Battlefield 1 is “Biggest Launch in DICE History”

Players have spent 59 million hours collectively in-game.

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Battlefield 1

DICE’s Battlefield 1 has been a great success since launching on October 21st. According to the developer, which released an infographic covering the first 10 days for the FPS spanning from October 18th to 27th, 59 million hours were collectively spent by players in-game.

Nine million of those hours were in Operations mode. Around 32 million Battlepacks earned and 1.6 million Behemoth vehicles later, the Scout knife was judged the most dangerous melee weapon while horses were the best soldier-killing vehicle at 5.8 million kills.

DICE has noted Battlefield 1 to be its biggest launch in company history due to the daily active player count. As of now, the developer noted that it was ahead of Battlefield 4 when comparing launch week player numbers (though exact figures haven’t been provided).

What are your thoughts on Battlefield 1 at this point? Did it live up to the hype for you? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more information.

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  • lagann

    They def deserved it. Havent played the mp yet but just finished the campaign and it was amazing….and this is coming from someone who is pretty picky about my games nowadays as i dont have the time nor the patience to play anything that doesnt “wow me” as i used to back in high school/college years.

    • jp

      my low expectation for the campaign and how good it was surprised me really, I just hope it would have been longer, another war story of at least 2 hrs would have satisfied me to the fullest.

    • lagann

      Yeah. Battlefield games arent really known for having good single player campaigns but this one really nailed the massive scale of the war.

      I also wished it was longer. I hope Dice comes out with expansions that ultimately touch on all the major battles of WWI. I would gladly pay for them as long as they remain high quality like the ones we got. I do hope that Bach leaving Dice wont affect BF1 negatively though.

      As an aside note, i didnt like how single player aiming is completely different than mp aiming (on consoles). My first mp game i performed so poorly that my brain will block that memory from ever resurfacing lol.

    • jp

      do you mean the aiming as sensitivity wise, or the slight decrease of the auto aim in the MP?

    • lagann

      The decrease in auto aim probably played some role in it….but I think it was the sensitivity that was drastically different that threw me off completely. It just wasnt as smooth as it was in single player.

      It sucks because the muscle memory i built in single player was completely useless…I’ll have to go back to tweak the aiming settings as they still dont feel 100% for me.

    • jp

      I agree with more DLCs for the campign, heck more Operations will do just ifne by me.


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