Battlefield 4: The Actual Problem With Netcode Explained

What is actually responsible for netcode complaints in DICE’s shooter?

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It’s been roughly two months since its release for various platforms but DICE’s Battlefield 4 still suffers from a litany of problems. One of the most common problems has been the ping in the game – or the amount of time, measured in milliseconds, it takes for a computer to register a connection. One erstwhile YouTube user talks about this and tries to clear up some of the misconceptions of ping being the culprit of poor netcode. Check it out above.

DICE has been working overtime to come up with patches and fixes for Battlefield 4, such that it halted development on all future DLC and Star Wars: Battlefront. Did we mention the lawsuits pending against EA for the same?

What are your thoughts on the net performance for Battlefield 4 in the past few weeks? Has it improved, further deteriorated or remained pretty much the same? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Fudice

    Dice took a big shot all over this game

  • robaldred

    I am a software engineer, it develop games.
    Your video illustrates something present in every multiplayer game using the client – server model.

    The visuals you see on the playing computer is actually client side prediction of where your computer thinks you’re going to move/shoot based on your input, the server then receives this input, process it, moves your character etc then broadcasts updated position information to all clients

    Your player view has the client prediction movements interpolated with the updated actual position data.
    ALL games render around 80-100ms behind the server regardless of latency (ping)
    This is called render latency and is fixed to allow clients to interpolate position data.

    The spectator is seeing interpolated stream data from the server.

    If you could turn off the client side prediction on the players view you’d see a very similar picture to the spectators view.

    I think 99% of people claiming “netcode” don’t have a clue what it is.
    Hit me up if you’d like to know more.


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