Analyst Believes Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Does Not Matter To Sony

It doesn’t matter unless it changes the tide of the console war.

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One of the best, most customer friendly moves by Microsoft in recent years is the reintroduction of backwards compatibility, by enabling Xbox 360 games to be played on the Xbox One. For a company that just two years ago, wouldn’t even allow you to truly own the new games you played for, let alone the older ones, this represents a great step forward.

And while it’s a nice way to earn some goodwill with customers, as well as some bragging rights in the console wars, the fact of the matter is, it is unlikely to matter to Sony, or even to cause them to introduce backwards compatibility, simply because it’s unlikely to affect the tides of war.

“The only way this matters to Sony is if sales numbers were to flip and I don’t see that happening,”Strategy Analytics’ Michael Goodman told “Sony has got a different model. They have Backwards Compatibility, they’re just monetizing the Backwards Compatibility, whereas Microsoft is taking a different market approach with it. When you are #2 and playing catch-up you have to do thing differently.

“If Microsoft followed the Sony model, I could almost see the articles being written that it’s Microsoft being Microsoft again. I could just see those comments and their would almost certainly be push back from the gamer community. By following this path, Microsoft is creating a lot of goodwill with Backwards Compatibility.”

The issue here, Goodman said, is that backwards compatibility is more about perceived value than actual, tangible value.

“Backwards Compatibility is more about perceived value than necessary providing real value.’ Sony maybe right that people don’t use Backwards Compatibility, but Microsoft is giving gamers the ability to do so at no addition cost. Whether they actually use this capability is secondary to the fact that the capability is there at no additional cost.

“Microsoft has a number of titles from the Xbox 360 that we know people love to play, whether it’s Halo or Gears of War, a lot of people are still playing those older games. A video game today costs $60. If you have 10 Xbox One titles in your library, that’s $600, and frankly, it takes time to build up that library. Backwards Compatibility gives gamers more games to play early on while they build up a library of current-gen titles, I feel that makes the console more valuable,” Goodman said.

Be all of it as it may, I am grateful that Microsoft did this- and I keep hoping that Sony will, too.

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  • Starman

    here we go ….save the playstion … with propaganda what a joke ….

    what analyst …paid by sony analyst , to say something so stupid …

    ps: if they aren’t “worried”…why all the articles every week about , “why sony isn’t worried’, spare me ..they’re mad because that outdated console can’t do it .. but they claim so much power …

  • Golley

    I believe that it doesn’t matter to Microsoft that an analyst believes that it doesn’t matter to Sony. It matters to people with libraries of 360 games. And the more games they add the more it matters.

    • Mark

      Boom. I got a question; if I was just playing an old 360 game with my brother yesterday, having a blast of nostalgia, was that pure perception, as Michael Goodman claims? Lol

  • MrSec84 .

    Anyone with a brain knows that Backwards Compatibility is about Damage Limitation for Microsoft, I mean without it they haven’t really got much in the way of positives for people to look to for their target audience.

    Most 360 gamers were moving over to PS4, because it’s clearly the better system and does so much better than XBox One.
    There are factually way more AAA exclusives on the system, along more AA and Indie titles.

    Sony could make backwards compatibility work if they wanted to devote resources to that (since the core issue is making RISC code run on an X86 processor, SPU code could be moved to the GPU in PS4, which is more than capable of handling the level of compute needed), but they’d rather develop new games, which they have more of coming in droves than Microsoft does.

    Obviously this is just another clickbait article to get the XBox faithful to come here and complain about Sony some more, when they should actually be demanding more new games from Microsoft.


      Correction Sony rather force PS4 gamers who want to play PS3 games to use thier stupid Playstation Now games streaming rental service
      Anyone with brains can see this

    • MrSec84 .

      Nothing I wrote needs correcting thanks.

      To correct your nonsense, anyone with brains actually knows that PS Now was always meant as a rental service for people that don’t a PS3.

