But What If Valve Made Modern Warfare 2?

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If Valve would have made Modern Warfare 2, then the result would have been something like below:

Please click the image to see it in full screen and don’t worry it won’t take you to a new page where you have to click again :P.

Thanks, Kotaku and Mustkunstn1k @ DeviantART.

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  • wow that would be awesome 🙁 🙁 IW suck

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  • Zack

    In a perfect world, companies would take the Valve approach for attracting new customers and keep their current coming back for more. Valve has always provided a great experience from those long nights of CS:S to Left4Dead2. Great post.

  • mike

    If Valve made MW2 we wouldnt have had it until 6 years after MW1

  • sam mcneil

    did I ever mention that Valve is prolly one of the best developers to date?

  • Geoff

    Wow seriously? Maybe this is why IW didn’t cater to u PC gamers, cuz you’re still whining like 6 months later. Jesus give it a rest. and btw, PC didn’t make MW into what it is, consoles did.

    • Marcelo

      Don’t worry we’ll be told how we are sheep and such for not wanting to cry about it for the PC. YOu know consumers should demnad the best and everything they want even though the image that showed up of all those players wanting to boycott MW only ended up playing it.

      Take a look at this article and read the #1 reason: “We Have Some Serious Entitlement Issues”

      Want to hurt IW, if you feel you were wronged, don’t buy the game and be done with it.

    • Marcelo

      Paper Blankets, no one knew of CoD outside of PC gamers until CoD2 came out for Consoles, which then made it into the juggernaught it is. You’re not even counting all those shit CoD knock off that came out for consoles prior to CoD2 like “Call of Duty: Finest Hour”

    • GSG-9

      Marcelo read closer, MW (As in 1) was a fine game, the standard of PC gaming made MW into what it is. a ‘Dx 9 based space heater’ is a Xbox, as it is shader based and it cannot run Dx10 shaders. My post (PB is me but I logged in through wordpress instead of gb) just came after yours.

    • Paper Blankets

      No your wrong. PC gaming made MW into what it is, go back to your Dx9 based space heater.

  • jacko

    Valve are no better, only good game they made was halflife 2, cs was a mod before they bouhgt it nad got people to pay. But yea IW suck.. look at them now.. most their employees left.. its called Karma. Long live Respawn.

    • Marcelo

      Really? No better? The constant updates to their TF game, and CS:S stuff they have provided. Also their long standing support for modders and how they even brought over people who have boycotted their stuff to show them how wrong they are? The same valve who saw portal from college kids and hired them on the spot and gave them close to 80% of the money earned from the game? Yeah what a bunch of jerks.. This is just the stuff I can come up with recently. Please stop talking out your butt please.

    • GSG-9

      So if your going to bitch at them then just go out and say they made nothing. Valve moved CS foreword after 1.5, they did not kill dedicated servers when it reached version 1.5 did they? They are just as bad? Allowing your own ticketrates for servers is just as bad as not allowing dedicated servers?
      If you want to knock them on originality then they made nothing, HL2’s physics were all Havok and that is what made the game, HL was created off the quake 2 engine by Id.

  • jacko

    Oh yea Geoffs a homo.

  • pickle

    ill give you that, the parents of 13 year old kids (buying them mw2 at christmas time to shut their fat asses up by letting them auto-aim and actually get kills without any of that pesky sill that pc users tend to have) are probably their main source of revenue… but it is just a shitty version of a good game. we on PC are used to having things the way we like them, and when IW gave us the same shit they dole out to console fags, it was understandable, and still is, that we protested. games get updated all the time, and maybe if we ‘whine’ enough they’ll fix it… how else will they know what real players want? sure when your mom bought you the game geoff, you didnt mind having no control over what map you play, who you play with, the ping or the language of the players(this one really annoys me… i get matched to english speaking players about 5% of the time and it’s their first language about 0.5% of the time. ususally its just some middle eastern guy saying “vote… vote… vote please…”) etc. next time just ask your mom to buy you a decent machine and start playing some other FPSs online. i know the lack of auto aim might throw you a bit, but once you get into it and see that people can actually use skill to play, you might see what we’re talking about 🙂
    what we want from mw2 is only what every other fps on pc has been doing for years… we dont want to be treated like 13 year old console fags

  • Scrubwave

    Exactly geoff, consoles did. Full of people like you who are unable to recognize shit even if someone smears it on their faces, unable to criticize, only able to eat everything and ask for more.

  • Tom

    Umm, yeah, PC did make this game what it is, I know there are a bunch of R-Tards who think console is better but you would get destroyed by any good player on pc, not to mention custom levels, mods, addons and updates which constantly make the game better than the single console version of the game. MW2 was the worst game in the series, its like they took MW1 and halved the amount of players, and whats with the AK being one of the last unlocks???????

    • Marcelo

      It’s not the job of the developer to add development platform for failed or would be game designers to make stuff. Sorry making a level with low gravity doesn’t make the game better it just becomes a novelty. I agree if I was going to play MW2 I would prefer on PC for gaming mechanics purely but not because I can play on some custom level. Think about how many levels are made and how many are actually used consistently and less used when you get into the competitive aspect of a game.. Gee TF has tons of levels floating around and Valve I think only picked up 5-6 to be universally downloaded because of the quality of those levels. You are just arguing that you have more of a chance of having sex because you are now included, diseased, fat and ugly chicks; so that’s why you are the man.. PC didn’t make the game what it is today, the game is.

    • GSG-9

      Did you never play CS/Half Life? Its not the Job of the developer to aid custom content but you know what, that is how you create a community and make a game that lasts for 8 years and has over 40 mods that were of good quality. IW was just pushing out a game, as far as the pc side goes there is nothing WRONG with that, but it will be noticed and noted. Its content updates don’t compare to the updates that UT3 and CSS received after release, and they had no cost unlike MW2.

  • stenz

    Wait, nobody mentioned the terrible font this “post” uses? Looks like it was made by a 3 year old, not Valve!

    • Girog

      That’s the font they use on their TF2 updates, which there are over 120 of.

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