Black Ops 2 to Receive New Patch for Xbox 360 and PS3?

Design director David Vonderhaar claims it to be in the final testing stage.

Posted By | On 17th, Feb. 2013 Under News

The Game Design Director for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 at Treyarch David Vonderhaar has been talking about the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions receiving a new patch.

A fan inquired about the same on Twitter and Vonderhaar stated that, “It’s a priority every single day for dozens of people and a new one is in final testing with Sony/Microsoft.”

As if often the case lately, the Call of Duty series has often been in need of patchwork to iron out all the bug seen at launch. For instance, when Black Ops was launched in 2010, it was nearly unplayable on PS3 and PC due to the innumerable bugs plaguing it.

Black Ops 2 is no different, as the same performance issues had come up again following the game’s release in November last year. Treyarch has mostly been on top of it, so the game runs far more stable than before, but is still a far way off from perfection.

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  • Itscalledgrammar

    “Iron out all the bug seen at launch”. You mean “bugs”. This article needs a patch ha

  • blahsheep

    Black ops 2 is a lot better then mw3 launch. And better then bops 1. They have patched a lot of stuff already. What else can they patch?

  • scotty

    BO2 for PS3 is Horrible! Lag, Frame Rate & Spawn issues…If it wasn’t for the community of friends I have on here I would NEVER play this series again. They need a competitor!

    • da_sawce

      oh yeah, good catch scotty…almost forgot about the Frame Rate issues on Zombies when you Train a horde. Yup, this is still a huge issue too especially in the high rounds with 15+ Zombs.
      The other comment I have to reply on is the freakin’ Spawn issue. Treyarch (specifically D.Vahn if my memory serves me correctly) mentioned that they actually had someone specifically looking into the spawning data for BLOPS2 to make sure that you are not getting killed within 2 to 3 seconds of respawning. I specifically remember them having this as a talking point at Release.
      I’m sure that probably took a back seat as PS3 has plenty more important issues to fix first.
      Touche’ a competitor is needed indeed!!!

  • Typhlosion co

    They need to get rid of target finders they ruin the game for every one i dont underatand how people can just sit in the one spot aiming down sights with the target finder its boring and anti climatic. It requires no skill to use and is a waste off space in the game treyarch could of gone so well but they ruined it with target finder…..

    • Shaneb

      so run cold blooded and you dont show up on target finders .. problem solved

    • da_sawce

      just have a couple of Loadouts preparing yourself for the Camper/Noob matches. I have one that is completely Stealth (i.e; Ghost, Coldblooded, Blind Eye, Hardwired, etc…) I think I have 6 perks equipped with no attachments or secondary just for the people who like to sit or lay prone in corners with a target finder. I love going up to up and knifing em’!
      Agreed though…very boring and yeah…very boring.
      Make em’ pay Typhlosion co

  • zacko

    Wats up wit the fake ass shotgun range?why would u fuk up the light recoil on the fal wen its says light recoil in The description of the that shit jumps like a dam rabbit.take light recoil off cus yall fuked up a good weapon and still left the dam shot guns wit exgerrating range. Especially the dam ksg

  • da_sawce

    still seeing some of the same things, only more intermittent now. The game completely locks up the PS3..I admit that this has gotten better but the sound still does go out when playing both MP and Zombs (it kind of sounds like the predator). The lag compensation has gotten a bit better too after hard wiring & port fowarding my router settings plus “Best” search preferences.
    After growing accustomed to playing HardcoreTDM for the past 2 months…where people ACTUALLY die when they take a bullet…so I can’t comment on how things have or haven’t changed in regular TDM.
    At Release Rating = 2.0 out of 5
    As of Latest Patch 1.06 Rating = 3.0 out of 5

  • Airsoft GuRu

    what could they do to make the games better? I mean come on they are allready so EPIC! I still love to get out an airsoft! Here check out these awesome guns


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