AMD May Have Just Confirmed The PS4 NEO

AMD may have let the info slip during investors day.

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The PS4 Neo might be the worst kept besides the Nintendo NX but Sony still hasn’t actually confirmed the existence of a console that would be a slight upgrade to the PS4. Now documents released by AMD might have confirmed, once and for all, that the console does exist.

During AMD Investor Days, the company laid out its goals and its plans including a mention of new semi-custom business in 2H 2016.” As VR World points out, this could have been the Nintendo NX but sources told that site the reference is actually about Sony.

While there wasn’t a ton of information about the PS4 Neo beyond that little slip of the tongue, there was also talk about the new console using 14nm and Polaris as part of its architecture. This would go at least a little way towards answering the question as to just how powerful this new console is going to be. Now we’ll just have to wait and see when Sony is willing to announce.

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  • Ashley Gann

    You missed the word “secret” in your first sentence buddy…

  • hiawa23

    I am excited for the Neo, and the x1.5. Great time to be a console gamer, especially with Nintendo releasing new hardware

    • justerthought

      I don’t think an XB1.5 is an option for MS. Where Sony’s PS4 is an excellent game console design that can be expanded every 3 years with a Neo upgrade, the XB1 is a multimedia console at heart. The base design is wrong and is holding it back.

      So while the PS4 Neo can stay inside the PS4 gen with an expansion, the next Xbox will need a radical redesign using a new game focussed architecture, and that means a new gen with no backwards compatibility. MS are forced go for a XB2 rather than a XB1.5, bringing their next gen early due to mistakes they made with the XB1 design.

      A next gen XB2 does not necessarily mean it will be more powerful than the PS4 Neo, because both companies are tied to the hardware components currently available from the suppliers. PS4 Neo is already going to use the best that is currently available within the console price range. The new advanced AMD chips for example are the limiting factor for both companies.

      So it’s probably a case of MS playing catch by bringing out an XB2 that is equal to a PS4 Neo in terms of hardware spec and gaming focus. That will be great news for all gamers on both sides so we can have healthy competition in the gaming industry again.

    • Psytrix

      At least you were some what right.. (kind of.)

  • Russ Palk

    Damn to buy both the Sony VR and PS4 Neo is going to cost around $1200 with tax. Its well worth it though

  • crizz1066

    Well that’ll give a benchmark for M$ to miss LOL

  • Cats Dogs

    If PS4 Neo is use AMD again it will fail amd CPU can’t handle gameing at 4k and can’t ever do 1080p 60fps in games like witch 3 & GTA 5. Sony please use Intel cpu .

  • justerthought

    A word of warning to both Sony and MS. Networks are too unreliable and always will be by nature, so it will be a big mistake to dump retail disc media in favour of digital download server distribution.

    Such a move will lead to a fractured experience for gamers and cause massive discontent. This will damage the game industry as a mass market enterprise and possibly cause it to crash as gamers desert it in disgust.


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