Age of Empires 4 Discussed By Bill Gates


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Of all of Microsoft’s many sins towards gaming over the past 20 years, the one that rankles the most is the unexpected closure of Ensemble Studios, and the abrupt cancellation of the Age of Empire series. it made no sense- Age of Empires was one of the most critically acclaimed franchise of all time, and the games were standard bearers of the RTS genre. They also sold a lot, bringing in millions with each new entry.

Since 2008, when Ensemble were closed down, fans have requested a new, real Age of Empires 4 from Microsoft multiple times, but nothing has actually come of that. But speaking on Reddit in an AMA, Bill Gates responded to a fan’s question about a new Age of Empires, and the response was… encouragingly positive?

“I will look into this. How many empires do you need?” he said.

Now of course, this could be easily construed as a joke, but if it were, then Gates would have clarified it right away, especially since starved Age fans ran away with it for all it was worth. And hey, Age of Empires getting a new game makes sense for Microsoft- the series was massively successful, as has been said, and the recent HD re-release of Age of Empires 2 was also a runaway success for Microsoft.

Or maybe this is just me trying my best to create a version of the universe in which Age of Empires 4 would be real.

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  • sgt_hammertime

    oh man, how many hours I’ve spent in this game. I really wish they would release for both xbox and PC with cross-play

    • CHEASE

      Nooooooo please for the love of god do not encourage them to dumb an RTS of all things down for console gaming. That is the exact opposite of what they should do.

    • sgt_hammertime

      they’re going to release mouse and keyboard support for the xbox so why shouldn’t they? I think it would be great

    • CHEASE

      Ok perhaps if you are talking about a future xbox ecosystem, but the track record for expanding pc games to support consoles is abysmal, it could hardly be worse in terms of compromising for wider appeal and dumbing things down if they tried, and RTS are one of the most difficult games to make work on a console.

  • Timo Maas

    I am waiting for the game!!!!!

    • Will

      Me toooooo !! This was literally the only game that could have me sitting for hours and hours right in front of my monitor…!!! Please give us Ages 4 !!!

  • leanton31

    With Creative Assembly’s Total War series taking a turn to a simulation, i would certainly like to see an Age of Empires 4. Not something along the lines of Age of Empires Online though please no!!!!

  • magg ouzz

    plz need 4 games .u ll waste ur time for nothing (games = nonsense)


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