After E3, I Still Don’t Understand What Microsoft Intends To Do With Xbox One X

Microsoft’s messaging for the Xbox One X is a textbook case of mixed signals.

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Microsoft has come out and properly revealed the Xbox One X née Scorpio. It is, true to its billing, a very impressive machine- in that regard, it absolutely lives up to the hype. Microsoft has made an immensely capable and powerful console, packed with the newest and most sophisticated standards, and it has delivered, as it promised, true 4K gaming on consoles.

So far, so good. So what’s the problem? There are multiple. The biggest problem, the thorn in my side, and I have spoken about this at length before, is the price- at $499, the Xbox One X is prohibitively expensive, and it has priced itself out of the market. This is not just something I feel, it is also something that market analysts have stated. Microsoft, of course, maintains that the Xbox One X is meant to be targeted at a niche, as a premium console, and that it is not meant to be a mass market driver- but if I were to accept that, why were Microsoft pushing it as the reinvention of the Xbox brand? It makes no sense to do so with something that will not be front facing to the majority of the market.

But let’s assume that Microsoft were just playing the hype game, and let’s just take them at their word so far. We have a $499 powerful console aimed at the extremely narrow niche of people who care about cutting edge technology but only want to play on consoles and not on PC, delivering them… games they can get on any other system, including, yes, PC and the regular Xbox One? But okay, these games will run in native 4K on the One X, so there is that. So given that, Microsoft is going after the people who want the shiniest possible graphics they can get without investing in a gaming PC. I get that.

"At $499, the Xbox One X is prohibitively expensive, and it has priced itself out of the market."

Except, nothing in the Xbox One X reveal appealed to that mindset. The reveal was largely centered around indie games, which are great! Independent games are among the best titles that are released on the market in any given year. But they are independent, because they are low budget- which means that as a general rule, they are graphically unimpressive (though of course, we have seen some indie game developers accomplish incredible things graphically and technology, often with far more constricted and limited resources). If you are trying to sell a $500 console on the promise of it being the most powerful one ever made, why would Microsoft focus on these games? Why not pull out the big guns that actually demonstrate and exhibit what the console is capable of?

Microsoft brought out Forza Motorsport 7, which did look pretty good- but that was it. Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 are not the kinds of games you advertise the power of a console with, and the long thought to be Xbox One X killer app, Crackdown 3, looked distinctly underwhelming, with a mediocre artstyle, and technology that didn’t look anywhere near as impressive as it had been hyped up to be over the four years since the game has first been announced (and over which we have seen nothing of it).

In fact, there were only two times that we got to see games that actually looked impressive in Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One X- Assassin’s Creed Origins and Anthem.  But are you willing to spend $500 on an Xbox One X to play a handful of new games – and really, there are only a handful of them so far, the two I named may be the only ones that come to mind right away (big open worlds and AAA production)  – to play games you already own in 4K? Where is the compelling content that looks so undeniably better on the Xbox One X that a tech and graphic enthusiast is compelled to part with, let me repeat it, $500, which is in no way a trivial amount, to spend money on the console?

"In fact, there were only two times that we got to see games that actually looked impressive in Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox One X- Assassin’s Creed Origins and Anthem.  But are you willing to spend $500 on an Xbox One X to play a handful of new games?"

This comes back to the larger problem Microsoft has of not having a compelling first party to drive investment or confidence in its hardware- in this case, first party games could surely have demonstrated the appeal of the One X over the standard Xbox One. Forza 7 is the only game that sort of comes close to doing that, but Forza games always look exceptionally great to begin with, so there’s not much of a relative improvement. Seeing a Halo 6 in full 4K, and putting it side by side with Halo 5, or just seeing a brand new IP from Microsoft with cutting edge, and comparing it to all the games they have put on the Xbox One so far, may have instantly demonstrated the difference.

But of course, that’s water under the bridge, now. To return to the larger point, the Xbox One X is an impressive piece of hardware for a shockingly high price that may be palatable if there were something on it that appealed to even the demographic that it is aiming for. As of right now, there does not seem to be anything of that sort in the pipeline that would reliably induce someone to part with $500. I don’t know what Microsoft is doing with the Xbox One X, or who they intend to target with this, or how they intend to do it- but they better have the answers to these questions ready, and soon. Launch is approaching.

