Battlefield 5 Or Bad Company 3 May Be Incoming As DICE Confirms A New Battlefield Game

It’s been said to have a return to a military setting.

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It was just last week that rumors about a potential Battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3 was in the works, thanks in large part of an IMDB listing. While the particular source was dubious enough that there were some if wondered it was some kind of prank, it turns out the company has now confirmed that they are indeed working on another title in the Battlefield series.

DICE development director Dan Vaderlind was the one to spill the beans, and he did it in the way that so much other video game information is coming these days. Vaderlind made it very clear on Twitter that while there are people who are still working on Star Wars: Battlefront, now that the game has launched, there are members of the DICE development squad that are going to be moving onto other projects, including another Battlefield. “Now that we’ve shipped Battlefront and a part of the team continues to work on it, I am moving on to another project, the next Battlefield.”

There hasn’t been a ton of information released about the game just yet, though there is of course the apparent setting of Japan thanks to that IMDB listing. EA has previously said the next game in the series would be going back to a military setting, after having a cops and robbers theme in Battlefield: Hardline. We also don’t have an official release date for the next game but Electronic Arts had previously said they would like to have it out during the Holiday season of 2016.

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  • Hermione Granger

    i see starwars:battlefront is left in the ditch already, unfinished and only the half the game released… and now they have just started developing battlefield5 that will be released next year… we know how this is gonna end, more broken unfinished games.. dice games are garbage and not worth the time or money anymore.

    • polysix

      Cept BF4 is still going strong years after release and many enjoy playing it. Xmas 2016 will be just about right for the next one.

      However, Star Wars battlefront is a steaming pile of **** gameplay wise (as was hardline), but they’ll put more effort into a new Battlefield. Bring it on!

    • Hermione Granger

      it took them 2 years after release to finish bf4… this release it as broken and unfinidsed now and fix it later, that is not acceptable. i have no interest in being a free beta tester when i buy a product that is sold as finished product… dice is garbage, period.

    • Andrew Bird

      I love BF4, play it all the time. I must agree however, playing a game for over a year until it wasn’t buggy or laggy really pissed me off. I’ve quite enjoyed battlefront, but without 64 players and with scaled down combat, I soon went back to battlefield 4. Nothing beats using an rpg on a full transport helicopter 🙂

    • CONqueror_Y

      yo, long time no see, where are you 🙂

  • Maxx

    I’m not buying no more Battlefront or Battlefield Games anymore after Battlefront and the low options and added Film Grain i’m done no one is playing Battlefront or Hardline anymore

    • Mother plant

      People are still playing bad company 2 😉

  • Bad Company 2 was the best in my opinion. But the secret here where brilliant developers. Where have those developers gone? DICE seems to act like they don’t know what made BC2 great, but this is a farce. They can’t admit they’ve lost intellectual talent, and so they continue to make COD games. The truth is, in order to get Bad Company 3, you need the developers from BC2.

    • Fred

      I agree that BC2 was the best, all they need to do is remake BC2 into 3 with new maps and such and everyone would love it. Wish they would hurry the eff up, they have almost killed the BF series to me at this point, we need a throw back into what is used to be. Stop nerfing things like tanks, sights etc. This game is intended for mature gamers, not kids. My favorite shooter series is slowly going down the drain it feels like.


    So are we going to get Battlefield Bad Company 3 or just another generic Battlefield 5.
    Bring back the fab 4 guys.

  • Christopher De Mott

    BBC2 was the best or should i say my favorite of all Battlefields, The Boards were great. Not to big. I bought BF3, gave it away and kept playing BBC2. Then Dice makes BF4. I felt like throwing up all over them, I didn’t even think of buying it or playing it .
    My loss I know, But i came to realize there are two types of Battlefield players
    ones that are Bad Company and the others . The only thing I hate is the fact that
    the second the game is sold a person can for $20 buy a hack and ruin your whole day. EA refuses to do anything that would stop these cheaters. All EA would have to do to slow it to a crawl, is void the game ID so the cheater would have to go and buy a new ID , well he is a cheater he will get it other ways. Instead they let them cheat till they go crazy and kill everything in sight then when they are caught all they have to do is create a new name for their new soldier and back to cheating. If ea did void ID’s It would be bad for business since they quietly sell the game hack through Rage hacks
    you have to understand its business to them. They make an extra $20 off the game
    they look at as a way to make up for all people downloading the game and playing it for free.

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