AMD Promises To Share Insights On DirectX 12 and Vulkan at GDC

Will this spur third parties to use these APIs more?

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The new generation of graphical APIs is here- both, DirectX 12 and Vulkan look incredible, and look like they will be able to extract far better and more impressive performance from games than anything before. At this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, AMD is promising that it will share its insights on these two new APIs with developers, presumably demystifying them in the process.

“Vulkan and DirectX 12 are new, low-level APIs which require developers to think about graphics in a new way,” AMD says. “In many cases game engines need to be restructured to take advantage of low-level parallel submission, asynchronous execution and new state & resource handling features provided by the API. In this lecture, these new concepts will be reviewed and we will take a look at how launch titles successfully handled the transition to the new APIs. The presentation will include useful insights gained while developing the first wave of Vulkan & DirectX 12 titles.”

Hopefully, this kind of a presentation will spur more adoption of these APIs by third party developers- so far, in spite of all the hype surrounding them, not many DirectX 12 or Vulkan games really exist.

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  • Guest

    UE4 and Unity will lead the way with the engines. DICE/EA are already on board and retooling engines as well. Glad to see the industry adopting the new api structure so quickly!

    • ShoNuff

      When it equates to the majority of games being developed with the api’s in mind is anyone’s guess

  • Robert Thorneycroft

    It’s hardly surprising their aren’t ‘(m)any’ Vulkan games with the spec not having been finalised yet.

    The number of DX12 games on the other hand is more disappointing. Microsoft previously stated there would be wide spread adoption by now which clearly isn’t the case.

    • Paul

      I think with the Xbox One getting dx12 and with the growth of Windows 11 with gamers, I suspect most games will support dx12 before the year is out, when I say support, many will still support the older dx but thanks to the PC and Xbox One being the same api, I bet most focus will be on that, when dx12 comes out on Xbox One that is, they are taking there sweet time.

    • Michael Norris

      I am all about DX12 if it helps my old FX8350 and improves my gaming experience. Also Vulkan looks to be amazing as well and i can’t wait for that api as well.

    • Paul

      I’m more interested in Vulcan being as it’s more cross platform and open but both will be good as long as they deliver, so far from what we’ve seen with Mantle and dx12 it’s looking promising but I think the real big gains in performance will come about when the games from the ground up are designed to take advantage of it from the engine to the drivers and most of the focus bring put on that and not older dx, then we should get some real performance increases anything from 30% to 100% or more depending on what they are trying to render but this will take some time, a year, 2 maybe, who knows.

      But I have to admit, because of this I’m wondering if I’ll need to upgrade my cpu at all late this year which I have a Intel Sandy Bridge quad core at 3.4ghz, so far these new api’s seem to use a lot less cpu cycles, in any event I think I will upgrade with the hope that Zen cpu from AMD does well, be my first upgrade with AMD cpu and gpu in a while.

    • Michael Norris

      Yea still waiting on those DX12 titles…on Pc of course

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