Bethesda: Skyrim trailer was captured using Xbox 360

Posted By | On 24th, Feb. 2011 Under News

Bethesda’s community manager has confirmed via a post at Neogaf forums that the recently released trailer was captured using a Xbox 360.

He also confirmed that the draw distance presented in the trailer is real and it involved no trickery and wasn’t faked.

Just to clarify, all of this trailer was captured on Xbox 360. Also, the draw distance is not faked in any way.

The game releases on Nov 11 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

You can watch the debut trailer over here.

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  • aquaman22

    i’m not surprised about this, I just hope that the PS3 counter part will be the same if not better than the 360 version. There’s no reason for PS3 to have any bugs that the 360 doesn’t have. So here’s to hoping that the PS3 version will be in par with the 360 and almost as good as the PC version. Aqua Out!!!

    • MindCandy999

      You gotta remember, the Elder Scrolls series, up until Morrowind, was PC only. After that, it was PC and Xbox only. Reason (probably) being that designing a game for xbox is very similar to doing one on a PC. Don’t get your hopes up on the PS3 version being anything less than a port of the Xbox 360 version, and probably an inferior version at that. It’s much more economic for a developer to code this way.

    • aquaman22

      Yes i agree with you, but developers can afford to get bad reputations attached to them because of crappy ports from one console to the next. I mean take a look a valve, they were probably kicking themselves in the foot when they came out and basically said we’re not gonna do games for the PS3 because the dev tools were too complex or whatever. Another great example is EA’s Tiburon team, the guys who handle the madden series. They were humiliated when they released that garbage you call game in madden 06 i think or 07. That game was atrocious and i believe people were fired due to that over at EA. So idk that bethestha wants that kind of negativity to be hanging over their heads. Lastly, look at the guys developing crysis 2, they’re making that game practically run identical to the ps3. So what I’m getting at is that the days of saying “OH well its just that porting a game over to the ps3 is hard work, we dont know the technology”; won’t cut it anymore. Go talk to guerilla, or Naughty Dog, or even Sucker Punch about it. Aqua Out!!!

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  • arklay13

    Yeah I had the PS3 bug where you couldnt do the quest that undos the Vampirism………which sucked bad. So here is to hoping that they can work it out. I agree AQUA Im also getting tired of the developers complaining, Its hard to code for the PS3 is complex blah blah. The PS3 has all this potential and the developers are porting everything so it gets held back. FF13 Was supposed to be huge and stated it would not fit on a DVD, then a year later ohh its gonna be on the 360 also and it now fits………so what did they compromise to port it to the 360. The 360 is great in its own right but stop cutting back games just cause of it.

    • MindCandy999

      I don’t think you can blame the devs for Sony making their platform difficult to work with. It’s all about the $$$. Less time and less manpower = less money spent on the dev process. If you’re gonna buy a port (and you did) why would they bother going through all the extra work? it’s not going to boost sales, you’re going to buy the game even if it’s same exact game as what’s on the 360 ported over. It’s not that they are ‘cutting back’ the ps3 versions, it’s that they don’t see the return worth the effort it would take to redo the whole game. It makes perfect sense really.


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