Best Buy Exec: Price Difference Between PS4 And Xbox One Not An Issue

John Koller also outlines the role of current gen consoles.

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The price difference between the Xbox One and PS4 has been a major talking point since E3 2013. So much so in fact, that many believed – among other things – that Microsoft should offer a Kinect-less package to compete with the PS4’s price. With the launch of both consoles and their respective successes, just how far has price really mattered?

Best Buy executive Chris Koller recently spoke to during the Best Buy Madden NFL 25 Ultimate Gamer Showdown at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and when asked how the $100 price difference has played a part thus far, he responded, “When we have an opportunity to talk to customers and really explain what you get for either console, they’re really excited for it and we haven’t seen price be an issue at all.”

As for the role that current gen systems would play in the coming years, since this is the first time that two older consoles are being supported alongside two next gen consoles, Koller stated that, “Certainly a lower price point so maybe people are getting into the gaming systems. They might want to try it with an Xbox 360 or PS3 before taking the step up into the next gen consoles. We think that will be, as well as folks who have been gamers for a long time on those systems who aren’t ready to make the step up. So we’ll support both platforms as we go in to next year and beyond.”

Do you still believe that price matters when choosing between the PS4 and Xbox One or is it about something more? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • hakesterman

    I beg to differ. A lot of people don’t want Kinect and refuse to have it shoved down their throat. Microsoft still has a chance to correct the problem, but they need to do it quickly before PS4 starts shipping hard again in the U.S. An XB1 without Kinect is a sure seller, but M.S. may cut of their own head to save their Greedy Pockets.

    • ShowanW

      You knowing about 8people who don’t want Kinect, does NOT speak for everyone.

    • hakesterman

      Obviously you don’t get out much.

    • ONI5

      With the PS4 camera going for twice it’s price on Amazon, a lot of people do want a camera.

    • hakesterman

      Your talking out your backside. Amazon is sold out of the Camera and therefore those prices your talking about are from private party’s who are trying to rip people off. And buying a camera at free will is different than having one shoved down your throat when you don’t want it. Your point is Mute.

  • William Billy Sheridan

    The beautiful part about the Xbox One is that for the price, you get everything the PS4 offers, plus you get a better interface, at the moment better exclusives, and you get the Kinect. If you dont like the Kinect, you dont have to use it. If $100 matters to you on a $400-500 purchase, than you probably shouldnt be buying either one. The people buying the systems right now are the people who have spare case and dont mind the risk of being an early adopter. Price, right now, doesnt matter. It will matter in about 6 months when the initial wave of buyers and the excitement both start to subside.

    • hakesterman

      Paying a $100 for something extra for an add on that you don’t even want, is an Issue for a lot of people.

    • PCmattic

      Where do you people come from? Why do you take it so personal when any news that put both systems on equal ground is mentioned? You act like if there aren’t millions who are enjoying the XB1 experience. You act like if Sony represents all gamers. Dude there are a lot of people who don’t think the xtra 100 or kinect included is an issue. Stop tailgating people whom gaming experiences & preferences differ from yours. Ps4 owners…jeez!, What kind of gamers are you? All ya’ll do is harass people. To each their man, damn.

    • PCmattic


    • Brandon

      Im generically a PC gamer who is a die hard ASUS Republic Of Gamers user but I like both Xbox 360 and Playstation. My brother owns a 360 which I bought the Mass Effect trilogy for because I am constantly babysitting his kids and yet I own a Playstation Vita handheld system which I like both very much. I like the ideas of both the XBOX One and the PS4 but I dont want the Kinect because I dont have a use for it. But I will agree that the XBOX one does read out to be the better system when it comes to options and reaction time but the hardware specs laid out side by side are almost identical with the exception that the PS4 has a slightly better CPU but lacks in the RAM area which causes its slower nature compared to the XBOX One.

  • Dennis Crosby

    It depends on the person and the situation they are in. For the $100 difference isn’t but for someone else it might be.I will not be buying a ps4 this generation and it will be the first time I didn’t buy every console that the new generation had to offer.I was really let down by the ps3 last gen i bought the ps3 when it first released and it had some of the slowest downloading I ever seen and the constant updates and agreement I had to sign to play a game was ridiculous plus all the downtime from psn. I’m just to impatient to have to go through that just to play a game and it suck because it was alot of game that console had to offer that I haven’t played because of that.

    • Zachary Carter

      i agree with your experience while my system was jailbroke, but now having it updated & reverted there have been zero issues.

  • Allthatpratt

    It’s just this the average gamer just wants to play games. And if I can play the same game with the same or better graphics for 100 dollars less why pay more. Too many casual gamers have kinect 1s still collecting dust. Fans of systems will get their favorite it’s that simple


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