Assassin’s Creed 4 Explains Why There Will Not Be Game Set In Present Era

So, you know, stop asking about it.

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Still craving a modern-day version of Assassin’s Creed, even if Watch Dogs and to some extent Remember Me find ways to incorporate the same gameplay into more contemporary settings? Don’t expect it any time soon, since Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag contains an interesting Easter Egg that explains just why Abstergo Entertainment – the organization in charge of the Animus and a front for the Templars in the series – will be avoiding modern day settings.

Specifically, it’s due to the use of vehicles that the series avoids any modern day settings. This is because “‘memory imprinting’ in individuals is actually hampered by the semi-catatonic state most people enter when driving for medium and long periods of time – and this makes data retrieval somewhat more difficult.” It then states that it doesn’t want to go to the extra effort to code Animus features for the sake of “digging up memories of people driving around in cars. There are other and more efficient ways to experience that…”

Is that Ubisoft’s way of saying that driving in cars in open world games is boring and is better reserved for real life? What are your thoughts on the same?

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  • daftPirate

    I don’t think that’s proof of anything, though with Watchdogs, a modern AC would certainly seem redundant. By the logic in the article we should be expecting a game featuring Francois Xavier whats-his-bucket. All this tells us is that Abstergo is unlikely to make a modern game. But a modern AC game would have no reason to be set in the Animus, so that wouldn’t make a difference. You would just spend the whole game as the modern day character, instead of a modern day character reliving the experience of a historical character.

    • Brian Clifford

      But they are on about is getting the history from lets say world war 2

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Clever Ubisoft. broke the fourth wall while also answering our question. Thanks for the shrewd honesty, comrades.

  • Dakan45

    Saints row iv vehicles became pointless when you could fly around.

    Climbing stuff will aslo become pointless if you had fast cars.

  • TheSoapboxNerd -JG

    Yeah we all remember grandad’s stories from WII, When he’d enter a semi catatonic state flying those planes over France getting blasted at by AA platforms, or all those stories about nodding at the wheel of a Sherman tank, just rolling over Nazis half asleep, dodging howitzers in his sleep. Who wouldn’t be slipping into brain at such a boring time in their life? Good Call Ubis… I mean Abstergo.

  • TheSoapboxNerd -JG

    Dipping back in.
    Im also very glad you find my grandad’s WWII memories so boring, if he was still alive I’m sure he’d appreciate the sentiment that the totality of his and others time in WWII, is being reduced to a single sentence “people driving around in cars”
    I know Abstergo is essentially a caricature of your real company, but It’s starting to strike a little too true, a little too often.


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