Game Overview:

ARMA 3 is an upcoming military simulation game for the PC.

It is being developed by Bohemia Interactive and will be released on Steam and other digital distribution platforms.

The game features a lot of new upgrades and gameplay mechanics and can be termed as a worthy successor to the previous game.

The alpha version was released recently and it gives a chance to players to try out the game that is in development and when the full version unlocks they can start playing it.

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Publisher: Bohemia Interactive
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 2013
Genre: Simulation
Latest for 'ARMA 3'

ARMA 3 Receiving Platform Updates, Expansion and DLC in 2014-2015

Tons of new content and updates to the base game are on the way for players.

Arma 3 explores guerrilla warfare

Smaller, faster, lighter.

Arma 3 Not Heading to Consoles, Bohemia Devoting Next Two Years to PC Version

Project lead Joris-Jan van t’ Land says a console port wouldn’t be easy.

Final Episode of Arma 3’s Campaign Releases Today

‘The East Wind’ comes to an end.

What If ARMA 4 Is Built On The CryEngine?

CRYENGINE + Next Gen = Visually Stunning

Arma 3 Second Campaign Episode Releasing on January 21st 2014

Adapt to win out in the second episode of the campaign.

Arma 3 Gets New SITREP Community Guide Video

The future of Arma 3 is touched upon in this new video.

First Campaign Episode for Arma 3 Available October 31

First episode of single player campaign to be made available October 31.

Arma 3 Receives First Post Release Patch

Host of new features added by free patch.

New Arma 3 Community Guide Video Shows Off Combined Arms Warfare

Check out how aircraft, infantry, artillery, and vehicles work together in this game.

Arma 3 Review

Authentic, original, and in a class of its own. This is military simulation at its best.

Arma 3 Launch Trailer Deployed

Now available on Steam and retail.

New Arma 3 Video Details Snipers And Launchers

Snipers and launchers detailed by ShackTactics

New Arma 3 Beta Update Includes Steam Workshop Integration

New, better, and easier ways to share user generated content.

Arma 3 Release Date Announced

The release of Arma 3 and a look at what the game includes

ARMA 3 Campaign to Release Across 3 DLC Episodes

First episode, Survival, to arrive within the first month of launch.

ARMA 3 Beta Gets APC Package

The fight between the Russians and NATO heats up further.

ARMA 3 New Trailer Showcases Single-Player, Multiplayer Gameplay

Check out what you expect from the current beta.

Bohemia Interactive Website Hacked

Arma series developer’s website hacked.

Arma 3 Not Coming To Consoles

Arma 3 was developed for PC from the ground up

ARMA 3 Beta Goes Live on Steam

Access a whole new range of content in Bohemia’s military shooter.

ARMA 3 Beta Release Confirmed for June 25th

To include both existing and new content.

ARMA 3 Has “Several Future-Proof Technologies” Like DirectX 11 and PhysX

Such technologies will make it a big step forward over its predecessor.

“Next-Gen Consoles Won’t Offer Some of the Things That Make PCs So Appealing” – ARMA 3 Lead

Project Lead Joris-Jan van‘t Land offers his take on the market for PC games.

Bohemia Have No Plans To Bring ARMA 3 on The PS4, Praises Sony

Project lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land gives his thoughts on the PS4, along with optimizing ARMA.

ARMA 3 Wiki: Everything you want to know about the game

All the information you may need about ARMA 3.

Arma 3 vs Reality screenshot comparison

Arma 3 is a realistic game.

Major update 0.52 released for Arma 3 aplha

Includes bug fixes, improved network performance, shadow enhancements, destructible windows and more.

New Arma 3 video educates the masses of the basics of infantry combat

Alpha version now available for purchase on Steam,

ARMA 3 Community Guides kick off

To get you tuned to the basics.

Arma 3 To Be A Steam Exclusive

Development hurdles were the main cause.

ArmA developers reveal the story of their imprisonment

ArmA duo Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar talk about their time in Greek prison.

Arma 3 developers given bail, Dean Hall ecstatic

Greece used a little brain this time.

Arma 3 postponed to 2013

Polishing reasons.

Jailed Arma 3 devs write a touching letter from prison

They have written a letter from prison after 81 days of being there.

Bohemia issue statement over devs detained in Greece

Holidaymaker Bohemia developers still being detained by Greek authorities.

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