Australian Government Hope To Have 18+ Rating Added To Classification System By Summer

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In Australia, any game deemed more adult or explicit than their 15+ rating is effectively banned. This has not only banned a few key titles from Australian distribution but has also required heavy editing from some developers to make sure their games can be released in the country. Australian Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor has claimed “We’re becoming the laughing stock of the developed world, where we’re the only country that doesn’t have an R18 classification level for video games… I foreshadow that if there is not a consensus around this issue, the Commonwealth will certainly be considering other options because we cannot continue to have an outdated classification system that’s actually, in my view, causing harm to young people.”

The lack of an 18+ rating has been an issue which the Fedral Goverment has been trying to change for years. However, the government needs unanimous agreement from officials to change the system and a few are refusing to budge on the issue. O’Connor also stated “I’m not going to let this matter end because it’s too important to allow one or two jurisdictions to stop the majority of jurisdictions in this country moving on an important reform.”

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  • DirectingChaos

    I think having adult only games is important as it allows us to explore subjects in more depth than you could otherwise, however these games need to be kept adult only and not brought into a child’s world which adult games are. Like Call of Duty that stunned me the other day when I played a game of Team Deathmatch and 6-8 year old came on the mic spewing vulgar language all this at 11:30 at night, that’s wrong on so many levels.

    • shastyxmcnasty

      I disagree, we already have mature ratings, I think it lies with the parents to do a better job raising their kids and monitoring what they do, to me this is just trying to find a scape goat.

  • BeeJay

    Glad to live in a country where I’m not censored to the millionth degree but I cannot lie that I see some kids who play these violent games and some of them are nightmares to deal with.

  • DirectingChaos

    The thing that gets me about children playing adult games is there isn’t even an underage option to be able to report the offenders. It seams like the only people that are properly regulated and get any consequence’s from the legal side of game rating is those who rent or sell the product.

    How can Microsoft or Sony live up to the regulations regarding underage users if it is quite obvious they are using products illegally on their consoles and even using their software in cases but are doing nothing to stop it, or that’s how it seems anyway.

  • shastyxmcnasty

    I had enough of listening to crazy vulgar language from everyone on x-box live, now I never even plug my headset in. And personally I find the younger the player the more vulgar they are. But I never put any blame on the industry, I place 100% of the blame on parents not parenting their kids. I know when I was growing up my parents were concerned with what I was viewing and if they ever heard me curse I was grounded for a week…I think parents have dropped the ball and they are looking for someone to blame, and video games are the easy target.

    • DirectingChaos

      I totally agree its the parents that are the main catalyst for young players being on 18+ games but that doesn’t mean that the games industry can just wash their hands of it, they are just as guilty for not having something in place to remove underage gamers or what’s the point of age ratings at all.

  • stephanielynette

    seems like a good idea.

  • doub7

    I hope this happens soon, I have always found this ridculous. I feel bad for austrialian gamers that they have had 2 make due w/ neutered version of games. Their LFD was butchered.


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