      Who’s forcing anyone when it’s optional?

      BTW their is spelt with an I after E. LMFAO!!

    • Terminator

      If you are going to correct someone’s grammar you better have no mistakes yourself.
      “people that don’t a PS3” what? LOL

    • Ruby Clay

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    • XbotMK1

      Nobody cares grammar police. You’ve been destroyed so why are you still posting? Stop scrounging for scraps dead troll. lol

    • Terminator

      HA! You wish you had destroyed me but its the other way around TrollBotFailMK1.

    • Mark

      Please explain how BC is “Damage Limitation” when Xbox owners have asked for it, more so than any other feature? Remember at Gamescom when people gave loud applause to the BC announce? It’s because THEY….THEY, wanted it. If u guys won’t accept that, then, all is lost when arguing this subject.

    • MrSec84 .

      Having hardly any new exclusive games is damaging for a console, not announcing any new exclusives at Gamescom, insisting on 24-hour check-ins at the start of the generation, kinect being necessary.

      Yeah BC is damage limitation.
      People aren’t begging and pleading for BC, they want new games, something Microsoft have been barely addressing this generation.

    • Mark

      Ok so to be clear, I’m about to reference CONSOLE exclusives. Please leave the “it’s on PC” argument alone. Talkin consoles. Ahem. I enjoyed Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, 6, & Horizon, Sunset Overdrive, Killer Instinct, Halo 5 & MCC, and other smaller download titles. A super solid mix of sequels and new IP.

      2016; Recore, Sea of Thieves, Scalebound, Gears 4, Crackdown3, Halo Wars 2, Fable Legends, Gigantic, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 3, and unannounced IP per Phil Spencer…

    • Mark

      “People aren’t pleading and begging for BC, they want new games”. Like this?

      Or like Halo 5?

  • Deeboy

    Oh yeah it matters. Sony hardly even mentions PS now (now). They wouldn’t want to remind people that they are being ripped off by having to rent old games. I dare someone to try to convince me that renting the games you already own is better than a free update for backwards compatibility. Make sure you sign your comment Fool.

    • Greetingsfriend

      If PS Now let me play on, almost, any device connected I’d prefer it over native compatibility on a newer system.

    • Deeboy

      You are aware of the Xbox app. Right? You know the app that lets you play your Xbox games over connected devices.

    • Greetingsfriend

      You clearly didn’t read my comment. Why did you respond with this?

    • Deeboy

      My bad. No I didn’t.

    • XbotMK1

      Are you retarded?

    • Deeboy

      You’re the one with Sony ear muffs.


    Sony’s PS4 having the lead in the console market is making them greedy and ignorant to their user base needs
    Charging PS4 gamers for backward compatibility and denying thier user base access to great services like EA Access is just corporate bullying
    Back in 2013 Sony said they were for gamers but now in 2015 they’re the complete opposite

    • MrSec84 .

      Yeah because putting development resources behind actually making quality AAA 1st party exclusives is resting on your current success, god your logic needs some work mate!

      As I said in my reply to you below PS Now was never intended as Backwards Compatibility, it’s a rental service for people that never owned PS3 games.
      Your use of the term “corporate bullying” is just plain wrong, Sony didn’t feel there was value in EA Access when they already provide PS+.

      If people really wanted it then they’d add the service.

      Sony have shown they’re for the gamers by actually announcing and releasing tonnes of games you can’t get on any other platform.

      FYI a games console or video games in general aren’t a “need”, they’re a luxury, talk about being melodramatic to try to shift focus from the negative things that your favored console maker have done.

      People like you were supporting 24 hour check-ins, buy into the nonsense of The Cloud and just keep supporting poor business practices like not announcing hardly any new exclusives for their platform.
      Demand more from Microsoft and maybe they’ll actually have to do something to make their platform better, it’s not happening at the moment!

