Beyond: Two Souls

Game Overview:

Beyond: Two Souls is an upcoming video game for the PlayStation 3 developed by French studio Quantic Dream and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game features Hollywood actors Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page in the leading roles.

It is set for release on October 8th 2013.

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Publisher: Sony
Developer: Quantic Dream
Platforms: PS3
Release Date: NA: 8th October 2013, AUS: 9th October 2013, EU: 11th October 2013, JP: 17th October 2013
Genre: Interactive Entertainment
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Quantic Dream head was surprised with the quality of Sony’s next gen console.

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Beyond: Two Souls Gets A Launch Trailer

BEYOND: Two Souls is now available

Beyond: Two Souls Review

Although Quantic Dream’s latest is a technical feat, its slightly derivative quick time events and convoluted plot may put off certain players.

The Difference Between US And EU Versions Of Beyond: Two Souls

A 5 to 10 second difference in scenes apparently.

Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition Includes a Host of Goodies

Best special edition movie DVD set of all time?

Beyond: Two Souls is About “Showing People That Not All Games Are About Shooting”

Director David Cage wants Beyond to set an example for the medium.

Quantic Dream’s Next Project: “Something Different from Beyond, Heavy Rain”, “Building on the Same Grounds”

David Cage talks about giving people what they want, even if they don’t know they want it.

David Cage: “You Try Not to Be Too Influenced by Feedback”, “You Just Do What You Believe In”

The Quantic Dream boss and Beyond: Two Souls director gives his two cents.

Making of Beyond: Two Souls – A Look At Visual Arts

A look at the graphics of Beyond: Two Souls.

Beyond: Two Souls – Behind the Making of the Soundtrack with Zimmer and Balfe

The two legendary composers talk about the music for David Cage’s next.

Beyond: Two Souls Benefitted Greatly From PS4 Development

Beyond: Two Souls inspired by Quantic Dream’s PS4 engine.

Gameplay Trailer For BEYOND: Two Souls Released

An inside look at Quantum’s newest project.

The Making Of Beyond: Two Souls Developer Video

Beyond: Two Souls is a huge project

David Cage on PlayStation 4 Development, Criticism Towards His Games

For once, the Quantic Dream director gives a compelling argument against critics.

Beyond Two Souls Star: “The Last of Us Ripping Off My Likeness Was Not Appreciated”

Ellen Page isn’t too happy about the similarities between her and Ellie.

Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition Design Unveiled

Quantic Dream showcases the Special Edition physical box of Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls Releasing in UK on October 11th 2013

Quantic Dream’s PS3 exclusive releases three days after the North American release date.

Beyond: Two Souls Couldn’t “Have Been Written as a Film”

And it would be challenging to adapt as a TV mini series as well.

David Cage Doesn’t Want a Sequel to Heavy Rain, Wants to Create New Experiences

Quantic Dream director on criticism and whether he addresses it in his next game.

Quantic Dream Talks About The PS4, Impressed By What It Offers

Quantic Dream is all praise for the PlayStation 4.

Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition Available for Pre-Order Online

Get a steel book edition of the game with various bonuses.

Beyond Two Souls Wiki: Everything you want to know about the game

All the information you may need about Beyond: Two Souls.

Video Games as Art: Why Successful Art Doesn’t Equal Good Art

Heavy Rain is no standard for art in video games, despite what Quantic Dream thinks.

PS4 is like the PC of 2014 or 2015 – Quantic Dream

The console will also have limitations just like the PS3 did.

Quantic Dream: “Stigma Surrounding Gaming Has Been Exaggerated”

Co-CEO says devs should be doing more meaningful things to showcase “our responsibility as a medium”.

Quantic Dream doesn’t make sequels, here’s why

All the games they have released so far are part of a franchise.

Quantic Dream’s Next Gen Engine Began Development Two Years Ago

Actually scaled down for use in Beyond: Two Souls.

Beyond: Two Souls gets a new trailer

Tribeca film festival trailer.

Beyond: Two Souls Campaign Length Revealed, Will Take 10 Hours To Complete

Also check out 35 minutes of new gameplay footage.

Developers Have a Responsibility to Younger Audiences – Quantic Dream

Guillaume de Fondaumiere talks about violence in video games.

Quantic Dream: “Heavy Rain Proves That Experiments Can be Successful”

Guillaume de Fondaumiere talks about how games should continue to push boundaries.

Beyond: Two Souls Box Art Revealed

This is how you do a box art.

Quantic Dream’s PS4 Game May Have Multiplayer

Next gen may see a lot more online multiplayer games.

Beyond Two Souls for PS3: “You Won’t See Ellen Paige, You’ll See Jodie Holmes”

Very few actresses apparently capable of bringing what Paige did to Beyond, according to CEO David Cage.

Quantic Dream will keep making Sony exclusives

Creative freedom is a great thing.

Beyond: Two Souls Vs. Heavy Rain – Graphics, Gameplay and Camera Work Comparison

Check out just how much Beyond: Two Souls improves on the drizzling experience that was Heavy Rain.

Quantic Dream working on PS4 game

Could it be SingularityPS4?

No QTEs in Beyond: Two Souls – Report

No details on the QTE replacement.

GamingBolt’s Staff Picks the Best Games of 2012

Find out which were the personal favourite games of our editors.

Beyond Two Souls will surprise you, expect the unexpected

‘it’s a real treat and a real surprise.’

Beyond Two Souls Wallpapers in 1080P HD

Check out some amazing wallpapers for Beyond Two Souls in 1080P.

Cutscenes and Experiences: Just Playing the Game

The importance of cutscenes in gaming, and why they don’t necessarily need to look better or worse than gameplay.

10 Things You Ought To Know About Beyond: Two Souls

David Cage is the filmmaker of all time, or is he?

David Cage: “Sony Never Asked for Heavy Rain 2″

Publisher gave Quantic Dream developer “total creative freedom”.

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