Brink will render other shooters “frustrating” by comparison

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According to creative director at Splash Damage, Richard Ham, the company’s upcoming FPS Brink will make other FPS games feel frustrating to control with its unique SMART control mechanic.

The SMART machanic (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain) is what the dev sees as Brink’s most innovative feature, SMART allows players to hold down a single button to manoeuvre around complex environments at high speeds, ensuring the pace will never let up mid-game.

“If you look at the shooter market as a whole we are the biggest genre in the world on all three of the leading platforms, so there’s no fear that making contemporary military shooters is the wrong thing to do,” Ham said.

“It just doesn’t make sense for me to do the same thing that someone else is doing when someone else is serving that market already.”

He added: “We’ve been making shooters for 10 years now – if you include the mods that we started out doing originally. One of the things that we’ve always felt is that with each new iteration we wanted to do something really refreshing and really original.”

“We wanted to massively advance the way you move with a shooter so we have a new system called Smart – you can now slide and vault and climb… This is pretty significant not least because when you go and play another shooter afterwards it’s incredibly frustrating when you can’t jump a wall, vault over something clamber over something, because it’s a system that’s about moving and shooting.”

“We added, persistent character advancement to shooters, which really is an odd thing to do when you think about a game where you spend most of your time looking down the barrel of your gun. Why have so much customisation? Actually it’s how other people see you that’s really important when you play online and so that’s a big part of the game for us and again I think it’s a fist for shooters to have that depth of aesthetic and gameplay affecting weapon and ability customisation in a shooter.”

If the SMART system allows for more exciting gunplay and less tedious obstacle clearing, Brink could turn out to be a winner.

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  • DirectingChaos

    I will make it stand out definitely but saying it will make other FPS game obsolete is like saying after playing bulletstorm you won’t want to play call of duty cos you can’t shoot people with a bomb and then kick them into the walls… The point of variety in games is to allow the gamer to get different experiences out of it, to make all FPS games the same would eventually ruin the market even if it does have the gameplay of a game like Brink.

  • cornbiscuit

    …..they need to stop hyping this thing up, and release it already. “Fustrating” my butt, so many good games are coming out, i don’t even know if players are interested in the “mirrors edge” type control anymore.

  • DirectingChaos

    Even if it is not the main reason behind wanting to play the game I do think it will be an appealing factor in-game because it should allow you to make gameplay a bit more instinctive.

    However the delays and stream of videos, screenshots etc is becoming tiring so I totally agree with you there Cornbiscuit, it is funny that the games industry is one of the few that get away with constant delays and setbacks isn’t it. It will be a good game I’m sure of that but if they delay it again they will start to lose some of the gamers that would have been the first to buy it which will be a shame on both sides.

  • jbg0623

    now that’s more like it, I saw the preview and it looked more like a tactical game to be played with a group of friends. Problem is most of my friends ar run n gunners this is right up our alley.


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