Assassin’s Creed 4: 7 Things Ubisoft Needs To Improve

When the inevitable AC4 does come out, Ubisoft will need to make a few changes…

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Assassin’s Creed 3 was one of the most highly anticipated games of 2012, and Ubisoft left no stone unturned when it came to hyping the game. Everyone was touting it as the potential game of the year, and we all expected another masterclass on the same level as Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood. However, Assassin’s Creed 3, while excellent in its own right, couldn’t manage to live up to out admittedly unreasonable expectations, and ended up disappointing many, including one of us here at GamingBolt.

But let’s face it- Assassin’s Creed III had some flaws that cannot be neglected. It took the series in a completely different direction, as many wanted, but in doing so, it also did a few things that fans of the franchise did not agree with, and some that were simply baffling from a gameplay and design perspective.

So when the inevitable Assassin’s Creed 4 does come out- we all know it will- Ubisoft will need a make a few changes. Below is a list of seven changes we think the development team at Montreal will need to implement in the next AssCreed title if they want to see the franchise going back to its glory days of 2009/10.

Let’s begin-

1. Parkour

We absolutely loved how Ubisoft handled the platforming in the frontier in Assassin’s Creed 3. But when it came to New York and Boston- the cities- the parkour that the series is so famous for simply fell flat. Why? Because there wasn’t enough verticality. There wasn’t anything wrong with the platforming itself per se (well, except for the control scheme, but more on that later), but Assassin’s Creed is known for its great rooftop jumping and seamless platforming in jampacked cities. Sure, AC3 was still a very atmospheric game, but we want Assassin’s Creed 4 visit a more urbanized location and give us some more of the parkour that made us fall in love with Assassin’s Creed in the first place.

2. Controls

assassins creed 3 controls

Why the hell did Ubisoft try fixing the controls in Assassin’s Creed 3? They were perfect exactly as they were in the previous games. Yes, I know we asked for a change in the formula, Ubisoft, but you didn’t have to go an change the freaking controls. Having no sprint option just felt weird, and while the changed control scheme might have helped improve the combat, it seriously hurt the quality of the platforming. With AC4, Ubisoft should either go back to the control scheme they had in the Ezio trilogy, or just stay with what they have but at least give us the option to sprint again.

3. Technical issues


Being an open world game, we all expected Assassin’s Creed 3 to have technical issues. But it had a few too many. Not only did it have customary glitches and freezes and frame rate drops, its textures looks really bland at times, and while the game was a very good looking one on the whole, it had some really bad moments visually- especially when it came to lip syncing and facial animations- that should not have been present with the new engine. Hopefully, Assassin’s Creed 4 will have much less technical issues to hinder the experience.

4. Better lead character

assassins creed iii connor

Connor was a great, intriguing character with a fleshed out backstory. We have nothing against him. But as a lead character, he didn’t click for us- many of us. Maybe we were unfairly comparing him with Ezio, but Connor just wasn’t as charismatic or as interesting to watch or play as. If Assassin’s Creed 4 does remain in the same sub-universe as that of AC3, we’d rather play as Haytham, or maybe as a younger Achilles. Or if we were to play as Connor, we’d like to see more intricacies in his character.

5. Better characters, period

assassins creed 3 haytham kenway

Haytham was an excellent character. Achilles was a character with wasted potential. AC3 had some good characters, but the cast doesn’t match the awesomeness of La Volpe, Machiavelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mario, Claudia and Bartolomeo. Ac3 focused too much on the big picture that it forgot to flesh out its characters, and in the end we were left with a cast that had next to no memorable names to speak of. Assassin’s Creed 4 needs to go back to the days when we actually cared about the characters our assassin met (which wasn’t that long ago).

6. Better present day storyline

desmond assassins creed 3

This has been an issue in the series ever since the first game came out in 2007. The story always has the potential to be great, but it always turns into just a framing device for the actual, Animus-story to take place in, and the potential always goes to waste. We have no idea where AC4 will go with the present storyline, given how things ended in Assassin’s Creed 3, but the potential is higher than ever, so we expect Ubisoft to step us this time, and give us a proper story in the present day scenario.

