Battlefield 4: PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One Comparison Video

Not quite night and day, but the difference is noticeable.

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EA and DICE’s Battlefield series has always been sort of a technical marvel, so the newest title, that will also headline the launch of the next generation PlayStation and Xbox machines, quite obviously has all eyes on it. Last night, the good folks over at Digital Foundry released a video that compared the gameplay footage of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the upcoming shooter, and, in a reversal from the trend this generation, it looks like the PS4 will be the machine to beat next gen as far as multiplats go.

The difference between the two versions, although not extremely pronounced, is immediately noticeable. The Xbox One version is running at 720p to the PlayStation 4’s higher-but-not-quite-optimal 900p resolution, and the difference shows in the more jagged outlines, and the generally subtly lower quality image on the Xbox version.

Of course, remember, the PS3 had the inferior versions of most multiplats for most of the gen, until the very end, when it picked up on the slack, so there is every possibility that Xbox One starts getting on par or superior multiplats later on down the line. Just so far, the precedent has been set for the PS4 version to be better.

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  • sulf4

    i really don t understand why the xbox one have a sharper cleaner image than than the ps4 version with lower resolution

    • Joe

      The game was programmed using a DX11 engine. Microsoft created DirectX and obviously the XB1 will have much better native support for DX11, 11.1, and 11.2. PS4 uses a Sony modified version of DX11 and their own shader language called PSL. If you notice, the XB1 version has much crisper colors as well, while the PS4 has a “dry” tone to it. That will begin to creep up more and more later in the console life.

      Personal Opinion: Game on a PC if you care about graphics and fine tuned controls. Consoles are good to bring to a friends house, host game parties, or play while lying down in bed.

    • Basically your saying console games are fun and relaxing where as PC gaming if you’re anal and want to watch your framerate count while tweaking your controls.

  • guest

    Actually, the PS4 is very competitive with the PC version, in fact a major German PC magazine recommends the PS4 version over PC! Essentially, they praise the PS4 version as it is pretty much locked at 60FPS and you would have to spend 1000€ on a new PC to get the same quality and performance available on the 399€ PlayStation 4:

    Greatest console ever, can’t wait to get a PS4 this Holiday Season!

    • Joe

      The problem is that consoles are always better than mainstream PC’s on the day the console releases. Within 6 months to a year, mainstream PC’s outperform consoles. Within 2 years, PC are so far beyond consoles that it’s not even worth judging. Let’s put it this way, high-end PC’s today are gaming at 4K while consoles are still barely at 1080p. By the end of next year, most mainstream PC’s will have graphics cards capable of 4K gaming.

    • By the end of next year console gamers still wont have had to upgrade anything to get the same 1080p games PC users are getting. doubt many 1440p games will be out by then.

  • ps4 does look washed out compared to xo but xo needs to turn down that contrast a bit, way to dark. Also never trust comparison video on youtube the compression looses a lot of the detail not to mention if the person who made the video is even credible or not.


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