Beating Dead Space 2 on Harcore Mode Has Its Rewards

Posted By | On 29th, Jan. 2011 Under News, offbeat, Video News

Now, let’s just say you have beaten Dead Space 2 on Hardcore(Not an easy task), you will get an Achievement/Trophy for proof of your hard work but hat’s not all.  I’m sure you are all familiar with those foam hands they sell at sporting events, well Dead Space 2 includes one, only it’s a weapon called ‘The Hand Cannon’ and appears to have infinite ammo as far as I can tell, along with a good laugh in one scary ass game.  Completing Dead Space 2 on Hardcore Mode will give you access to this bad boy and we wouldn’t let you read this with actual footage of it thanks to hayabusaDGO for uploading it to which you can see below.

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  • Bone_Apart216

    Hehe, how cute, the gun speaks it’s sound effects.
    I guess at that point you’re not really afraid of dead space anymore. Kinda ruins it for me.

  • lukepc92

    fantastic haha thatl hopefully make the whole ordeal slightly less terrifying….wont it?

  • aquaman22

    You know i can’t wait until i finally sit down and play through THIS game! I beat dead space like 5 times not only because it was a really fun and scary game, but also because i wanted to platinum the game. Anyway This WHOLE talk about the kinds of trophies you get for beating it on hardcore and what not i just hope they do one thing: I hope that Viceral did not follow what KZ2 did where they had INSANE trophies in multiplayer. I hate when developers do this because they you can’t platinum a game! it’s so frustrating! Fellas check my PSN: Aquaman22 I’m so close to getting Resistance 2 platinum but you need 10,000 points in death match which it just unheard of!


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