Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Prestige Master Glitch to be reset

Treyarch is watching.

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Treyarch’s David Vonderhaar has said that the prestige master glitch that most players have been exploiting online will be reset and the chances of resetting it are 100%.

Why would you do it anyway? The game is really costly and at least in the developing countries and you risk of losing your account or just getting your stats reset. I know it feels good when people praise your stats but ask yourself, are you doing the right thing?

Why not pwn people based on your skills and increase your ratio in a legit way. You can also camp if you want; anything is better than hac…. NO DON”T CAMP.

Here’s what David Vonderhaar had to say about the hackers and glitchers.


People who play normally have no reason to be annoyed by all these glitchers, their stats will be reset by Treyarch or they will be banned. You can then play with your other noob friends or skilled players that you will encounter once or twice in some random games.

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  • anonymous

    I think its bullshit ! That they will penalize people for the fails at developingthere gamei really think they should let the people that did it ,keep it and patch the glitch instead of penalizing possible legit players..honestly its not that people want 10th prestige they want diamond weapons
    due to the fact in order to get it…you gotta get every gun golden wether or not its a gun that you want to use or not …there ia guns people don’t want to USE…so why do u admit it tjat you fucked up making the game instead of blaming the players like always!

    • Rain

      Clearly you’re someone who did it.
      Also whoever up rated this post did it too.


  • XccelerationHD

    I was at 7th prestige before a glitch occurred during a server maintenance. I had my stuff reset…… I was upset that I lost everything. Why didn’t I submit a ticket to Treyarch? Well, I didn’t want to bother them. I did the prestige glitch because I didn’t want to prestige again due to the reset. 🙁

  • scarface

    what about if you refreshed it

  • scarface

    and will it affect your zombies account to

  • scarface

    so what happens if you restarted your acount


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