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PS3 Games To Look Forward To In 2014

The PS3 has a number of exclusives and multi-platform games in store for gamers in 2014.

Star Citizen: Forever Changing The Way Video Games Will Be Played

Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium Games are looking to satisfy the space explorer hidden inside all of us.

Indie Games To Look Forward To In 2014

The Indie genre has become a powerhouse in the last few years and 2014 looks like it's set to build up even mo...

PS4 Live Stream: Content Management Concerns And How Sony Can Resolve Them

With so many people generating content on the PS4 there are bound to be problems. What can Sony do to fix them...

Why inFamous: Second Son Will Be The First Title To Show Off PS4’s True Potential

The third installment in the inFamous franchise promises to be a real treat and may even be the first, true ne...

Top Zombie/Undead Games To Look Forward To In 2014

If you like killing zombies and fighting the hordes of undead, then 2014 may just be the perfect year for you.

Why No Man’s Sky Will Blow Your Mind Away

No Man's Sky is pushing the limits of what we know as a procedurally generated environment.

Bully 2: Could Rockstar Be Sending Us Back To Bullworth Academy?

The new Trademark they filed gives us hope.

Top PC Exclusive Games for 2014

With 2014 fast approaching there is a slew of new PC exclusives coming to entertain us.

The Ultimate Xbox One And Xbox 360 Gift Guide

Mircosoft has some great things going for itself this holiday season.

The Ultimate PlayStation 4 And PS Vita Gift Guide

With the Holidays coming up fast, will you be ready for with the right gift for the gamer in your life?

What To Expect From The Walking Dead Season 2

The highly anticipated Season Two of The Walking Dead is right around the corner and we speculate about it.

15 Action Adventure Games To Look Forward To In 2014

2014 has some great action adventure titles coming and we can't wait for the new year to roll around.

Gran Turismo 6: Rectifying Mistakes of the Past

Gran Turismo 6 is releasing next week and there are plenty of exciting new changes to look forward to.

15 First Person Shooters/Titles to Look Forward to in 2014

If you're a fan of the first person genre than 2014 may be the year for you. There's bound to be something to ...

15 RPGs To Look Forward To In 2014

With a new year comes a new set of RPG games to cut your teeth on.

Will the Xbox One Recover from Negative Press And Poor Image

Even if you’re getting the PS4 now, there’s no reason to necessarily rule out the Xbox One for future opti...

13 Exclusive Xbox One Games To Look Forward To In 2014

There are plenty of great titles coming to the Xbox One in 2014. If you're planning on getting one there's a l...

Infinity Blade III: Why You Need To Play It

It'd be a real shame to miss the third and final game in the series if you own an iDevice.

The Rise And Rise of Mobile Gaming

With every new year comes the promise of some truly amazing mobile graphics in a smaller package than ever bef...

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