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  • kee1haul

    Are you stupid?

  • Dougdec92

    First comment…. OUCH!!

    Second comment.. Pram hang in there, you aren’t alone though, a lot of us don’t know why the beast is sniffing veggies when meat is all it eats, and then again MS don’t have any..

    Third comment…. Looking at e3 exclusives, apart from the sweet ori game, the rest could well fit a funny scene where a psychologist interviews a depressed gamer and the gamer randomly says I have a gtx 1080 and I love to play Minecraft with it….. Not bad imo but not the sweet story anyone will expect.

    Xboxone x has years ahead of it but since it is for premium customers who want cutting edge tech…..then I guess MS making more in a quarter than Sony does in a year will be a great advantage on their side, like absorbing losses incurred by this console’s existence .

  • Coffee High

    In 1995 I bought the most powerful consoles available. First, the Sega Saturn for $399 and later, the Sony PlayStation for $299. At the time I was renting a 3 bedroom house for $350 a month, paying roughly $160 a month or utilities including phone and cable TV. Gas was $1.09 a gallon on average, a Big Mac meal cost $2.99 and was supersized for 50 cents more. You could usually find candy bars at 3 for $1 at the Circle K. A pack of Marlboros were $2.05. My new Dodge cost me $12,000 nicely equipped. My Packard Bell 486DX cost $1200.00 with a 15″ monitor. Minimum wage was $4.25 an hour.
    Hasn’t everything doubled or tripled in cost since 1995? Why not consoles? Adjusting for inflation, the Saturn would cost $950 today, the PlayStation $825. Get over yourself and realize that you are truly getting a bargain, you are just too stupid to figure it out.

    • Holeybartender

      Back in my day we didn’t have video thingumajigs we rolled a hoop down the street with a stick.

      Sorry,had to say that.

    • Billy

      Back in your day, how old are you Video game consoles have been around since the early 1970’s you know that right and the first Video games in the 1960’s. I could not afford them then but I started collecting and have every commercially produced console now and a few that was not, games and all but not all games some I just cant find some I had to replicate but what is funny is seeing my kids or my sisters kids play them, you can just see it on their face you played this and liked it? What is wrong with you? Anyway most the older gamers I know, know how old consoles really are and how far they have come. Though there was a crash in the console market in 78 or 79 thinking 79 but I was young then that set consoles back a decade maybe more because they where ahead of their time, if you think about it why would every house need a game system when hardly anyone had a computer and even fewer had any kind of network connection then the Arpanet, a closed but not really closed system by today’s standards. The first Popular personal compute was not released till 1975 the Altair (and some numbers not sure) and it was sold as a kit, then a few years latter Apple did it’s first personal computer (I have a few early computers as well one of witch is sitting in storage, and fills the whole room) but your saying your day, so when was your day exactly because just because you did not follow tech dose not mean it was not there.

    • Holeybartender

      Sarcasm escapes you. I’d have to be dead since the “rolling a hoop with a stick”,or Hoop Rolling as it’s called, past time went out in the early 1900’s.

    • Billy

      I have been told I am literal, but I understand what you was doing, I wanted you to see that things have changed allot in fact allot more than gamers understand now days. Do you know what goes into each console each game, not the specs or the res or fps but the real work the art the math the science the love (sometimes actual for gaming) the curiosity or are you someone that don’t care and just wants the game to work. My Son is 10 (had him a bit late) he wanted a console so I made him (if he wanted a console) to learn about each the good the bad the ugly write a report on which he wanted and why it is the best option for him. I also make him (make is a hard term encourage because he seems to like it) to learn about the actual games program the language he has not quite grasp the entirety of it but he is close, my girl is 8 and can do anything on Xbox she wants (within child account limits) but she knows how to do it, messaging, invites data, dumps, checking for open nat type how to check MP connection and what the detailed network stats mean, kind of proud of her, me and her play most every day and not just kid games Halo she loves shooting things like her old man, though I did it for real till I was wounded over seas now I am paralyzed and retired however I have always worked on my mind and still do, but I be dammed if I will let my kids be like the kid that delivers pizza that has no idea what a roman numeral is, lol you tell him building 4 and he calls and says “I don’t see a building 4” you tell him it is on the sign in front, he says “I don’t see it” you say it is roman numerals he says “what is that” I say did you graduate high school (it is pizza delivery after all) he says “yes top 10% of my class and going to college here” (this is a college town after all with 4 here) so I say where, he says “Maryland” so I say look for the sign with IV on it. See now I can understand maybe he just did not care or graduate, or from somewhere like WV or TN you know country or really rural area, (just so you know I am a hillbilly from TN) but top 10% of his class and in college, man no wonder Airmen where calling me sir, as a MSgt.

