AMD Vega GPU Shown Off Running Doom In 4K At 60fps

This was a closed-door session but hopefully a public one is coming soon.

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AMD has been slowly showing off quite a bit of new technology over the past few weeks. The computer company is trying its best to keep up with the changing needs of today’s technology and in order to do that they showed off the new Zen CPU at this year’s Game Awards.

DSO Gaming is reporting the company showed off how its new Vega GPU is going to make games like Doom run nice and smoothly in 4K as well as other formats. Unfortunately, the presentation showing this performance was behind closed doors and while there was a video of the presentation at one point, it has since been taken down.

The website says this high-end GPU is the AMD Radeon RX490 and it will be in direct competition with NVIDIA’s GTX1080. For now, it appears we have to take others word for it, but hopefully they’ll officially debut this tech soon.

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  • Troy Marcel

    So this is what the scorpio is going to be based on, looks promising.

    • Hvd

      enjoy scorpio for 2 more years after launch then the xbox two will be out you are better off spending the $1000 on a gaming pc just saying.scoprip $500 and xbox two $500.

      are you really going to upgrade a console every 3 years?

    • Troy Marcel

      Yes because I can, I have a job.

    • Hvd

      well look at the ps4 pro sony has 50m consoles now and the ps4 pro is rotting on the shelf.the same thing will happen with the smaller player base on the xbox.

      just like the pro not many will upgrade and wait for the xbox 2 just a few years later.its not about having a job its about being smart…lol

    • Troy Marcel

      You are under estimating the Xbox user base, look how well the Xbox one S is selling.

    • Hvd

      yea the xbox slim sell because they are slims.only few hard core gamers are going to bu the xbox scorpiot just the the ps4 pro.80% of xbox games are not going to up grade.just wait an see.the pro is rotting on the shelf and so will the scorpio.

      console gamers want longevity in they console of choice and 3 years isnt long enough.for every 1 that says he is going to get it 100 more arnt.

    • Mark

      Lol me too

    • Riggybro

      These parts that AMD have showcased are top end parts (eg. they used GTX 1080 and i7 6900K for their comparison benchmarks) unless Scorpio has a $600 GPU and a $1000 CPU.. (sorry to rain on your parade) I wouldn’t get too excited.

      Scorpio will probably have custom parts (like a down clocked RX 480 with elements of Vega) that will just get the job done. The CPU may have elements of Ryzen but to fair consoles don’t really need superpowered CPUs it’ll probably just be another cheapy laptop custom job.
      Price and heat is key and will veto all other considerations.

    • Mr Xrat

      Let them dream.

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