    • Mark

      “Putting developement resources behind making quality AAA exclusives”. Hunh? Last I read, Mike Ybarra and about less than 10 engineers made the Xbox360 emulation happen…talk about big budget resources wasted! Lol

      Also, why doesn’t Sony just allow you PS4 owners to stream your PS3 games over PS Now, for free? Or do they? I heard they did not.

    • MrSec84 .

      You know 10 people can make a game right?
      No Man’s Sky only requires about that.
      70 People are making RIGS, so more than 10% of a AAA studio’s resources would be pulled away from making that game and delay it further than needed if Sony pulled resources from a Studio to work on PS3 BC on PS4.

      No wonder Microsoft’s own internal output has been rubbish for Xbox One exclusives.
      This is why you have to wait so many months between releases.
      Prior to Forza 6 there wasn’t a single 1st party Microsoft Studio exclusive since Kinect Sports Rivals, that came out in April last year I think.

      PS Now is a rental service, it costs to maintain servers and host full games externally from your console.

    • Mark

      1) Pfff, 10%, wowza. Considering the fact that BC was the numero uno feature desired, taking a couple guys away from a project (assuming they even did that anyway) and delaying said project a couple months….lol. Like I said, big time resources wasted bro!

      2) Are u really, really tryna insinuate that because MS focused on BC, that that could’ve lead to the earlier drought this year? Tell me u aren’t going there?

      3) Let’s skip PS Now, too broad. Lemme ask u, is Sony cutting corners by giving u guys peer to peer servers for UC4? I know you’re gonna spin this one MR Sec, lemme hear it…

    • XbotMK1

      EA Access isn’t good for consumers IMO and Sony isn’t charging you for backwards compatibility.

      You’re an absolute joke for accusing Sony of corporate bullying when you’re allways worshipping Microsoft and defending them with your hypocrisy and lies. You don’t know what corporate bullying is.

    • Mark

      Can you give me a reason why Sony won’t allow PS4 owners who own PS3 games, to stream them over PS Now, on their PS4, for free? Would not that solve BC for the PS4? Hmmm

    • XbotMK1

      Anyone who upvoted DA-ROOSTER’S comment is a joke including you. You’re not worth replying to for you but I will for the sake of readers.

      You’ve been defending Xbox One since 2013. Now you’re accusing Sony of not allowing backwards compatibility when Microsoft only added it because of Sony. Your double standards are incredible.

      The reason why Sony doesn’t allow that is probably because PlayStation Now has server costs and Sony would have to find a reasonable business model. PlayStation Now is very different from Microsoft’s method. PlayStation Now uses cloud storage. Sony would also have to authenticate each PS3 disk and get approval from all publishers.

    • Mark

      1) I agree with Rooster on the EA Access part, but I shouldn’t upvote him for it? Haha. Ok Rudolph Guiliani.

      2) I didn’t actually accuse Sony of anything concerning BC on PS Now. I asked a valid question of why, if they’re so called “for the players”, wouldn’t they consider letting u guys stream your old games to PS4 for free. So u say it’s about costs, well, that’s what I thought too! Lol. And it looks to be the same situation with UC4 servers…fact.

      3) “Microsoft only added BC because of Sony”. Ur lost. BC is there because we voted for it. The Xbox User Voice feedback site allows users to suggest new features for the console. It is simply, a platform for us…..just like Windows 10 users! Same dam feedback platform. Microsoft does this company wide. They consider, and add, what consumers suggest. And that’s the cause of BC! But keep on that blindfold if u wish, I don’t care what u think. U rarely make any good points.

    • Robert

      All EA games on Xbox 360 will be free to play via EA Acess

  • Riggerto

    “backwards compatibility is more about perceived value than actual, tangible value.”


