Bioware praises Dragon Age 3 visuals, will be better than DA 1 and 2

Power of Frostbite 2.

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Bioware has come out and praised Dragon Age 3’s visuals which is set to be released in 2014, probably for next-gen platforms. The previous games were made on Bioware’s Eclipse engine and it didn’t really make these games shine.

“Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 were both done using BioWare’s own Eclipse engine, and it was starting to creak a little bit when Dragon Age 2 came out,” Bioware’s Thompson told OXM. “Inquisition is being done on the Frostbite 2 engine and it is an astonishingly powerful engine.”

“The Dragon Age artists were always slightly disappointed at how their work was visualised in the final product with Eclipse, but with Frostbite, they’ve just done some amazing stuff.

“There was a pre-production period where almost on a weekly basis I’d be sitting in the environment reviews and being blown away by what was coming out – it looks stunningly beautiful. So I think when we do start releasing screenshots, people won’t be disappointed.”

Earlier we reported that the game could be delayed to next-gen, and there were some concept arts leaked along with new details.

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  • wanderjahr

    So let me get this straight. Dragon Age III will have better graphics than games that came out 2 and 3 years ago? This is stunning news!!!! What about Halo 5? Will that have better graphics than Halo 3 and 4? Can we get a second opinion on that?

    • Haha, I know right? How ’bout instead of focusing on ‘ooh pritty’ they might focus on not making a travesty of the gameplay like they’ve done for their last three RPGs.

  • TheDevian

    Um, the words “Uh DUUUUUUHHHHHHH!” come to mind.

    But here’s the thing, while graphics are nice and good and even somewhat important, it’s really not the #1 thing on the lists of people who primarily play RPGs. It’s RPG mechanics, choice, and replayability that tend to top those lists, and DA2 did not do well for that, though it was still better in some regards than TES (UI and interface especially). But they don’t want to make straight RPGs anymore, but Action Hybrids (again, like TES, but in a dif way).

    I don’t care that much about ‘ooo shiny’ and considering the rest of what I have heard about DA3 has me feeling about the same thoughts of dread that I had when I was hearing the talk about 2, maybe worse now due to that track record, I am just not that excited about it. Sadly that still makes it my most anticipated game of 2014, but that’s not saying a lot. The only reason it bothers me as much with this game is because Origins had gotten my hopes up that the industry was going to occasionally putting out an old school, non-action, tactical, RPG again. 2 crushed that hope and 3 seems to be continuing that trend.

    I still play games like Fallout 1 & 2, but I don’t play 3 & 3.5 anymore (don’t even have them installed anymore), I still play Origins but I don’t play 2 (I feel the same way about the sims, 1 and 2 were fun for me, 3 ruined it for me). Because graphics were just about all they had going for them over their predecessors, the parts I cared about were cut back, if not trimmed out entirely.

    /climbs down off the soap box, collects the “DOOM, the End is Near” signs, and goes away quietly…


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