Call of Duty 2014 Lead Platform Could Switch To PS4

Says an industry insider.

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Famous industry insider Pete “Famousmortimer” Dodd has said that given the massive popularity the PS4 has unexpectedly gathered since its release, and the decline in popularity that the Xbox brand has seen since the Xbox One came out may mean that Activision might switch their lead platform to the PS4, and that they might even be making an announcement about the same soon enough.

“I’m not ready to jump on the XB1 is doomed train yet,” Dodd wrote on NeoGAF. “Titanfall, or really any game, can turn the fortunes, but as of now – yes, good start but valid concerns. The PS4 is above and beyond all projections and publishers are re-calibrating to this. I heard that Activision is going to make a public announcement about COD changing to the PS4 as lead platform.

“I have no idea if this means DLC (I assume MS locked that down for multiple years) but COD was a XBOX 360 game that happened to be on the ps3 last gen. That will be a hugely symbolic move… and don’t discount what that means to the masses.”

Dodd also went on to say that the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One in the digital games sales department. “Also, don’t sleep on inFamous,” he said. “It will be very, very, close to Titanfall XB1 this month. Sony is also doing far more digital sales than MS so far (which is a weird switch from the middle of last gen).”

It seems a little implausible that Activision would switch lead consoles so abruptly, but then again, stranger things have happened. What do you think? Tell us in your comments!

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  • ???

    If they switch then I’m getting out of gaming all together that means me and my kids and there kids ex…. I refuse to send my money over seas if I don’t have too Microsoft is a home grown company in the US.

    • John

      Yea most of Microsoft’s product are made over seas so it’s no different

    • Jacob

      Quitting gaming just because cod will be a ps4 preferred game. That’s a little much.

    • John

      Yea I understand to much of our money is going seas

    • John

      * over seas

  • MF Cutty Flam

    No Just No…

    stay with Xbox, No1 likes you

  • Sol Malus

    I think it’s fine, Call of Duty’s main platform being PS4? That means Xbox has what? Halo (where is Halo?) and Titanfall (which is also on PC with better everything)…

    So… what does Xbox have going for it?

  • DJ Lil Shawn

    Needs To Stay With Xbox I Will Be VERY Upset If I See This Switch. If They Have Always Been With Xbox They Need To Stay!!!!

  • Pete Wilson

    All you wee xbox fan boys
    Its ownly a switch over whats the big deal
    So what they wanna use a ps4 to publish their game.

    Get over it the ps4 is stronger than the xbox one
    I would do the same if i was a games company


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