Bungie Addresses Sniping in PvP Concerns for Destiny

Would realistic sniping really be better in Destiny?

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Ever since the latest weapon patch dropped for Destiny, there haven’t been a whole lot of viable options for players to choose from. Pulse rifles were nerfed, auto rifles didn’t get an enormous buff, shotguns are very situational and hand cannons are still pretty meh.

Either because of the absence of anything better or because it’s just so easy, many have started picking up snipers with high aim-assist like 1000 Yard Stare and racking up headshots. It wouldn’t be so bad if players weren’t able to pull off some crazy snipes at the drop of a hat.

Bungie forum users have been bringing up these concerns frequently, and community manager Cozmo responded that, “It seems you want sniping to behave much more realistically like they would in a military sim. The question is in a game like Destiny where there are Guardians flying through the air, blinking around, and throwing supers at you would having to stand super still and line up shots without moving be viable? Would it be fun?”

Thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

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  • BlueLineSlapper

    The truth is that PVP complaints are always goimg to be there. If you get killed by something twice then it needs to be nerfed. PVP has destroyed so many weapons for PVE players since this game released you can’t even keep track. Keep it up whiners, pretty soon we will all be throwing rocks at each other. The way to make things work is to have PVP only weapons and same for PVE. You can’t just rock one side of a boat without rocking the other.

    • Chris Starnes

      rocks wont fix the problem lol, one would surely be more OP than the other one.

    • Shelley Lewandowski

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  • kevin

    I agree with you but the sniper rifles do need to be nerfed it’s ridiculous how easy it is to use and anymore that’s all people run around with especially in trials or elimination. I mean it kind of sucks that one team will just hang back and not move at the start of the match aiming down the scope just waiting for the other team to advance and has soon has the other team gets in view bam one shot their dead and theirs nothing the other team can do because of how far back they are. Also you shouldn’t run into someone with an auto rifle or any other weapon and the other player have a sniper rifle and without so much has aiming down sites the player with the sniper rifle pull off a head shot and kills you in one hit while you just unloaded a half a clip into them.

    • Benjamin Scott Sirmon

      It doesnt make since to nerf something we can all get ,if you dont like it pick one up and learn to use it or change your strategy. I think every nerfed gun should be put back.
      The only thing bothering me is every time i get to used to something it gets changed

    • Forrest

      Thats not how bungie sees it, they want diversity in gunplay…. If they hadn’t lowered thorn or last word that’s the only viable exotic people would use, and that would get boring.
      They can’t force shotgun users to pick up snipers, if your purpose is for people to have fun…. I dont enjoy using a sniper in PVP. And trust me I’ve changed my strategy, I used to be fair and run towards other players with my shotgun, now because of how unbalanced snipers are I have to go invisible to sneak up on them….. Hope your happy.

    • Benjamin Scott Sirmon

      The thorn and last word are good mid range gun but are nothing against a 1000 yard for long range ,or a party crasher for close. And thats what you do with invis in pvp so stop whining and get better

  • Woody Shaffer

    The 1000 yard stare seems to be the biggest problem with its ridiculous amount of aim assist. I don’t usually run into the sniping craziness unless someone is using it.

    • Chris Starnes

      LMAO, the aim assist is not that high. Like the commenter above said, keep up the complaining and we will be throwing rocks but then im sure people will say “but his rock is OP”.

    • Forrest

      Uhm yes, it’s aim assist value is high, but that wouldn’t explain why they’re becoming the go to gun lately, it’s because they’ve nerfed the other special weapons so simply by being the odd one out they gave it a proxy buff……. Only sniper I can think of with higher aim assist is Her Benevolence.

    • Non-mask-able Interrupt

      As I understand it, year 1 guns were removed from TTK because they couldn’t get the balance right. So they introduced a whole bunch of new guns, and a new damage calculation (aka light levels) to “fix” them. i.e. they took all our guns that we loved away and supposedly replaced them with new weapons that were supposed to be better, which clearly they aren’t. They have now brought back the old guns, which now suck as badly as the new guns. I don’t understand what Bungie is doing ? They just seem to be making the game worse and not better. I don’t understand who the people are that they are trying to appeal to? As far as I can tell the fan base was HUGE and now it’s getting smaller and smaller. i.e. in their efforts to get more players they are actually making people leave. I think they should stop “improving” the game by messing with the balance, and focus on delivering new content. I wish they would reset the damage tables to the way they were in July. I don’t know what decisions were made that started them down this path of lying/hiding/randomly nerfing things that totally destroy the playability of the game, whatever it was they need to re-think that strategy, it’s not working. If they want the game to have balance in PvP they should have standardized weapons with fixed perks. i.e. like Halo, and armor with fixed perks, like Halo, and Supers that don’t deal damage, like Halo. i.e. if they want to re-make Halo they should just do that. 😉

    • Benjamin Scott Sirmon

      Well said just to add one note if you are listening bungie,i dont mind being snipped from across the board or catching a hammer from across the board but i can’t stand a player blinking in and out as he moves across the board while being shot the whole time taking no damage only to disappear in front of you only to reappear and shoot me in the back. I dont know how to fix the problem but i hate hate hate laggers

    • Forrest

      I absolutely agree. To create balance they’re making all the guns much less fun to use…

  • Franklin Ayers

    Too much nerfing already. I was totally POed when they nerfed scouts this time. I had finally gotten a good one and then within ten days it was nerfed. There are always going to be whiners.

  • Rob Spakovsky

    Is it fun getting insta-gibbed a mile across the map with no option to retaliate?


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