Bungie Catching Flack For Destiny’s Prison of Elders Layout

Prison of Elders doesn’t have enough checkpoints and it takes too long for a large swath of Destiny players.

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Destiny House of Wolves

Now that Destiny’s newest DLC has officially launched and people have been playing it non-stop, gamers are getting to see both the good and the bad of the new title. In particular one Reddit thread has been devoted almost entirely to complaints about one particular location, the Prison of Elders is being handled. The complaints center around the fact that there are very few spawn points so players are stuck playing for long periods of time, then dying and basically having to start all over.

These kinds of locations have existed in Destiny from the beginning. A location where you run into a boss or several tough enemies will usually be deemed as an area where your death is a bigger set back than in most of the rest of the game. Prison of Elders is apparently different because of just how hard it is, and just how long users have to go between checkpoints. Prison of Elders is divided into four stages each, of three rounds plus a final stage dedicated to the Boss fight. Each stage can be finished in in four or five minutes for experienced gamers and about 10 minutes for those new to the title. This means finishing Prison of Elders takes at least 30 minutes and sometimes closer to 45 or 50 minutes. 

The lack of checkpoints means that players can lose an hour if they happen to die during the boss fight. The boss battle alone can actually add an additional 10, 15 or 20 minutes depending on how experienced a player is. The question people on Reddit and elsewhere on the net is asking is whether Bungie will address this problem. Could the company drop a patch that will add more checkpoints? So far the company isn’t saying.

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  • ShoNuff

    I haven’t been playing it non-stop…..witcher 3 has been a worthy opponent for my gaming time.

  • lainb0t23

    The Level 35 one is causing MANY players to take 2 to 5 hours straight, and often they end up giving up. These are also experienced players. Its just the GOOD experienced players can finish it much more quickly, many “experienced” players simply are not that good and this is a struggle for them. I have heard many controllers being smashed during attempts at killing Skolas. Then we will replace one or two players, and get it done in 1 or 2 runs. Essentially this is the same as the raids and raid bosses on hard level, however, the issue is now one cannot quit and come back later, without starting all over again.

    The checkpoints are fine and plenty, thats not an accurate description of the problem. The problem is you can’t “resume” where you left off, at another time, as you are able to in the VoG and Crota raids.

    • k.b.a.

      I just saw a video of the skolas fight done in less than ten minutes. Players may be experienced and this is a challenge hence level 35 when cap is 34. But the fight does not take that long. Its the wipes let’s be correct. There may be many at times but if some players can plan communicate and coordinate to get it dine, why is it so hard for others? Git gud ‘experienced’ fps players. Your PvP k/d doesn’t matter here. If every other genres fans can get better over time so can you. Not directed at you personally. Bungie constantly listens and tweaks but the alternative is people cheesing hard and often asap. I bet if they could players would cry nerf before patch drop these days

  • souks phommathep

    I don’t understand why this is called news. Naturally if you don’t have the skills in any game or any jobs in real life, you would take longer to accomplish the task or mission. Most people that are complaining are annoying rich kids who complain a lot on everything.

    • dragonxbreath

      Or the game still sucks as it did before. It was turned into a cash cow from the beginning. Luckily a real mmo is out now for consoles now

    • Steve Freeman

      How is Destiny a cash cow, yet Elder Scrolls isn’t? Elder Scrolls is supported by micro transactions, yet Destiny isn’t…

    • dragonxbreath

      Micro transactions are completely optional. Destiny broke up its content on the disc to sell separately as DLCs. They had to pay for all of those commercials some how lol

    • Jack Cardiac

      Micro transactions shouldn’t be in an MMO it gives rewards to players who have no skill and thus in balances the game. Plus it only took one release to be successful with Destiny can’t say the same for ESO.

    • k.b.a.

      Boom. But I’ll just play tamriel on my ps3 owait

    • Steve Freeman

      Spoken like a true uninformed gamer. Micro transactions themselves don’t unbalance games…selling gear via micro transactions unbalances games. See LoTRO for a way to do it the right way.

    • k.b.a.

      Like everyone today, ever?

    • k.b.a.

      I’d like to hear what sucks about it? I’m interested in hearing informed opinions different from my own. Granted its my first real fps and I quite like it. But please only reply on the gameplay and quality of content. And only if you played at launch and have since experienced the changes since up until today. If you’re saying it sucks “as it did before” and you haven’t played since last year, please ignore my request and continue to enjoy (insert game of choice) personally I’m looking to pick up witcher and splatoon soon

  • Callum Davenport-Lambton

    Well this article got the facts all wrong. I hate clickbait sites like this.

  • Kevin Hyskell

    I agree with this. PoE is significantly more difficult than the other game types. My fireteam does the nightfall and weekly heroic every week without any wipes and we kill the L28 PoE. But even the 32 is tough for us. I don’t disagree with the difficulty but I do believe there should be locked in check points at least after completing a round so a team could leave after taking out the 4th round and not have to do those 4 again when coming back. The final rounds are extremely difficult and after spending hours trying to take out a boss no one wants to have to trudge through the first 4 rounds AGAIN just to get back to where you were. As long as you don’t cross the weekly reset this should be easily incorporated.

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