Graphical Effects That Make Games Look Worse Due To Poor Implementation

Fantastic effects being implemented in a dull and mundane manner.

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With the advancements in technology, we’ve seen all sorts of intriguing and gorgeous graphical improvements making their way to video games. However, we have also seen these fantastic effects being implemented in a dull and mundane manner in certain video game titles.

We could argue that the problem is based around developers trying to do something different and bringing video games more close to the experience of watching a cinematic film but at times the effects are poor and overdone. So what games are guilty of this? Check out the entire list below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below the article.

Note: This list is subjective and is not ranked. Some images and video might be used for representation purposes only.

Fallout 3: Color Filtering


Color filtering is an effect that overlays a particular color shade. The effect can bring in a gloomy overtone or brighten up landscapes but for video games like Fallout 3, it’s a mood killer. Fallout 3 had a color filter that made everything look like a green smog or worst a diluted shade of yellow. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the Fallout series especially Fallout 3. However, this effect wasn’t very appealing which ultimately left a community of video game modders to develop ways to remove the filter completely.

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  • ThePokeMaster

    I don’t remember so many people sh*ting on Resident Evil 4 for having black bars.
    Now ‘cinematic’ has become a dirty word.

    FXAA is alright. You’re probably thinking of bad DOF effects.

  • andy

    Lets see, don’t forget about EVERY generic thing that Unreal 3 does, things like disappearing dead bodies and awful fire effects. Well I guess that means there is genericness all over MK X and the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight too 🙁
    Oh and then Xbone still failing to achieve full 1080p on that ancient engine too, updated SDKs or not. The same will most likely happen with Batman too.

    • Mark

      Boy, u luv riding some “Xbone” don’t u. Haha

  • Mark

    Very intriguing thought; would we wanna see a Gears with more colors? Man, I certainly wanna see the devs play with it just to see if I’d like it. “Destroyed Beauty” was the theme of the last old Gears, probably will stay that way.

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