Batman Arkham Asylum 2: What do we want?

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If you are a die-hard Batman fan or have become one after playing Batman Arkham Asylum, by now you would have already watched the debut trailer of Batman Arkham Asylum 2. If you would have had a look at the trailer, it seems Joker has shifted his playground out of the Asylum now. It would be interesting to see Batman taking down Joker Thugs in the Gotham city with a larger environment available for stealth action, also different landscapes which could come handy within the Gotham city to stage battles between Batman and his arch enemies.


Since Two-Face and Penguin are also believed to make an appearance in the game, I wonder if it doesn’t get too much crowded with Killer Croc, Zsaz and Scarecrow alternate endings we saw at the end of Batman Arkham Asylum, let’s hope the addition to the villain gang is more fun than confusion. If we are going to have the penguin then  Batman  is surely going to have a level in sewers here, which may also fit the environment for Killer Croc and it would be interesting to see if Two-Face is going to get a solo boss fight with Batman or is he going to team up with some other baddie. I would also love to see if Batman gets a level in the game to use his Bat Plane and yes we did get to see the Batmobile in the first version of the game however it would be exciting enough drive through the Gotham streets in the night cleaning up some thugs or maybe cut loose on a chase mission.


RockSteady studios could do so much with a limited environment available as Arkham Prison, the possibility of taking Batman Arkham Asylum sequel to the next level is very much possible, in fact they can drop the Arkham Asylum title and consider rebranding the game title. Well my mind is running on many fronts here are few things that came to my mind:


  • Including side quests similar to those in GTA series, which would probably allow gamers to access the Gotham City with time based missions.
  • Time based stealth missions in the city could be included, where one needs to be fast but not furious, stealth is the key.
  • Maybe introduce Bruce Wayne to the game, I think we need to allow some time to Batman to shed his suit off, between Batman badly needed a shave in the last game he really had a long night fighting inside Arkham, also Bruce Wayne as a character could fit such a scenario where he could be attending or hosting a party or an event, on this plot he could embark on detective mission.
  • What if Rocksteady studios could stage a fight between the Batman and  Joker this time  inside a miniature automated model of Gotham City, where Batman and The Joker were giants which featured in the Batman animated movie : Mask of the Phantasm

Joker does look more menacing in the trailer, with smokey eyes and a laughter that seems more dreaded now waiting to engage Batman in another cat and mouse game, Warner Brothers have decided to distribute this game worldwide, taking over the responsibility from Eidos.

So peeps post your ideas and suggestions what you would like to see in the next version of Batman game, I am just going to count days the moment this title is going to be dated.

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  • george

    A more forgiving and understanding combat system where i don’t need to hit within one second of the last guy i hit to keep my combo going. and more inventive stylized combat and predator challenges. like the first combat and first predator rooms. after that all of them were 2 guys with knives and 2 guys with electric sticks. throw in more variety. and don’t mess up my combo every time i try to counter but the enemy decides to stop the attack so i don’t and loose my combo.
    the combat moves in this game are like those of “ultimate spiderman” where the bigger the combo the better the fight sequence . how about a combat system like that of spiderman web of shadows where you got all the cool moves without needing a 30 hit combo first.

    no random petty crimes in the city tho. those get boring.

    more enemy types

    • The ArcAdiAn 79

      1rst person optional, while driving fighting what ever. If it is confusing to the player who cares, it’s optional, so it is my problem.

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  • c-love

    very nice, im not sure if i would want to ruin such a sick game like a sandbox game would be sick as long as u didnt change alot of it, the gameplay is a definite keeper make minor improvements, i really cant say there was ne thing wrong with the first one they did it perfect, mayb a little more freedom would be nice, but this was game of the year material, i picked it up the day it came out for 40$ and im in canada i guess they just had a sale for it, rocksteady great job, if uncharted 2 didnt come out this year i woulda chose u for game of the year great job, just make 1 thing clear, sequals in movies seem to always suck, make sure u blow ne game this year 2010 outta tha water keep it up C-LOVE

  • Kuba

    Yeah bigger levels and be able to fly the batwing. We should actually get to meet the riddler aswell. Anyay I bet that the next game will be like arkham with having to go to buildings but instead it will be on the streets. We will probably be able to play in a small area of the city. Which I think would be w00t!

  • name

    a open world batman game.
    take batman begins and turn it into a open world game like GTA and you have yourself the perfect batman game.

    • The ArcAdiAn 79

      Hmmm. This COULD be done right if they wanted to spend the money on it, but they won’t REALLY LARGE MAPS in a MISSION BASED game would be better. 1st person optional even when fighting or driving.

    • Pixolator

      Totally aggreed, well there is still almost a year from the final release I believe when it’s ready it’s going to be awesome.

  • anon

    An open world batman game would make me want to kill myself. It’s just so unnecessary when batman:AA got everything right. It didn’t have too much on it’s plate gameplay wise and what was there was perfect. If there are any vehicle sections I would want them to be in first person. Third person vehicle sections just make the whole experience underwhelming for me because I prefer to see driver’s seat and look out the windshield myself.

  • I speak only truth

    Dude the ideas you list suck. You dont want a batman game, you want GTA and Metal Gear starring batman.

    Batman is a planner, he does not wander around, everything is meticulous. The “greatest hits” things you list is just some wish fulfillment that needs to go away.

    Why ever would you need time based missions ? Batman is smart enough to check Darkseid, you think some drug dealing kinnapper will have anything remotely challenging. The Penguin is also not a sewer dweller, read some comics and stop living off an ancient movie.

    Batman comics are really all about his detective work, not the fights , cause none of these villians need more than a page or two to get a beatdown. Tracking them down and proving the case is the meat of the comics.

    He is a DETECTIVE. That was what made the game.

    Further to my wish fulfillment statement. Bruce Wayne is batmans alter-ego. Not the other way around. He is Batman all the time, he is always on point and the first game showed that.

    Anything that breaks this would change the game.

    List Fail

    • The ArcAdiAn 79

      There should be short Bruce Missions. Bonus crap.

  • Balram

    I want some online play somehow XD!
    That’d be awesome wouldn’t it, like in Quantum of Solace they made Bond Evasion and Bond Versus etc, they should put it in this game too!
    Plus imagine if everyone was Batman and everyone’s tryin to kill eash other with batarangs = P LOOL! XD

  • The ArcAdiAn 79

    LISTEN CAREFULLY ALL! FULL First Person Perspective optional (including vehicles, and when fighting, don’t worry about how confusing it would be for the player, it’s optional, so that’s my problem) and Online either multiplayer, or simple Co-OP and I will pay $300.00 on that game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tareq salah

    just make sure the boss fights are innovative and not just beating the boss minions


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