Battlefield 4 Bug Makes Dead Bodies Act as Shields

It’s even weirder in practice.

Posted By | On 14th, Apr. 2014 Under News

A new Battlefield 4 bug has been discovered courtesy of Jack Frag on YouTube. You can check out the bug in question above, but in short, it turns the dead into shields for the living.

It’s highly nuanced too so stay with us for a minute. When a player is in a downed state, for which they can accept defibrillators and be revived within a short time span, then a live player immediately standing behind them receives no damage from bullets. Grenades bounce right back and even tank shells can’t penetrate. This is because the downed body is still registering as an obstacle. This only works for downed players – shoot up some one real good and make them deader than dead, and you’ll find no such shield protecting the players behind them.

It really is a bug that has the potential to break several aspects of the game. Have you experienced it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • d0x360

    At this point who cares? I gave up on battlefield months ago. So many bugs that will never get fixed and constant lies from EA. No thanks. They said no dlc until the game is no longer broken…then they released dlc. Last bf game I’ll ever buy. I swore off cod after modern warfare 2 so now I guess I’m on full hiatus from your modern military shooter. That’s fine by me since I’ve been playing the same genre for years and it’s gotten tired. However if a new brand with new ideas and less stangnant gameplay comes along from DDIFFERENT developers I’ll bite.

  • You are flat out wrong

    It’s a legitimate strategy!


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