7. More stealth

assassins creed 3 connor

Assassin’s Creed has been moving towards the action adventure genre with each successive installment, and with Assassin’s Creed 3, it completely let got of its stealth roots. It had next to no sneaking- it was all out action. And that is not something more of the Assassin’s Creed fans liked seeing. Assassin’s Creed 4 needs to go back to the days of the first game, when stealth was the primary focus, because those sections were actually also the best.

Agree? Disagree? Want to add something? Fire away in the comments section below!

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  • Tony

    It is still possibe to sprint within AC3, holding down R1 alone gave that option instead of holding R1 and X

  • Ciano1000

    I agree with everything said but the biggest one was the stealth the lack of it stopped it feeling like an assassins creed game the combat was good but far too much for example the bunker hill level had you run straight at a massuve british army head first its so unlike the other games like brotherhood which had on of the best stealth missions in the when you sneak into the popes castello without any combat they should bring that aspect back for the next game if they dont Assassins Creed 4 will be the last Ac I play

  • Yusuf Tazim Da Istanbul

    I agree with all you said. I really hope to see AC going back to its glory of 2009 and 2010. AC3 generated too much hype, but the game wasn’t what we expected. It had a poor storyline, very forced. Everybody sends to Connor to do something and he goes from here to there without any sense. They left behind a lot of things that were very important in the franchise, for example the stealth and another things like the Washington’s Apple that was mentioned in the Clay’s glyphs (It supposed that Washington had got the Apple on 1781 and the game lasts to 1783). AC3 has missed the mystery and conspiracy that characterized the franchise. The masons could have been much more important. Another thing that was missing are the glyphs!!! One of the reasons why AC2 and ACB were very interesting is because of the mystery of the glyphs… I want that AC4 returns to be an Assassin’s Creed game (because AC3 wasn’t an Assassin’s Creed game, it was more like a role game).

  • anthony

    assassins creed 3 was perfect they changed 1 or 2 of the controls and made the game better look at the climbing trees or increadible fighting combos. it was so easy to pick up its either u cant take changes or ur stubborn . the characters were exelent and all fitted in perfectly although it would have been better to see hathym in the last battle. the modern day story was incredible and travelling to manhatan and brazil and even abstergo was a thrilling modern day experince but the ending could have been the slightest better. i do agree about more stealth sections but the action in 3 was great. but more stealth was needed. the lead character connor was incredible and went off stray more than once to get back on his feet he was a great character.

  • william

    i completely agree what i also disliked was the time period it was to far into the future even though were in the future i preferred it when it was a lot further back in time like Altair and ezio what i think would be a good idea went back in time to somewhere more ancient not gay america Independence war that wasn’t too far back like 1700-1800 i personaly what i liked about it most was the time period because no one has made a successful game in a far back time period like ezio and Altair

  • Potface09

    I believe that assassins creed was great and the controls were better and made it more fun and the action and Conner was great what disappointed me was the present day story wasn’t great it was fun to be a present day assassin but they present day sequences should of been longer and more of an open world sort of and do more things in the present citys

    • gmute

      God damn it, dude. Learn some English. “Should of”? “Citys”? Have some bloody respect to other people who aren’t supposed to decrypt your nonsense.

    • Wodahs Ajnin

      Wow… your an impudent little nit-picker aren’t you. Have some respect for the guy who posted his comment. If his native speech isn’t English at least he’s trying. Your just upset that that his thoughts about the game did not match your own. And instead of commenting on the context of what he was saying, which even if your an average English reader it was pretty clear, you decided to comment on something inconsequential(which makes you look…). Either you lack patience(cause it doesn’t take more than a minute to figure out what he’s saying OR you yourself lack adequate English skills(which is why in your very first comment you used a comma for no apparent reason). If reading it acerbated you then you should have simply moved on pal. Unless it’s an apology don’t even respond to this cause your in the wrong either way.

