Ark: Survival Evolved – 15 Features You Need To Know Before You Buy

Here’s what you should know about the upcoming survival based action adventure title.

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Ark: Survival Evolved has one of the coolest concepts that you will ever have for a video game. Whether or not the final game can do that concept justice isn’t something we know just yet, but at least on paper, it seems like all the pieces are there to make for a great game. Here, in this feature, we’re going to take a look at fifteen of the most interesting things about Ark: Survival Evolved that will surely get you excited for the game in time for its upcoming launch, if you weren’t pumped already. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Ark: Survival Evolved is going to be the kind of game that lets you lose in a large, open world and then tells you to do… nothing. There is no larger objective in the game per se. While the developers have included an endgame of sorts for players to work toward, the only real goal is to exist and survive in the game’s world, and to do whatever you want. It is going to be a completely free form experience that allows players to have memorable moments of their own making- at least we hope it does.

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    Couple of quick notes: 1) The number of different servers is incredible, but there ARE PVE servers where you do NOT have to fight other players. This is NOT a 100% PVP game – it depends on the server you are on! You can also set up your OWN server and adjust a huge number of settings as you see fit – including turning PVP on or off. 2) Under normal settings, when you die, you need to retrieve your body to get your items back that you were equipped with. However, there is at least one mod that some servers use that let you summon your gear pretty easy – and if you set-up your own server, you can of course chose your own mods to use. 3) The Mod community is pretty awesome. There are a ton available. Various servers have different settings – be sure to pay careful attention to that so you get on a server with settings you like – or, set-up your own so you can set the rules up as you see fit! This game has come a long way over the past couple years. Definitely worth checking-out.


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