    • Cenk Algu


  • Mr Xrat

    Eh, it’s pretty obvious. Power is the only thing they can reasonably fix about the Xbox’s battered reputation so here’s THE MONSTER. Never mind the fact most games are checkerboarded, never mind the fact most games are 30fps, never mind the fact that most of those first-party exclusives look terrible to hit the 4K mandate. That’ll be $499, please. Which MS knows Xgimps will pay anyway. It’s all about locking in the remains of the fanbase and having them cough up on microtransactions and subscriptions to increase Xbox’s thin profit margins.

    • Billy

      The Pro, never mind that most games are checkerboarding, never mind the fact that it’s 4K drops fps even at 30fps that it’s 4K loads take longer and even freezes on single player games never mind that the actual exclusives that the Pro has in 4K had to cripple the game in other areas, Never mind the extra power your paying for has to be governed down with turning boost mode off and on just so you can play every game that will be 400 for a console that was sold as a 4K gaming consoles.

      Look if you don’t want it don’t buy it I have a Pro and the PS4 was great but the Pro was, well where they sleeping when they worked on it or did the hardware and software guys work in separate rooms until the day before the release, guess it is a nice idea, but still only an idea. Xbox at the very least they are trying to give their gamers something better, and it is their gamers. I have never seen a PS fan or an Xbox fan any system fan change just because new specs come out, new gamers and unhappy gamers do change but that is who console devs compete for. Now don’t get me wrong the Xbox One, to me was horrible hardware wise and a bereave the reason for such a drop in sells but your saying Xbox’s thin profit margins the Xbox One X will not help that they are selling at a loss like most consoles and those that buy the Xbox One X already have subs and download games so no extra profit there. Now if you want to talk about then profit margins the only division of
      Sony that did well last year was the PlayStation division and when the parent company dose worse than the division cuts are made which will hurt
      Sony but will effect PS short and long term because those exclusives your out that PS has a few more of (and yes it is a few no argument there) are paid for and produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, which again operated with very little to no increase in their profit margin last year over sees the games but they are paid and if funds get cut then games will get pushed or dropped. Now as to the support of the PS vs the Xbox in terms of game devs, in Asian markets, and only them don’t seem to work well with Xbox consoles for 1st party games but every other dev dose great with Xbox. Now the Asian game devs make some of the best games (I play every thing on every system PC, PS, Xbox and Nintendo be it phone or tablet I love games) and PS has the support of every Asian game dev, I do think it is a bit of a double standard though considering the way Xbox get treated by their devs sometimes (though they keep it quite, contracts and all) Any way the point was that no matter how you slice it each consoles dose the exact same thing some are a bit more transparent if they mess up (not Sony though) but consoles are just consoles and we are gamers not consolers not Xbox-ers not PS-ers maybe BS-ers but it is about fun games and community so have fun, game and work with your community to make them better.

    • you fling “xgimp” around like you are some anti-fanboy, but you sound like a fanboy yourself. and it is quite obvious you dont know what you are talking about. and the same applies in reverse… “never mind most games are checkerboarded and locked at 30″… but its only a bad thing if Xbox does it, right? please, lets here more from this hypocrite.

    • Mr Xrat

      Never said it was a bad thing, friend. I am calling out Xgimp hypocrisy for their behavior over the last year.

    • Well, maybe you should address your own stupid fanboys that I’m calling out instead of worrying about others, like a hypocrite. this isnt the first website even I’ve seen you troll Xbox news. You do it regularly on Dual shockers. besides, lets be real… you arent even doing that, calling out fanboys, you are just bashing xbox gamers in general. you arent calling out anything, lol.

    • Triton

      You are the rodent here and needs to be X-terminated.

    • Mr Xrat

      Cry more, lardo.

    • Cenk Algu

      The fake account toll has been increased hahahaha

  • stopbeingafanboy

    They will remain in second place as long as they don’t have the most compelling games.

