All Xbox One Scorpio Games Will “Natively Render At 4K”, Says Microsoft Executive

Yes, you read that right.

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xbox one scorpio

As far as console gaming goes, we have some pretty interesting years ahead of us. Other than the fact that the PS4 Pro is launching this November, we will also see Microsoft launching the Xbox Scorpio next year. In the recent light of events where Sony revealed that the PS4 Pro will “upscale” most of its games in 4K, Microsoft have stated Scorpio will render games in “native” 4k content.

I an interview with USA Today, Microsoft’s Loftis revealed that the company is already looking into Virtual Reality options and how they can boost visual quality of their games and that they are making sure they are rendered in 4K native resolution. “Any games we’re making that we’re launching in the Scorpio time frame, we’re making sure they can natively render at 4K,” she stated.

Microsoft boasts that the Scorpio will be a “monster” of a console and will feature 6-teraflops of GPU power,  with support for high-fidelity VR gaming along with a jump to  320GB/s of memory bandwidth. Both the Pro and Scorpio are set to kick off the iterative console cycle which possibly promises to end the concept of generations in the console cycle.

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  • Riggybro

    What a waste of power.

    2K/60fps Ultra settings should be the target.

    But i guess “4K!” markets better than “2K/60fps!”

    • Clint Hoffman

      That’s only because the majority of people are very ignorant (meaning lacking knowledge). Bigger numbers always seem better. (Exception to that is Apple users where the marketing is so well done, they can sell you a 720p phone and the user will think it’s the newest tech that Apple has invented.) LOL.

      Seriously though, I do think 2K would be a better target, but I think the BEST target is still 1080p with UltraRealism. If the game can’t have the same detail as real life (grass, hair, clothes, movement, light/dark, PHYSICS, etc.) at 1080 at 60fps then they shouldn’t even be thinking about higher res modes.

      Up-scaling the Ultra 1080p image would be more than enough at that point. The up-scale would be a true digital 4x image that appears a bit softer rather than crystal sharp…but it uses so much less horsepower and we would still have a realistic looking mode.

    • Luke Skywalker

      Don’t follow gamingbolt’s paraphrasing of what Lostis said. Make sure you check out the interview for yourself.

  • LDS

    All Xbox One Scorpio Game will render natively at 4K (on low setting)

    • efnet

      Would you rather it be upscaled like the ps4 pro? Lol

    • LDS

      I’d rather it be upscaled 60 fps over 4K native BS.

      Plus, Pro will rarely have 60fps AAA games just like PS4 did anyway because of its puny Jaguar CPU.

    • efnet

      If that’s the case you should go ahead and get xbox one s then, I mean even with the ps4 pro power advantage over the xbox and ps4 it’s still going to perform just like them which to me seems rather stupid …
      At least with the xbox one s you’re getting a bit more for your money.
      Or just build yourself a pc.

    • LDS

      You are saying as if XboxS runs vast majority of games at 60 fps lol
      Anyway, I already own XboxS and I have been keep saying that XboxS is a better machine than PS4 slim in overall. But that doesn’t make XboxS better machine than Pro except for the fact that it comes with 4K bluray.

      Pretty much the reason why I own console is to play console exclusives and Pro is the only way I can play them at the best possible quality whether I like the fact that they are going for higher res over high fps.

  • LDS

    Well, I was saying I prefer 60fps and you all of sudden said Xbox is better choice over Pro. How would you interpret that?
    Pro’s advantage isn’t just high res dude. Pro version games got better textures and more stable 30fps. In case of FFVX, it even got more grass and trees. You should do more research before claiming which is better.

    All aside, you don’t know how component work I assume. No matter how strong GPU you put in, it doesn’t matter if the CPU can’t handle all the processing power which is likely why most CPU intense games won’t run 60fps which is likely the case for PS4 and Pro.

    Lastly, I have been playing Halo since 360 and 360 was my main gaming console over PS3 before I start to build my own PC with Titan. Even now, I keep Xbox just to play halo and use Xbox S for 4K player and upscaling converter machine for my PS4.

    • Paul

      We’ve already seen games like Just Cause 3 and Hitman being held back by the cpu, a 30% boost isn’t going to push those games to 60fps, so even though I think most games will be able to do 1080p 60fps on the Pro, I suspect many won’t because of the puny cpu they are using.

  • Luke Skywalker

    Wow what a title and that’s some splendid paraphrasing you did there buddy. The lady spoke about games Microsoft was making not “All xbox Scorpio games”.

    • Michael

      I’m sure he knows he paraphrased. Unfortunately, that’s what gaming journalism is all about nowadays. MS would never say all scorpio games would be native 4k. Does it have the power? Apparently so. That doesn’t mean all devs will take full advantage of it.

  • Gamez Rule

    “The ps4 for pro has the power to do 1080p 60fps but it won’t happen unless the game can do the same on the ps4, so to not give other players an advantage ( sony said it)”

    Online will remain the same as Sony explained, but offline games will see choices in some titles like shown by Tomb Raider for PS4-Pro having 3 game options ( that is not on PS4 )?

  • Mr Xrat

    Those textures are gonna make your eyes burst for all the wrong reasons.


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