    • Clint Hoffman

      Backwards compatibility is pretty much useless as the newer console gains more ground and has better games. Its a great way to shift perception for the old console users that haven’t finished x game or want to play a bit more of y game…but as soon as x2 or y2…why bother playing the old pos….lol.
      Xbox users and the compatibility people remind me of iSheep. Pay for something that you’re told you need but has no real value other than to keep your business as you hold out for that next thing that will make your device ‘better’ than the competitor. hahahaha

    • Janice Pope

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    • Mark

      1) Xbox owners don’t pay for BC….like Isheep.

      2) Please remember we asked Phil Spencer for this feature, more so than anything else. Seems Michael Goodman left that out.

    • Mark

      Uhhh, if I’m playing an old 360 title, like I did yesterday with my brother, having a blast, that isn’t perception…

      Also, do remember, BC was the numero uno feature us Xbots asked for. But it’s pretty convenient for Michael to have left that out to drive home his silly statement lol.

    • Greetingsfriend

      I’d be interested to know in 6-12 months how many people popped a 360 game into their Xbox One. Stats on this kind of stuff is always interesting.

  • lagann

    Back compat is not targeted to entice ps4 owners to buy an x1….its targeted to people who have an x360 to buy an x1 and to give more value to those that have an X1 who might still want to play x369 library of games.

    • Mark


  • red2k

    Bah…. Some PS users criticise BW but at the meantime time they defend buy remasters or spend money using PS now lol. Their mind is so contradictory, in fact, PS owners lost all of their digital games and content when they upgrade to PS4 and Xbox One owners don’t. That’s a huge win.

    • Mark


  • XbotMK1

    You can’t take anything away from Microsoft adding backwards compatibility. It’s a positive to the Xbox One. But with that said, Michael Goodman is lying and kissing Microsoft’s *ss by trying to make Microsoft look like the victim while trying to make Sony look like a bad guy. What a clueless moron.

    First of all, it’s not backwards compatibility. It is Xbox 360 emulation.

    Second of all, Microsoft is a joke. They added backwards compatibility two years after claiming it was a waste of time. Sony has a legitimate excuse for not having bc but Microsoft exposed themselves after adding Xbox 360 emulation which proves it could’ve been there at launch but they didn’t care until the PS4 destroyed them in sales. They only added Xbox 360 emulation because they needed an answer to PS Now. Nearly everything Microsoft has been doing the past decade is just a reaction to Sony. Are you enjoying those free games on Xbox Live? Fkin hypocritical clowns.

    Sony created PS Now long before Microsoft added Xbox 360 emulation. Sony stated that the PS3 is too difficult to emulate and they stated if backwards compatibility was easy they would’ve done it. They also stated that PS Now is not the answer to backwards compatibility. The media keeps lying and trying to create a false narrative spin that Sony is neglecting bc because they want you to pay for PS Now. That doesn’t make any sense. Not having bc hurts sales of prior gen games. They wouldn’t have put PS Now on the PS3 and released many AAA PS3 exclusives on disk in 2013 if they didn’t wanted to force PS Now. I also don’t see how people think Sony thinks PS Now is going to make alot of money if any at all. Having PS Now as an option is better than having nothing at all. If people are really desperate to play old games they can use PS Now even if they don’t own a PS3 or any PS3 games.

    Lastly, no sht backwards compatibility won’t save Xbox One. One reason is it’s too late. People moved on to the PS4 because of Microsoft’s greedy anticonsumer actions. Microsoft thinks adding Xbox 360 emulation because they got destroyed in sales will improve their image. Dead wrong Microshaft. Second reason is that bc has the most impact on people who have a large collection of Xbox 360 games. Many people who are buying PS4s, Xbox Ones, or Wii Us are the baby boomers of the industry or new gamers who don’t have PS3 or Xbox 360 games. It’s like this every generation. That is why many of the drones you see on here damage controlling for Xbox One are the people who started gaming on the Xbox 360 and formed a parasitic bond with Microsoft. They defend Xbox One because they don’t want to lose their achievements or because they played on Xbox 360 religiously and don’t know what it is like on any other system.