  • Fortu

    After almost 1 year, I Still Don’t Understand What Sony Intends To Do With PS4 Pro

    • Billy

      I wish they would fix it, lol. Every argument anyone makes about the Xbox One X can be applied to the Pro with the exception being that the One X actually can do everything they said it can do, so far anyway.

  • loadstone007

    I agree with every word.
    X1X is better technically, but I’m not so impressed by the specs. I switched from PC to PlayStation because I want simplicity and stop the need to upgrade my gaming rig every 2-3 years to run games on High.

    So technically i’m not impressed, but am only looking for a reason to buy an Xbox. Unfortunately i have no reason to do so – did not see a couple of strong exclusive games. Sony have a lot of those, and i feel MS do not.

    So until they show quality exclusive content, I will not buy an Xbox. But when they do, I’ll get the X.

    • Luke Skywalker

      No problem, game where you feel comfortable. If you don’t like the games that’s cool it’s all about preference. I easily get bored in story driven games so Sony’s games are not for me. And why are all their top games set in the bushes??

    • ABlackGuy

      Monster Hunter World is coming to XBO and PC and Detroit: Become Human has nothing like that, but you have a point on that bush thing. Interesting pattern.

    • So you buy just the one box that has the “strongest” exclusives? doesnt matter which box you have, you are still missing out on everything else the other guy does. being a fanbopy doesnt help you no matter what system you choose. if you are looking to buy a xbox, then what is it are you waiting for? i currently own more console exclusives on my xbox than i do my ps4. but that is just me.

  • You play f**king games on it. That’s what you do. It’s not that hard to understand, lol. Microsoft has a history of releasing premium products for their fans and loyal customers. That’s what the X is. for those just wanting to buy into the current gen or maybe just want a Xbox console to go with their Switch or PS4… then the cheaper, S model is for you and don’t worry about the X.

  • PachterStation

    The Xbox One isn’t selling a big numbers, release a better Xbox One at $500/£500 isn’t going to solve the problem (by a mile). We’re all here because of games, virtually every gamer in the world couldn’t care less what they use to play the latest games. In a nutshell, no matter if you’re playing games on a PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One or Xbox One X, there won’t be much in it graphically and will all be fully playable. Only the obsessive think otherwise and get sucked into the hype.

  • ABlackGuy

    Let my keyboard
    warrior master’s thesis begin

    TL;DR: It’s a
    quality buy for the pricepoint in the current console AND PC landscape, and
    you’re all whining about 500 USD. They even said it isn’t for everyone. Shut

    Let me just clarify,
    I’m not some Xbox fanboy. I don’t contain myself to the fan camps. I own a PS3,
    a 360 and XBO, and a Nintendo Switch+3DS, and I’ve been in the market for a PS4
    for some time now. I’d argue that PSN simply has more recognizable and reputable
    titles than Xbox, but Xbox has a cross play initiative and software savvy of MS
    that has given us a pretty solid app store thanks to UWP, over and long term
    unification plans with W10, which is what sold me to main with Xbox and my PC

    Let’s start off withsaying, you’re absolutely correct when the XBO:X has managed to sell itself outside of the market. Consoles are technically marketed as consumer friendly, affordable, low maintenance gaming machines, but you fail to recognize the
    specs it’s packing for the price range and that goes to show how you and the
    rest of the industry are incredibly shortsighted. It is amazing bang for the
    buck of a consumer who cares about gaming and it’s hardware. Most entry level
    gaming PCs, laptops and desktops around this price range at $450-$550 are
    downright terrible or mediocre for gaming, let alone attempting anything in 4k.
    The only thing that could come close off the top of my head for a solid price
    are Alienware Steam Machines, and they don’t have nearly as good
    hardware/specifications that this console bolsters. I can’t name any PCs or
    consoles that do (insert drawn out list of hyped up specs here) for the price
    of 499 USD. Lets keep in mind that the original XBO and PS4 were around this
    price at launch, and here we are years later making a stink over something that
    is clearly next gen, because of the price point, which brings me to my next