    • gmute

      I don’t remember addressing you, so either your own comment is inconsequential, or your point is invalid.

    • Wodahs Ajnin

      Hahaha. Oh, so now you have to be addressed to stand up for someone. Wow… didn’t I tell you not to respond.

  • Spyyke93

    I enjoyed the free running, pushing down the X button in the other games was frustrating, so just pressing R1 was simpler and also the free running felt more like parkour rather than jumping and climbing, it was more responsive and fluid

    However the story, mainly the present with Desmond was an absolute and utter dissappointment, Ubisoft clearly trolled us and sold out with dollar signs in their eyes because Desmond just dropping dead is no way to end a story, even for Ubisoft I expected much more, as far as I’m concernd the devs either have a big surprises in store or they’ve just left it as thr and runoff with the profit from the millions of fans who’ve brought and paid for the games.

    Again disappointing ending and had put me off from buying any further AssCrap franchise

  • name

    i hated the controls too

  • Al in NYC

    Totally agree with the article and comments… particularlly the lack of stealth and the shody charactyer lines. I would like to clarify that the evesdropping missions dont count for stealth… play AC1 where you have to off 3/5 guards in a crowd without being noticed in less than 3/4/5 minutes, thats what they type of stealth we want. As for the story in general, I think AC3 was best surmised by the Connor ending – You chase Lee, get impaled on a rod and pass out. You catch up with him in a bar and he goes peacefully with your assistance…. wait you mean i dont actually get the gratification of offing the main villain of the story? Considering Lee’s actual death story, theres so many ways you could have finished the story… but a chase and a cutscene, left me staring at my TV going “WTF was that garbage”. Hope AC4 returns to its roots of AC1 and 2 which while not perfect certainly were way more enjoyable and engaging that AC3.

  • Me

    I found it a bit hard to connect with Connor at the start but I came to like him more as the story went on. Connor is headstrong and opinionated and at the start of the game his world is very much black and white and the game’s story introduces gray areas to his view of the world, which sets him apart from Ezio in a huge way because Ezio never really faced the idea of compromise in his trilogy, he was typically right in whatever he was doing.

    I think both characters have their merits and would like to see more of Connor as his story doesn’t seem over quite yet. Though I do agree with being let down by the story in AC3.

  • Ron

    I don’t understand why they killed Desmond off….they said he was meant to become “The ultimate assassin” and he ends up dead? That was the only flaw in anotherwise perfect storyline

  • October

    A new lead character no no no no no no no. Connor by FAR was the coolest Assassin! Ezio was gay Altair was awesome! But the coolest out of them all is Connor for sure nuff said.

  • Derek

    I was very disappointed in the amount of time or action that Desmond got. I played this series since day 1 and there was not even an awesome battle for Desmond to die for at the end…WTF was the point! All that building up to have him go out like a little b***h is just unacceptable. My favorite game was still Brotherhood. It is not like Ubisoft just messed up this ending, it is like they make an entire game and just say f*** it for the ending.

  • Just missing Ezio Auditore The Firenze,no any other assassin in this franchise Will never b as great as Ezio

  • orult

    great article, grats! just a few more things:

    8. More detailed side missions
    In the previous episodes all side quests had an own story. You protected a scared courtesan or got a letter from Lorenzo Medici. Every assassination mission had it’s all detail – eg. a guarded target, a target in the crowd etc. In AC3’s assassination missions players had to kill 5 completely faceless character without any story background. All targets were alone, and should be killed in the same way.

    9. No time constrains in optional objectives
    If Ubisoft people would like to create a beautiful game, they should let the player enough time to examine it. It’s a problem since AC Brotherhood: if you finish a Romulus lair in 8 minutes, there is no time to loot any chests. Optional objectives should provide a full game experience with challenge, and should not make players s_ck.

    10. Usable map
    From the first episode it was a trivial rule, that synchronizing all viewpoints reveals the map completely. It was very disappointing that you noticed that you have missed many missions AFTER the end of the game. Did you know that there was Thieves guild in AC3? Or assassination missions in the frontier? Here we are.

