AMD’s R9 390X Allegedly Available In Both A 4GB & 8GB Model For 4K Support

This is one monster of a GPU if the specs are true.

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As 4K becomes more and more common in the PC gaming space, it’s easy to understand why AMD users are a little bit anxious. Unfortunately, they’re still waiting on an official announcement regarding the specifications of the R9 300 series of cards and this lack of official information left some concerned that the new line may not have enough strength to pull of 4K support.

But if the rumours and alleged leaks are to be believed, the R390x may actually be coming in a 4GB and an 8GB model. This is good news because a large portion of AMD’s audience had doubts over whether or not it would have enough RAM for 4K. Leaks also point towards the possibility of the unit running 4096 shaders at 1GHZ. Couple this with the Full DirectX12 implementation and the Ultra High Bandwidth and you’ve got one stupid-powerful GPU.

And don’t forget that this is said to be the very “First ever GPU designed for VR immersion” for all those of you who have built yourself a nice little VR rig, which AMD seem to have an invested interest in. With all this being said, we don’t actually know how much the two alleged variants of this card will cost. Given their features, I wouldn’t say they’re going to be cheap.

AMD Radeon R9 390X WCE:

  • Next iteration of the highly successful GCN design
    – Up to 4096 shader units
  • Full DirectX®12_Tier 3 implementation
  • Optimized for 4K gaming & beyond
  • First ever GPU designed for VR immersion
  • Special enthusiast water-cooled edition
  • Up to 8GB of ultra-high bandwidth HBM video memory
  • Hardware H.265 decoding and over 4x the previous H.264 encoding speed, enabling smooth live streaming
  • Enhanced ZeroCore™ functionality

Thanks, RedtechGaming and  VideoCardz.

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  • d0x360

    I just ordered all the parts for a new pc Saturday. In that I ordered a 290x full well knowing in July I’d be spending big money again on this. Hopefully the rumor about dx12 and multiple GPUs is true otherwise ill be selling a 290x lol. With the click of a couple buttons $3000 vanished.

    • Psionicinversion

      $3000 haha you aint buying 2 titan X hahah. apparently they slide shows 390/x having 12.1 feature set. dunno if its a real thing but we wont know untill june anyway i think

    • d0x360

      You lost me bud lol. No the 3k isn’t for just graphics cards the 3k is how much I spent total on Saturday for EVERYTHING. Case, PSU, gpu, cpu, ddr4 mobo, ssd, normal HD, liquid cooling, wires etc etc etc

    • Psionicinversion

      oh right hahah was going say hahaha. No way whats your specs i want to know and be jealous till end of 2016 😀

    • d0x360

      I was going to wait but Intel’s upcoming cpus seem really blah. I might upgrade to the 8 core extreme edition when they roll out and prices go down.
      *ower** Supply*
      SilverStone 1000 Watt Modular
      Gigabyte X99 GA-X99-UD4
      Intel Core™ i7 5820K 3.3GHz
      *Processor Cooler*
      Asetek Liquid Cooling
      32GB – 4x8GB – 2133MHz – DDR4
      *Video Card*
      AMD Radeon™ R9 290X 4GB
      *Hard Drive*
      Micron M600 SSD 256GB
      Western digital black 3TB

      And a black magic pro series capture card.

    • Psionicinversion

      Nice, well regarding the CPU space skylake is rumored to have 30% IPC increase and new micro architecture but of course with Dx12 shouldnt be a match for a 6 core… more cores/threads feeding the GPU the better so might be faster.

      With Intel CPU’s youll be upgrading your motherboard as well as they only last for 2 gens, tick/tock new motherboard, tick/tock, new motherboard etc

      I though Black magic was a box of chocolates?!!

    • d0x360

      Oh i fully expect Intel’s 2016 lineup to need a new motherboard. I’ll only upgrade if there is at least a 25% boost in real world performance though.
      I doubt I’ll ever need 4 gpu slots so low end “enthusiasts” motherboards so suffice. Even on the low end they are pretty friggen awesome. I almost bought the high end one but then I thought to myself how stupid it would be seeing as the only benefit I’d see is the ability to use 4 cards in crossfire and my budget isn’t that high lol

    • Psionicinversion

      yeah hahahah im planning my 2016 build now im thinking will star citizen need 2 or 3 GPU’s if it needs 3 then i need a 6 core because 3x 8x PCIe 3 lanes = 24… i7 quad cores only have 20 lanes, 6 core has 28 i think well the 5820k does the one up has 40 lanes .

      then im think M.2 SSDs taking up 4x PCIe lanes to, if i want a dedicated sound card etc etc grrr its hard.

      stupid thing is im only building it for 4K Star Citizen… 1 game. thats kind of insane i think.

