus VR device with real playable games, and will certainly announce its price along a 100 titles list of games that will support the VR, or will receive a patch to enable VR.

      It’s gonna be massive. Massive.

      And what will microsoft do?
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      You see, Sony may have some little cash troubles, but at least, gamers can be confident about their ps4 and games. Now, next year, in 8 years.
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    • Reddz Foxx

      Wow such a mad rant… Y U so mad… did Xbox one get your mom pregnant and kill your daddy? You seem to have some personal vendetta… if you don’t like the Xbox one then don’t buy it.

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    • Guest

      nah, they still have nintendo as a rival. xbox can just die.

    • Psionicinversion

      Go play your True Watchdogs experience on PS4 at 900p 30 fps and all the effects turned off…. true watch dogs experience my @rse….

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    • neko working

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    • Guest

      you are idiot, xbot. your xbone’s “move engine” is stupid and ESRAM does suck, PS4 doesn’t even need to move things because it has unified memory.

  • ME3X12

    Yes this will be so handy for all the indie games on PS4. Get it Indies LMFAO!!!

  • Psionicinversion

    The added benefit of the unified memory architecture to achieve a mind blowing 900pathetic PS430(fps)… expect AC unity and witcher 3 to have the same resolution….

    • Guest

      Must you always be such a douche? Yes, we get it, the PC can be more powerful. Thats always been the case. Whats new? But we are not talking about in comparison to a PC but rather in comparison to the other console. And actually this is an actual advantage that the console has over the PC right now. Its just the PC can have more raw power. Now F-off you loser.

    • Squinty

      We already know that the PS4 is better than the XBox One, yet people are STILL talking about it.

    • Guest

      Because every article that comes out for X1 is about some new secret sauce thats gonna make the X1 better than the PS4. Its all that comes out nowadays. Its just you MS fanboys are to blind to see that. Sony fanboys wouldnt have to constantly be saying it if MS fanboys werent constantly trying to say otherwise. You guys arent innocent. Y’all the instigators

    • Squinty

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    • Psionicinversion

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    • ChickenShiz

      Looks like it has got effects to me. What are you 12. Go spread lies somewhere else.

    • Psionicinversion

      that was from february 2013 and was actually PC footage, go look at this, gamestops advertisement for the game the video runs in 1080p check out the low poly models on the cars and boats… thats what youll be playing. People that have played the PS4 version are not impressed theres visible aliasing weak ambient occlusion and no shadows on some stuff which is more visible at night at things seem like there floating

    • Spinsoniversion

      Game is not out yet and you have no idea what the game looks like moron. I will wait till the digital foundry verdict. Watch dogs is not even a next gen game so who gives a crap. I is on xbox 360 and ps3 as well. The game will have effects and only a fanboy jacking off to himself would say otherwise.


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