    11. Value to money and rewards
    It is a very good thing to make money in a game, if you know, that you can buy something really valuable from it. In AC3 there was no armor at all, and the best weapon was about 10% better than the worst one. That’s not enough to make players earn money. The rewards were often useless (after riding all across the frontier and killing a bear, you got a scarf texture on the wall. Collecting all feathers gives you your original outfit , Captain kidd’s treasure is an almost invisible ring – that is ridiculous.)

    12. Involve multiplayer characters to single mode
    It was a great idea, that all MP characters had their own story, but it was much better interpreted in ACR or in ACB. It would have been nice if characters (like Aveline) has appeared in the game.

    13. High quality riddles
    ACB riddles were awesome, they were solvable, yet it was fun to play them. And there were at least 12 riddle types. The reward was good (a video or a message), and most of them revealed some info about templars in the present or in the past. In AC3 a four year old kid can solve these puzzles. All the three of them.

    14. Longer and more difficult jumping puzzles
    Many of AC fans were fans of Prince of persia. Jumping puzzles were one of the most enjoyable parts of the games. In AC3 they were good, the levels were beautiful but they were too short.

    15. Agility over weapons
    An assassin doesn’t need bombs, ultimate rope darts or bazookas. It’s far enough, if he can use the environment with more options than the enemy. It’s true, that Connor could climb trees while his enemies could not, but he bould not just jump of them, becaust there were very few well positioned haystacks. And the same problem was in the cities.

    16. How does he know?
    It’s very confusing if you don’t know if your character knows something or not. A character evolves as his knowledge grows. And the player should be there when it happens. Unfortunately we could not see when Connor has been informed about Haytham, nor when Charles Lee became “evil”.

    • orult

      17.Better product design
      Players had to buy Freedom edition for more than 100 dollars – just because i wanted the “exclusive” extra digital content – even if they were not interested in Connor’s statue. And they had to buy season pass for 40 dollars which contained those extra missions, they had already bought. That’s not exclusive, that’s pathetic. Ubisoft makes s_ck it’s best customers, shame on you.

    • LordStuff

      18. More various weapon types and gadgets and more different ways of using them.
      19. Something like a coop-campaign, maybe making the whole game playable for up to 4 people or something.
      20. More stealth-felling (crouching, disguising)
      21.Side mission improvements:
      In AC3 the assassination targets were just
      “templars” walking on the street. I should have to hunt him, maybe ask
      or eavesdrop on people to get his position. The player should need to
      prevent guards from seeing him when chasing after the target.
      22. Better story. 😀

  • CK

    A full blown crouching and cover system needs to be implemented in this series and let the player decide how and where to use it.

  • Adron Ashkon Duell

    Assassin’s Creed 3 in can pretty much be summed up in two words: wasted potential. Connor could have been a great main character but they wasted him by not developing him enough and not having him interact with people for long enough. Every character was wasted in that game and instead of trying to make Desmond a better character that would pleased more people, (spoilers) they killed him off because they were too lazy. The missions were flawed too but I personally believe the story was the worst part of Assassin’s Creed. They should have made Connor’s friend from his tribe an Assassin that could be called upon in homested and the frontier. That would have had you care about him and they could have incorporated all the Assassin’s and make it feel like a family. Then when Charles fool his friend it could be more of a shock and hurt more. That is just one example of a wasted character. And why wasn’t Ben Franklin involved in the game? I would think the most open minded of the founding fathers would be the best to have a friendly relationship with Connor. Through these developed relationships it could have made Connor into a better character overall and a great lead. The missions should have also focused on more Assassinations instead of riding with Paul Revere and dropping tea. Those missions should have been protecting them such as riding behind Paul Revere and killing off people that tried to attack him. Those are just a few examples of wasted potential.

  • DB1984

    Could you at least get someone to correct typos and grammar? I think your opinions have some value but they we would take you more seriously if you could write like and educated adult.


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