Amazing Xbox 720 Designs, which one would you want to be real?

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Microsoft’s Xbox 360 completes 5 years this November. Time flies, doesn’t it? Sooner or later Microsoft will reveal the Xbox 3 or the Xbox 720. But we just don’t know when. It was confirmed back in 2007 by the then head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division; Peter Moore that new console can come out, depending on what kind of CPUs will be available on the market in 2011-2012.
There have been numerous Xbox 720/Xbox 3/Xbox handheld designs designs by various people around the world.  We can’t say for sure whether the next release will be a console or a handheld but we have collected 10 awesome designs for your viewing. If you have something to add please mention them in the comments sections below.
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  • Many of these are handhelds… makes sense, but maybe as a different product, not the 720. My opinion is they will push the Home Media Center concept.

    Some of them have screens attached. I don’t think Microsoft will go for these, I mean, most people have HDTVs now, and it would require you to stay really close to the Xbox, which is probably the opposite of what Microsoft wants (you wouldn’t be able to use Kinect, for instance).

    I think they’ll go for a more minimalistic approach, much like the xbox in the 10th image. Maybe with Kinect (2?) already bundled.

    • yea i like that (Kinect ready.!!)

  • I agree with Tarek on this. All of these except picture 10 are unrealistic to replace the current system. Sure a handheld would be great but not as a replacement for the xbox we know and love today. And as for built in screens, that’s a big no no! Picture 1 is an amazing looking machine but it looks like a dashboard from an alien space-craft!

    • what is this guy talking about first of all the 360 online play is better then any other system playstation has never had great online play probably cause it is free and as for crap graphics myaybe you need to go get an HDTV and open you eyes cause some of the good games have graphics that look almost real!!

  • PP

    I hope the next Xbox isn’t as big a disaster as the 360 is. I mean, crap graphics, crap online that always gets disconnected, no exclusive games, RROD…..when will it end.

    If i were Microsoft i’d get the new Xbox out now and pretend the 360 never existed, the 360 is an embarassment to gaming which is why it doesn’t sell at all.

    • ROFL!
      @PP I don’t understand, most of those are very invalid statements.

    • MK

      Yep the 360 was a huge disaster just like the PS3. I mean the PS3 had nothing going for it with the crap graphics, horrible blu-ray player, and terrible games. Even the Wii is nothing but a shame for all the same reasons as the other 2. In fact, this whole generation of consoles just sucked as much as the other ones and makes me wonder why video game consoles were ever made anyways. I mean they’ve done nothing but waste consumers money with all those crappy consoles. Even the PC’s suck for playing video games. I mean you can’t get any video game to work right on PC’s. You know what? Why not just call video games a complete failure because everything about them is crappy. There is no such thing as a good video game. Let’s just move and pretend like video games never happened because fanboys are an embarrassment to the human race which is why video games are never taken seriously.

    • You, Sir, are very clearly a troll.

      Here’s why:
      -The 360 a disaster? False.
      -Crap graphics? Tell that to Bioshock and Mass Effect 2.
      -Crap online that always gets disconnected? Tell that to the millions of online COD and Halo players with zero connection problems, then try cross-game chat on your PS3 or Wii and tell me how that works out for you.
      -No exclusive games? Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Blue Dragon… Shall I go on?
      -RROD was the biggest problem of the system. MS extended the warranty of the RROD and even REFUNDED people that were charged to have it fixed. Has Sony done the same for the YLOD?
      -360 doesn’t sell at all? Check the latest NPD figures.. it’s still selling!

      My question to you, PP: What hole do you live in?

      For what it’s worth; I own a PS3, 360, and Wii.

    • lol Xbox 360 is the best-selling console, fanboy (Wii doesn’t count), so shut your mouth.

    • *cough* troll *cough*

      If you’re a ps3 fanboy I don’t believe your opinion on this matter really has any merit. Please save this discussion for the PS4 mock-ups.

    • *cough*butthurtfanboyz*cough*
      You feed the troll, proceed to bash another console, what’s the point you’re doing the same thing as him. LOL he bashed your Xbox 3shitty and you go on your period. Get out of here LMAO! Trollers gonna troll.

      @Magic Mike
      Dead Rising is exclusive, Dead Rising 2 isn’t. Mass Effect can also be found on PC, and Mass Effect 2 is on PS3 next year, with all DLCs and bonus content. Alan Wake, Crackdown, Too Human, Halo, Forza, Blue Dragon, and Gears is all you have going for you. LOL you don’t even understand networking. If you have problems at home with YOUR connection you’re going to disconnect, pull all or ONE of the cables out of your modem or and get on Live.

      Microsoft released 360 knowing about RROD, bad company practices…I don’t care if they extended the warranty, it’s still bad practice to release something KNOWING that it has problems, but that didn’t stop me from getting that hot Xbox 360 S.