    During development, there was an interview about Scorpio and the person was cited for stating that Scorpio, in concept, was designed to put an end to mid-life console upgrades.Now think about this for a minute. When you buy a PS4 or a XBO, it’s to get access to the titles that aren’t supported on the previous generation. Those games are developed on new consoles mostly because of hardware limitations. For the most part, XBO:X will make sure Xbox users won’t have to upgrade to next gen for a very long time. All MS had to do was announce a new controller, maybe a new
    peripheral, maybe even announce exclusive games (Original Xbox games are
    under development for back compat and XBO games can run on the X), and this
    would easily be next generation with the spec gap it’s packing. With
    integration of W10 features and backwards compatibility across all their games
    , they see no reason to push next gen because they already established nex gen
    hardware without all the fallout history has shown in the past. And here we
    are, complaining about the fact it’s $499. Meanwhile, Sony has a stellar lineup
    of exclusive and no back compat, but a handful of HD remakes of their IPs to
    keep things stable. Moving on.

    “…Nothing in the Xbox One X reveal appealed
    to that mindset. The reveal was largely centered around indie games…”

    I’ll give you this.
    The lack of 1st party IPs presented are where Xbox and MS falls flat on their
    face and we can all mock them for their lack of presentation. People whined
    about a lack of Halo and other lack of notable exclusives and to a extent, they
    have a point, but obviously that wasn’t MS’s intention. Which brings me to your

    “…There were only two times that we got to see games that actually looked impressive in Microsoft’s
    reveal of the Xbox One X- Assassin’s Creed
    Origins and Anthem.”


    ” …are you
    willing to spend $500 on an Xbox One X to play a handful of new games – and
    really, there are only a handful of them so far, the two I named may be the
    only ones that come to mind right away (big open worlds and AAA production)
    – to play games you already own in 4K?”

    Which is exactly my
    point. MS sucks at 1st party exclusive IPs. The cancellation of the new Fable
    and Scalebound prove it, but everyone here carries on like those are the only
    games available. MS has almost as good 3rd party support as Sony. Most of this
    year’s greatest titles announced outside of MS’s conference will be on the XBO.
    Sony announced Monster Hunter World but it’s coming to the XBO and PC anyway,
    so is Bethesda’s new Dishonored, and so are pretty much all of EA’s, and
    Ubisofts stuff. All of which while not 4k ready, will still look better and run
    smoother on the One S and X. Let’s also mention that not everyone owns a 4k TV.
    Those things are crazy expensive and can go for the price of a used car. It’s
    only for people who can afford and want 4k graphics. Plain and simple. We’re
    talking people with deep pockets. You’re making mountains out of moles hills
    here and its pitiful.

    “let me repeat
    it, $500, which is in no way a trivial
    amount, to spend money on the console?”

    Again, the originals
    models were priced approaching this at launch, if that doesn’t put your
    thoughts to rest: Stop acting like console trade-ins aren’t a thing.

    “This comes
    back to the larger problem Microsoft has of not having a compelling first party
    to drive investment or confidence in its hardware”

    You were right up until hardware, because at that point you’re missing the message and trying to drive home that 1st party IPs are an accurate way to gauge hardware. That’s like saying Halo 5 would tell us better if Xbox can run well than if we opted
    to show Crysis 3. You’re just obsessed with the appeal of the games on the
    platform and miss the other selling points the platform offers. Authors and
    consumers like you are what is wrong with the industry. What I say would easily
    apply to Sony. Uncharted 4 won’t accurately gauge PS4 Pro’s 4k specs more than
    any other graphically demanding title for the platform.

    Speaking of what is wrong with the industry, let me just wrap up by saying I think the XBO:X, S, and PS4 Pro are all stupid in the sense that not only are 4k displays hard to afford, it’s even more moronic to push on console gamers: People who have trouble affording a high quality gaming system in the first place as your article so
    clearly attests to. You need a 4k display to even achieve half of what they’re
    bragging about, which tends to cost more than the console itself, all in the
    petty and gaudy pursuit of elegant aesthetics. I don’t know a single person on
    PC, Xbox, or PS4 who cares or owns 4k displays. The whole thing is an elitist
    consumer push that is targeting a very niche audience that isn’t mainstream
    whatsoever. /rant

    • angryguy77

      Well stated on everything except for your take on 4k TV’s. The prices are really not that bad as they were even a year ago. You can get a good set for around $700 and lower. Prices will keep dropping even further. It’s getting to the point were the lower end sets are giving a quality picture.
      While a 4k set is needed to get the most out of the x1x, it still will make your 1080p tv render some great visuals. So even if people buy the system, they can benefit from it until they decide to get the 4k set.

