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No Plans To Remaster Witcher 1 And 2 For PS4: CD Projekt

The current focus is completing The Witcher 3.

Stardock CEO Praises DirectX 12 & Mantle, PS4 Fans Will Have Something Exciting To Rejoice About Soon

Brad Wardell on the upcoming API, PS4 and Xbox One capabilities and more.

Differences Between PS4 And Xbox One Aren’t Really Noticeable For Us – Developer

Snowcastle's Game Director Bendik Stang on the differences between the consoles.

Blackguards 2 Video Walkthrough in HD | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for Blackguards 2.

Citizens of Earth Video Walkthrough in HD | Game Guide

A complete video walkthrough for Citizens of Earth.

Saints Row 4: Re-Elected Mega Guide – Cheats, Secret Weapon, Collectibles And More

A complete guide for Saints Row IV: Re-Elected.

Loadout On PS4 Will Be Updated To Run At 1080p And 60fps In February

Will be a part of Phase One update for the PS4 version.

Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Mega Guide – Cheat Codes, 7 Sin Weapons, Collectibles

A complete guide for Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

Phil Spencer: DirectX 12 Brings Up To 50 Percent Increase In Games’ Performance

Spencer updates on the upcoming API, DirectX 12.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Tech Interview: PS4/Xbox One Optimization, Gameworks And More

Jiří Rýdl from Warhorse Studios on developing Kingdom Come Deliverance for consoles and PC.

Audiokinectic Interview: Providing Next-Gen Audio Solutions For PS4 And Xbox One

Mike Drummelsmith on how Audiokinectic has prepared itself for the new consoles.

Broforce Interview: Developing A Badass, Action Hero Style Video Game

Programmer Richard Pieterse and Creative Director Evan Greenwood on how the Bros got your back.

Microsoft Showcases Its Impressive Lineup of Games For 2015 In This Exciting New Video

Microsoft hypes up its launch lineup for 2015.

Microsoft Should Reconsider Their Indie Policy: Broforce Not Coming To Xbox One Due To Parity Clause

"Sony reached out to us with a deal we couldn't reasonably refuse".

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