Bioware: Dragon Age Inquisition Doesn’t REALLY Have 40 Endings

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Dragon Age: Inquisition

Remember when Bioware boasted that Dragon Age Inquisition would have forty different endings? And I called them out on it and said that they really shouldn’t overhype anything about their games, least of all the number of endings, particularly given the recent Mass Effect 3 debacle? It looks like someone at the studio took my words to heart, as Bioware’s Mark Darrah took to his Twitter to clarify the exact number of endings that would be available.

“Most endings are major variations based upon your choices in the game. There are only a few completely unique endings,” he said.

Which is still okay- in fact, it’s great! Even a few different endings is much more than most major games on the market offer, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. And at the very least, Bioware was honest about it this time!

Dragon Age Inquisition launches in October this year. Stay tuned for more coverage.

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  • doom guy

    I don’t get the whole “Mass Effect 3 Ending Debacle.” I actually applaud EA/Bioware for giving us the extended director’s cut version. They could have said: it’s our game, and we wanted to end it like that. Don’t like tough luck.

    I played the whole series, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The ending wasn’t what I expected. But, it didn’t mean I suddenly hated all the time I spent playing the 3 games.

  • Chiantirose

    Recent debacle? It’s been over 2 years! Talk about beating a dead horse. Also the “40 endings” already have been discussed back in … March (?) When the German Magazine “Gamestar” mentioned the endings. What is it with Game Journalists trying to rehash old news and not bothering to do some research.

  • Good gravy. You know, sometimes it’s okay to just let us be happy about a game and the possibilities therein. If they say 40 endings and the only difference between half of those is what color cup sits on the edge of the table, it’s still 40 endings. I have yet to hear anything at all, even before this alleged calling out, that stated we’d have 40 completely diverse endings.

    As a person who obviously has some sort of voice within the gaming community, it’s totally your job to inform the masses and all that jazz. But pretty please don’t be the drama monger. This just makes you look kind of petty and you are better than that.

  • AbilityDrain .

    If you had paid attention and done your research the first time around, Pramath, you’d would have been aware that Mark Darrah clarified the “40 endings” when he first spoke about them. Perhaps do your research more thoroughly in future, rather than rehashing old news in a desperate attempt for views.

    I highly doubt anyone at the studio is even aware that you ever “called them out” in the first place, dear. Talk about delusions of grandeur.


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