    • ABlackGuy

      That’s fair enough. I’m only biased in 4k mainly because of the mainstream retail pricepoint. It’s simply not something most can afford in my view. I’m certain there are affordable sets, but it doesn’t seem worth the trouble for most folk in exchange for better visuals. I’m aware of XBO:X’s super-sampling capabilities. It really can make 1080p games look much clearer and impressive. That top notch GPU isn’t just there for 4k games. That said, it feels like you’re buying half the console/untapped potential if you don’t own a 4k display, even though you can save up for one down the road after getting the console. I just don’t ever remember anyone ever asking for this stuff.

      At the end of the day, I think the XBO:S is the best choice for quality and performance for most people when they need to look at their wallets. Anyone’s gripe about the X’s pricepoint is moot since this lineup was for different audiences.

    • angryguy77

      yeah, I’m a little concerned with where this is all headed. We used to just have to worry about the console, now we have to worry about if our tv is up to date enough.
      hopefully this arms race settles down next gen.

  • angryguy77

    I agree the price isn’t that enticing, however, it will go down as time goes on. I suspect we won’t see sony drop the ps5 for several years. It’s going to take some time to pass before the Ryzen comes down enough where it won’t price the consoles that use it out of reach. So this system should gain more traction as the gen goes on.

    Thing is, despite this price, MS still isn’t making a profit on it. So I can understand why it is what it is. All along people were saying there was no way this system would be500, it would be much more. Even with a $500 price, they still came in well under what a lot of “experts” predicted.

    However, this notion that they didn’t show off anything is ridiculous and the complaint you have shows that MS can never do anything right.
    For years the media and detractors have told us that MS needs more than just halo and gears. So they did that with this E3. They showed off a wide range of games, and now that’s not good enough because these games are not eye candy? Now correct me if I’m wrong, haven’t sony fans and the like been telling us games are what matters and not power since the x1x reveal? So MS shows games, and surprise(not really a surprise as I was anticipating this) they’re not good enough.
    ndies were the majority of what sony released during the first few years of the ps4. Instead of being harassed for that, you media types praised them for “helping out the little guy.” However, now that’s not a good move? And people say we’re conspiracy theorists when we say there is a media bias…..

    You ask why not show something the system is capable of, well I’m pretty sure Anthem and Metro blew a lot of minds. But those don’t count because they’re not exclusive? Since when? It’s hard to take you seriously and as unbiased when you say they didn’t show anything when they did. These two games were beautiful and they won’t be matched by the pro.

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    It’s really pretty obvious…provide the best product possible….

    X-Box One X vs PS4 Pro

    Worlds Most Powerful Console
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    Exclusive Games On PC/Steam
    XB1X ✔ Pro ✔
    Best Looking Multiplats
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    Highest Audio/Video Bit-rates
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    Dolby Atmos 7.1
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    Current-Gen-Games Scaled To 4K
    XB1X ✔ Pro ✔
    Next gen triple A native 4K Games
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    EA Access
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    Mixed Reality
    XB1X ✔ Pro ✔
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ✔️
    4K Bluray Player
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    Backward Compatibility
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    Download Hundreds Of Games $10
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    High Fidelity VR
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    Best Online
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    4K 60FPS Video Capture
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    100+ PC/Windows 10 Apps
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    HDMI 2.0a For VR
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    Retroactive Screen Capture
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    Runs last gen games better
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    16x anisotropic texture filtering
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ✔️
    50% faster hdd speeds for 4k textures
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    AMD Freesync/Variable Refresh
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    Shader model 6 upgrade
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌
    HDMI 2.1
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    Dynamic HDR 4K Player
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    Radeon Freesync 2
    XB1X ✔️ Pro ❌
    PC Ultra-like Graphics (textures and assets)
    XB1X ✔ Pro ❌

    • I need to copy+paste this next time a sony fanboy screams at me “what can the crapbox do that my ps4 cant?” Its just easier that way.

    • Ocelot forgot his meds


  • Cenk Algu

    This guy is a pure Sony fan without a doupt.

    • angryguy77

      no doubt.

    • Cenk Algu

      XOX left a drop of tear on all Sony fans.


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