AMD Introduces Polaris, Its Next Generation Graphics Architecture

Next gen is already here.

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amd polaris

The PS4 and Xbox One may only just now be finding their footing, but they are already old news- at least, as far as actual graphical technology goes. AMD and Nvidia are both embracing the 14nm fabrication process for their chips starting next year- and we are getting some major graphical advancements as a result.

AMD’s bid for supremacy in this war is their Polaris architecture, which the company announced today. Polaris offers a major leap in power and efficiency- comparing an unannounced GPU product against the Nvidia’s GTX 950 running Star Wars Battlefront at medium settings at 1080p60, AMD says that Polaris offers a 61 per cent reduction in power consumption, requiring 84W vs Nvidia’s 140W.

These are the kinds of benefits that we can expect as end users, as a result of the move to the 14nm fabrication process- GPUs will now be smaller, and more power efficient. An implication of that, in turn is, that within a similar size mould, more power can now be packed in.

Polaris includes a primitive discard accelerator, hardware scheduler, instruction pre-fetch, improved shader efficiency and better memory compression. It also includes support for HDMI 2a, as well as DisplayPort 1.3 compatibility.

Polaris chips will be launching later this year – AMD currently has them down for Q2 2016, so we should see them between April and June of this year. We should be hearing more about the chips at the ongoing CES. Stay tuned to GamingBolt and we’ll keep you posted.

We got some preliminary information on Polaris early- we’ve posted the slides they were sent below. You can check them out for yourself.

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  • GHz

    “The PS4 and Xbox One may only just now be finding their footing, but they are already old news- at least, as far as actual graphical technology goes.”

    Then why this slide about polaris?

    • Psionicinversion

      because the current APUs only have 512 SP’s, by moving down to 14/16nm with smaller better Zen cores will free up room to at least double that.

      Also they demo’ed what should be about a 50 watt polaris GPU vs a 950 gpu power consumption and got the same performance in star wars battlefront at the same settings

    • GHz

      Yeah we know new means better, but at the same time that statement is not a fluke. It means exactly what it says.

  • Starman

    Xbox One with AMD’s next-gen Polaris architecture teased

    Read more:

    • GHz

      Ok. We all know by now that some of the NDA(s) are lifting due to the fact that AMD can finally tell us about their GPUs that support DX12_1. But that article got it all wrong. No new XB1 with Polaris arch inside is coming out. What an irresponsible thing to suggest.

      What pple need to question is how XB1 is fully DX12_1 compliant already and only now AMD catching up. Reason, some of that tech is already there. No need for a redesigned XB1. The software just needed to catch up.

    • Psionicinversion

      well that would mean the reason why MS spent $3billion would be to get very early access to the technology BUT i think it will be improved more on the 400 series. It will fundamentally be the same but itll more advanced because they will of had 3 years basically to fine tune it

    • GHz

      I agree 100% .just glad that AMD can finally talk about their new tech.

    • Greetingsfriend

      MS didn’t spend 3billion. The deal between them is valued “up to” 3 billion. Enormous difference.

    • GHz

      And what do you think is worth 3billion over a period of years? And where is that 3 billion coming from?

    • Greetingsfriend

      The deal, for AMD, is valued up to 3 billion. MS is buying their parts. MS money goes their way. MS has already, with some basic math paid out over a billion to AMD for the SoC. This is all self-explanatory. AMD may very well receive more from MS if they choose to drag the cycle out for a long time.

    • Psionicinversion

      thats already been debunked. I went on my PS4 and the netflix app reports the PS4 as PS4 Pollux… does that mean it has a architecture no one knows about to???

  • Truth™

    Consoles even more outdated than they already were at launch

    “Muh 8GB GDDR5. Muh Supercharged PC”


    Need AMD to do well with this and scare Nvidia. So this should be good.

    • GHz

      You keep huffing and puffin while we enjoy our console experience. More to come. In the end, we’re not missing out on anything really.


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      We are the gamers.

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