As Expected, Nvidia Announces GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970

As consoles continue to disappoint, PC gaming takes more strides forwards.

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We all knew they were coming. They’d been leaked, rumored, and pretty much verified by the concrete benchmark tests that went online a few days ago. Then Nvidia went ahead and announced a 24 hour event, and we knew that was that. They would announce another set of graphics cards, presumably at the high end, and the PC gaming market would move forward by another generation, at least as far as hardware is concerned.

And yep, they have done it.

Nvidia have announced two new high end GPUs, called the GeForce GTX 980 and GTX 970- as expected, they skipped straight to the 900s with these new ones. Both cards are shockingly high value, costing very little for the amount of power they deliver- the 980 packs 4GB of GDDR5 video ram and runs at just 165w TDP, and 5.2 billion transistors, and it is available for just £429. The 970 offers 4GB of VRAM and offers a TDP of just 145w, and it will retail for £259.

All in all, both are great graphics cards, and now, more than ever, is a good time to jump on board to PC gaming if you haven’t already, especially since the new consoles continue to disappoint.

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  • GHz

    “As consoles continue to disappoint, PC gaming takes more strides forwards.”

    @ Pramath

    Consoles were never in a position where they must outdo their PC counterparts power wise. Even though technology eventually allowed it where consoles can share the same tech as PC, the latter was always expected to be superior.

    Consoles gamers are a whole separate culture and they know what to expect when they go out and purchase a dedicated traditional console. Now consider this for a min. Here it is, two new graphic cards are out from NVidia. Are they full DX12 ready? Now which dedicated console out now is full DX12 compliant? Answer these questions honestly and you’ll see the irony.

    Question for dedicated PC gamers:

    Wouldn’t you rather wait for when Nvidia or AMD release cards that are full DX12 compatible?

    While it’s tempting to want to integrate both gaming cultures, we are are gaming enthusiast separated by what we want from our tech, and what kind of games we want access to, which integrates seamlessly with our social gaming services.

    I can’t vocally tell my PC to skype my friend while I’m playing FH2 w/o skipping a beat. That’s an experience I personally cant do w/o.

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  • bardock5151

    Some very interesting times ahead. Microsoft is very hands on.
    There is also a video floating around somewhere showing NVIDIA Microsoft and fable legends global illumination tech as well, just cant seem to find it.
    Lots of info to chow on.


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