Bethesda Has Turned Down Multiple Offers For A Fallout Movie

‘It wouldn’t feel right.’

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Fallout 4

I’m not sure why, but it appears there is some interest in a Fallout movie. Such a thing makes no sense to me- the Fallout games are defined by their emergent experiences, enabled by a meticulously crafted world that feels whole, complete, and cohesive. A movie would by definition impose a linear narrative and interpretation for the world onto this framework. It could never work.

Thankfully, it appears Bethesda agrees with me on this. Speaking to, Bethesda’s Todd Howard revealed that the studio has, over the years, received multiple offers for a Fallout movie- and it has turned them down each time.

“We’ve had a couple of in-roads, particularly with Fallout, which is a bit stickier than Elder Scrolls, but everybody’s kind of asked and I’ve taken a number of meetings over the years and nothing quite clicked where I felt, ‘Oh, that would be as good as the game,'” Howard explained. “And that may happen. I don’t rule it out, but nothing really has clicked where–the games are popular enough and that’s their identity.

Fallout 4, if there had been a Fallout movie, you’d feel different about Fallout when we’d announced Fallout 4 and one of them wouldn’t be quite right and you wouldn’t want that to be the game, where the movie takes it in another direction,” he mused.

“I would say we have a pretty high bar as far as what we would want it to be if it ever happened and nothing’s quite clicked. Even little things like, ‘What does the vault suit look like?’ – every little thing we obsess over so the game is the thing where it really exists,” he finished.

As I said above, it makes sense- Bethesda’s games, especially, live and die by their worlds- and that is not something they would want to compromise at any cost.

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  • yourbestguest

    thank god. If they do it, it should be the first game’s storyline and it has to be a producer, writer, and director that loves the franchise and truly understands it.

    • kiljoy616

      So true but can you imagine the cost to create a Fallout feel that would be long enough to convey the world. This is not Star Wars when you throw a few fights explain absolutely nothing of the universe and its rules. I could not imagine making a movie that did not flop. It would need to be gritty, a feeling of desolation, and horror with death waiting at every turn and without dumb jump scare. Yet be of a caliber of Avatar when it comes to the scope of its diversity and lore and the “long wanderer” not been some super soldier but just a guy doing everything in his power to just stay alive. That would be incredible but so hard to make. Doom movie was so bad I never watched it a second time, yet the games where the best for their time. Same for the Quake franchise.

    • yourbestguest

      it would be an expensive endeavor but that would be the least of my concerns if this would be a movie.

  • Pen Dragon

    There already are Fallout movies. Nukabreak series!

  • One With Shadows

    Just another example of the fine business decions Bethesda continues to make.


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