Anonymous: PSN Attack Is “A Crime To Make Money”

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With the PSN hack becoming more or less a mainstream issue with over 70 million accounts/users affected, it was obvious that many people would have thought that the Anonymous are behind this attack. However it was revealed to be otherwise.

In an interesting interview with Consolemonster, when it was asked whether they are behind the attack, they said:

“No matter who did it, this action is against the Anonymous principles, so it wasn’t an Anonymous attack, it just was an attack to get private data. Thats not Anonymous, that’s just a crime to make money”

He also continued saying:

“of course its bad that some people now think that these people are Anonymous, but thats the disadvantage of being anonymous.”

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous should stay out of the playstation network altogether. Just
    because they might not be responsible for this attack, ican tell you that me
    and perhaps millions worldwide are sick of hearing about them.
    They are becoming the nemasis of the PSN.

  • Even if it WASNT them, they certainly influenced whoever did this to do it I believe… with all the vitriolic talk they’ve aimed at Sony.

  • So sick of hearing about these idiots. Their anonymous cause their cowards. Nemisis of the gaming industry not just Sony. Publishers are loosing money from this attack too.

  • Ok so Anon claim to be on the Users side?

    Proof is in the pudding help Sony get those responsible find out who these people are and put a stop to them if your so against it.

    Be the real Heroes For once. Nows your chance, It’s about time something positive about you lot was in the news.

  • joe

    it is clear that the psn attack was done by Anonymous.Anonymous has had it in for sony since the G Hotz issue even after sony settled and they are gonna make a movie about G Hotz , Anonymous IS GULTY AND YOU WILL GOTO PRISION FOR YOU HORRORABLE ACTION.Anonymous needs to STOP SAYING THAT THERE NOT BEHEIND THIS BECAUSE THEY SAID BEFORE THAT THEY WERE GOING TO DO SOMETHING BIGGER THAT THE FIRST TIME THEY HIT SONY.AND THIS IS DEF BIGGER ANYBODY THAT DOSE NOT THINK THIS IS Anonymous IS A FOOL!!!!!! COME ON PEOPLE GET REAL.

    • pat

      Aw Joe, you don;t know that for sure… We are all “not happy”.. Hows the weather in W.V.? Squirrels are getting bad here in T.X.

  • Hm

    When you don’t know who’s actually in your group or who’s doing what, you cannot say you collectively didn’t do something. It’s my belief that someone within Anonymous did have something to do with this, whether they told everyone else about it or not. Either way, the hunt is now on and the heat is very firmly at the door of Anonymous, so I wouldn’t expect a lot of action or words from them at all for some time, apart from continued bleating about what they ‘didn’t’ do. Might be time for the innocent members to turn themselves in for inspection, before the authorities find THEM. Because the theft of millions of credit card details is a whole new level of activity – forget Sony, now you have VISA, MasterCard and multiple international governments and agencies involved. So I guess we’ll know soon enough just how anonymous they really are.

  • Oh get real. Anyone can be anon just by being unknown. The real people to blame for this are Sony and the idiotic fanboys that follow them. Filled with so much hubris you guys kept taunting and mocking hackers, and when the said hackers tired of being taunted finally fight back you all turn into a bunch of biggoty bitches and do nothing but whine and moan.

  • well Anon can kiss their support goodbye now!

    this is a bad news for Sony and also a good news.

    whatever Anon plans to do in the future will never work because people will not follow them!

  • What do I think? I think instead of merely providing a very subtle link to the article you ripped off these quotes from, that you should also explicitly credit for conducting the interview.

    You know, instead of collecting pageviews for someone else’s effort and not giving them appropriate credit.

  • It really annoys me seeing so many videos saying it was them even fake ones of anon news announcing it was them when that was a fake. Also all the comments slagging anon of just because some idiot hacker who was not part of anon decided to take down sony

  • Anyone here really believes this attack was not anonymus fault?you people are so naive…NEVER but NEVER trust a hacker word they are scum and deserve to die i would love to see all of them suffering in a electrical chair.

  • im so mad wakeing up and seeing psn hacked.WHO EVER HACKED PSN IM COMEING FOR U AND IM GOING TO HACK SO HARD THAT ALL YOUR SYESTEMS WILL BLACK OUT AND CRASH FOR ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:)

  • Whoever hacked the PSN was not doing so in the name of Anonymous, as it goes against their very ideals. People also ignore the fact that many Anons would be adversely affected by this. I’m sure THEY wouldn’t want their credit card details at risk.

    If you idiots must bitch and moan, direct your anger towards SONY. Maybe you should start wondering why SONY was so fucking inept to keep your data so unsecured, and have the gall to alert you that your details were compromised a WHOLE WEEK AFTER THE INCIDENT.

    People quick to point the finger at Anonymous clearly haven’t a fucking clue about what Anonymous is all about, and you should STFU before vomiting out your ill-thought-out accusations.

  • i would say this is not an attack organised by the entire anonymous group, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t an opportunistic splinter group that decided to cash in on the confusion between the main group’s antics and the geohot/graf_chokolo lawsuits.


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