      What type of game/stuff have you build your PC for seeing as its quite high end?

    • d0x360

      ROFL star citizen. Basically. I paid for that game forever ago and can never play with anything they release.

      My goal was a rig that could do 3 things really well and if it does these 3 things well it can do anything. Play star citizen, make use of occulus rift and video editing.

      The 32 gigs of ram is for video otherwise I’d have gone with 16. The 290x is for games today and the 390x will be for star citizen and VR. again hopefully the dx12 rumor about mix matched GPUs holds true because I’d rather not sell the 290x I’d rather use it and give the 390x a nice boost. If it doesn’t turn out that way instead of buying the 390x right away I’ll wait till AMD puts 2 of them on a single liquid cooled card like they did with the 290 series. Hence the 1000 watts PSU.

    • Psionicinversion

      ah so your an SC supporter to hahaha. Fair play 😀 The DX12 mix matched GPU is true BUT it will still come down to driver level, i can guarantee Nvidia will at least shut off physx capability with an AMD card present in the system.

      390x, 290x theres no difference the only difference is 290x is less powerful so it processes less of the screen. Ive heard that iGPU’s can be used as well all though they have to have HSA compatibility and the only iGPU;s are AMD’s APU’s and skylakes becuase no other intel iGPU will have HSA compatbility.

      heres my future build hahah

      6/8core intel skylake/amd zen
      16-24GB DDR4
      1200watt PSU
      2-3 8GB 490x/Pascal
      250GB M.2 SSD
      2x 1TB SSD RAID 0
      2x 5TB HD RAID (mirroring whatever number that is)
      4K 28-30inch IPS monitor

      think thats it

      estimating £2500-3000 pending on how many GPU’s i put in 😀

      what you think?

    • d0x360

      They are both GCN architecture and praise the lord both dx12 tier 3 while nvidia is just tier 1 even through 2015.

      The kicker in performance other than the insane number of cores will be the HBM.

      Your specs look good. I’m all for spending the money and doing it right. None of this my $700 pc is as good as a ps4 thanks if I build a pc I want to build powerhouse.

      You got a lot of ssd storage. Until prices go down I’m using my ssd for windows and any games I’m playing and normal drives for basically anything else.

      I have a media server with a raid 5 array in my basement. Its basically a full sized tower with nothing but hard drives in it. Powered by a core duo and 4 gigs of ram. Simple, cheap and amazing. Any room of my house you can pull up the menu and watch anything you want. I spent months ripping DVDs and blurays.

    • Psionicinversion

      man full tower of HD’s thats awesome. Well the SSD storage well i think it will only cost me £250 for 2TB of SSD storage by the end of 2016 because the manufacturing process is getting cheaper and cheaper, just last year it halved the price of SSD when you could get 250GB for £140 crucial released 500GB MX200 or someat SSD drives for about £140-150 i think that will happen again this year so 1TB drives may halve in price and next year maybe not halve in price again maybe 25% so they should get really cheap. Espcially with this new 3D stacked chips, there getting really cheap in manufacturing, how much they sell em for is another matter.

      For SC that uses full 4K texturing you want good AA like 4x MSAA well actually apparently you dont need AA at sub 30inch apparenlty) all the details 4GB and small amount of power is no good 390x is where its at the 490x is going to drop its load and 2x 490x’s should be brilliant

    • d0x360

      That true I was forgetting this was for 2016.

      As for star citizen I’ll be playing at 1080p on my 70inch lcd so I’ll have plenty of headroom for either 8xMSAA or most likely I’ll use super sampling.

    • d0x360

      Dude a quick update here. Systems built and I got a great pc vs ps4 post ROFL…get this.

      1080p, 16x anisotropic filtering, 8xMSAA, every detail setting in the game on ULTRA and I’m AVERAGING 167 frames per second. hahahhaha

    • Psionicinversion

      hahah nice one. PC dominance is real 😀

    • d0x360

      I plan on a yearly and biyearly upgrade cycle from here on out MAYBE. I’m definitely doing a new GPU every year. every other year I might do a new cpu it really depends on what’s coming. I know nothing exciting in the cpu space is coming 2015 and I also know I’m buying a 390x this year which is kinda stupid since I just bought a 290x but…hey…why not. If you can afford it do it. I figure I’ll save a ton of money buy PC games instead of console games so it will even itself out sorta.


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