    Xbox fanboys like Terminater, bardock5151, and their dupe accounts didn’t care about bc when Xbox One was revealed or PS Now was created. Nobody cared when the PS3 had real bc which was part of the reason for it’s high price. The only reason why the media is making Xbox 360 emulation a huge topic now is because it’s something Xbox One has and PS4 doesn’t. The media can stop with it now.

  • GHz

    “When you are #2 and playing catch-up you have to do thing differently.”

    You mean, Its more like if you’re number one in general out of the 2 companies, you’re in a position to redefine how things should be done.
    If you still going around believing that MSFT is playing catch up, you’re still living in the 90’s.The console game business changed ever since MSFT though it was a great idea to have your console connect to highs speed internet. Gaming is now a service and have outgrown the physical box you call a console.

    For example, gaming as a service is having the ability to change on demand based on what your customer wants. That’s the business model of the future. Dynamic tech that can change to the expectations of the consumer. So Xbox fans wanted back compat. It was the #1 thing on their wishlist and so MSFT made it happen, because the new leader ship gets it, and they have evolved their gaming business to anticipate change. If Goodman as an analysis cannot see the value of this new shift in how you define value, then he needs to resign, because he is not a forward thinker. He is as rigid as they come.

    • archfiendx

      “When you’re #2 and playing catch-up you have to do things differently”

      Microsoft added Xbox 360 emulation because they are playing catch-up. Microsoft originally wasn’t planning on having Xbox 360 emulation but it was because of Sony that caused Microsoft to add it. Microsoft didn’t add Xbox 360 because people requested it. In fact, Microsoft created their feedback website after everyone went to the PS4 because Sony was listening to feedback long before Microsoft added a feedback site. Remember Microsoft’s DRM scheme? Microsoft added Xbox 360 emulation because the PS4 is killing them in sales and because of PlayStation Now hence why Microsoft desperately keeps taking jabs at Sony.

      Your flawed chart and constantly screaming about Microsoft’s money doesn’t change the reality that Xbox One is losing money and Microsoft is playing catch-up.

    • GHz

      I’ll say it again. Gaming business have evolved. The proof is everywhere. Just look @ the tech involved to make a successful gaming infrastructure these days? I don’t expect you to see it, even though the proof is in your face. It is so hard for to accept because you’re in love with a piece of plastic. I personally don’t care about numbers. As a gamer I know we all win. But what I cant stand is misinformation. That is why I cite. It is NOT MY chart. Don’t get all bent up about it. Facts are facts. The top 3 companies are there for all to see. You can play the blind monkey if you want.

      “Microsoft added Xbox 360 emulation because they are playing catch-up.”

      That is such a dumb conclusion. Here’s why. Azure has the size to do PlayStation plus 30X over. So how is MSFT playing catchup when Kaz admitted already that they have to do what MSFT has already done. I can cite him if you want. But I wont cause your fragile feelings wont be able to take it.

      To end it. Sony is not MSFT main competitor, because Sony’s business model is indeed different. MSFT don’t make money by chasing companies that don’t innovate. The bright side to all this is that Sony is doing a phenomenal job with the PS4. Its a GREAT system, and I would recommend it to anyone. What MSFT have achieved since they entered the gaming space takes nothing away from Sony PS brand. Bu the facts are facts and misinformation should be challenged with citable facts. But carry on with that emotional swollen heart of yours. Your ignorance is your bliss. I’ll leave you to it. 😉

    • Mark

      Stop making stuff up. No they didn’t add the Xbox One UserVoice feedback site up as a REACTION to Sony, or PS4 sales. They actually do the same dam thing company wide for…Windows too. You Sony guys spin till u get dizzy, sheesh.

    • Robert

      “Microsoft added Xbox 360 emulation because they are playing catch-up.”
      No they didn’t, It was the most requested feature by the Gamers.

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