      What’s the point of discussion on mock-ups? It won’t matter because they’re going to pick whatever they want, and most of these look like bad “creative” designs by fans. Only one I see being EVEN NEAR REAL is the last one. Maybe one of those handhelds could be real…one day.

      @All above

      LOLOLOLOLOL you all sound like butthurt fanboys all of you except PP with Microshaft’s cock in your ass, and PP with Sony’s PS Move Wand. And you people call yourselves gamers? Get real. If you were a gamer you’d own all consoles, or enjoy the time you get to play when with your friends who might own an opposite console. Instead you come here to bash another system and call someone a fanboy. You’re all fanboys that serve no purpose to the companies other than spewing crap that doesn’t really involve you. Sure we could talk about sales all day long, but what does it do for us? NOTHING LMFAO!!!! WE’RE NOT ON THEIR PAYROLL. The day people get their head out of a company’s ass is the day true gaming will be reached.

  • PP, are you being serious.

    I’ve been an Xbox 360 user from day one and I have suffered none of these!

    Crap graphics really depends on the games you play. Multi format games, on the majority, look better on Xbox.
    I’ve had about 5 disconnections on Live in 5 years
    RROD is an issue though, but I haven’t suffered from it.

    The Xbox 360 is not an embarrasment to gaming, it has revolutionised! Xbox Live Arcade has allowed game companies to take risks and brought up a new way to distribute software. It has supported new studios and championed the re-release of old classics which has resulted in imcreased profit for companies who are then able to re-invest that money in new I.P.

    I love XBOX Live, despite the price tag, and I think it is a fantastic service.

  • God

    PP is a total retard. Yeah, the 360 has not sold well and has np exclusives. Quit drinking your PP and quit sucking on sonys. Knob! Actual sells figures do not lie!

  • Hahaha. Flaming troll in 3, 2, 1.

    Didn’t like any of those. Found to many resemblances to _other, already active_ consoles.

  • JD

    A lot of these images date back to the ORIGINAL Xbox and aren’t intended as 720 designs.

  • i really wouldnt like to see any of these monstrosities be the next xbox…..interesting ideads but all epic fails…#10 is the only somewhat contender…

  • All of these are year old. The silver X was microsofts mockup for the original.

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  • All these designs are horrible, hopefully they keep it simple. PP you are a big dumb freakin idiot, I mean seriously do you even game at all. The Xbox 360 has the best selling exclusives, Halo, Gears of War, Fable, etc. its graphics have so far been always able to catch up with the PS3 for the most part, and has been selling like hot cakes, especially being the number one console for the past 4 months, Wii 50 million, Xbox 360 42 million, PS3 35 million, so yeah, I’d say they are pretty successful, while you’re an uneducated idiot, who knows nothing about games.

  • I would like a handheld home console hybrid. Why not be able to take something with you but be powerful enough to be a home console unit.

  • Umm, the 360 has sold until now around 39 million units.
    It had a 4 year quick start! And ps3 already has over 38 million units sold.
    Which means PS3 sells are more than 360 if you think logical 🙂
    No offense, but the first xbox only had around 24-28 million units sold, whereas the PS had over 125 million units sold worldwide. So please shut up, i bet 80 percent of the xbox fan boys have owned a PS one!

  • All complete bollox. It’ll be a pain and simple box. Think of production costs. Yes you would like a fancy design but it ain’t goin happens you fucking retards.
    Now go back to your parents basements you fat bald sweety 30 year old virgin pedos and have a wank over the latest cosplay you sad cunts.
    P.s. get a fucking life and get a fucking job you pricks.

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  • it is not a good news for me.i will spend much money on buying it .

  • the xbox 360 is an okay system, not that many stellar titles. a new xbox in like 2012 would be nice but no sooner please.
    but obviously the 360 isnt better than the ps3, its like saying rosie o-donell in HOT. you’d completey incorrect.

  • that thing right there go hard i will have that when im 17

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  • EMRE….. You sound like a little kid. What is a 4 year quick start. The 360 had a 1 year head start. ANd if you want to know who is winning the battle you don’t look at consoles sold you look ate software sales. Most people that I know that own PS3’s only use it for bluray. To date not a single game has been played in my PS3 so my sale doesn’t count and I am on my second xbox so 1 of those doesn’t count.

    Xbox 1 was an experement. Was never intended to be profitable and was never inteneded to be supported for very long. I always got a charge out of the guys that where pissed at the 4 year life span cause I could remember buying mine on day one as always knowing damn well that this machine was going to be a flop but would stil give me a better experience on a few titles than the PS2 would on countless titles.

    The Xbox 360 and PS3 are equals. As far as wich is better will depend on the application and circle of friends. Anybody that says otherwise is an ignorant fan boy and realy shouldn’t be taken seriously.


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