Call of Duty Black Ops 2 PS3 owners angered by constant freezes – Report

It’s always PS3, isn’t it?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is one of the biggest selling games of the year, so some issues online related to servers are expected. But freezes? There’s just no justification to that considering Treyarch is not new to the PS3 hardware. Yes, PlayStation 3 owners all over the world are reporting that the game is freezing their system, and it is simply making it unplayable at times.

Treyarch had messed up the Black Ops PS3 port in 2010, where it not only ran in Sub-HD but performed equally bad on the PlayStation 3. However, Treyarch should have learned their lessons since Infinity Ward always ensures platform parity and we don’t really see all these issues with their games.

So what went wrong? Is the Xbox 360 the only console they care about? That can’t be true since the PS3 game sales are humongous as well. They simply cannot ignore the platform but they know people will buy it in droves. Here are some of the complaints we have received from people.

Dan Amrich, spokesperson for Activision, said that a fix is on the way.

These are just a sample of messages you can see the Treyarch team is getting bombard with on Twitter. We also reported earlier how the PS3 version is a complete mess. Hopefully they will resolve this soon because it’s only about time when people get frustrated and move to another game.

Or not.

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Jordan Bain

    Worst multi player game ever created based on connectivity and ability to play it at all without freezing! Have had it almost a week and maybe been able to play online for an hour tops!!!!!!

  • Alexiz Escobar

    I’m angry too, not only the fact it keeps freezing, it’s the servers that I can’t even connect too. It says that the servers are unavailable, this is simply absurd!

  • Kyle

    Yup keeps freezing all
    The time. Very annoyed.

  • abdulelah

    i get in a match then my ps3 completly freez and i have to turn it off and on every time

  • FuckingFreezingBlackOps2

    fuck treyarch! they made a wonderful game with bo2 and ruined it because of this constant fucking freezing! i hope they patch this shit up. i have been streaking often and the next moment i get frozen! this is a complete pile of bullshit! it feels even worse when you see a bo2 advert saying”Get Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 for XBOX 360.” no ps3, pc or wii u is mentioned. advertising like that makes bo2 look like an XBOX 360 only game! i even saw this advert multiple times on youtube! Bullshit! this is another one of those damned contracts that microsoft does with activision. that is the reason why ps3 is always 2nd place these days. if sony did a contract like that we ps3 gamers probably wouldn’t have this damned freezing.

  • fuck treyarch

    fix my game you faggot niggers

    • #

      I hope your shitty PS3 explodes.

    • WickedWhite

      lol not before your crapbox redrings again……lol

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  • WickedWhite

    its becoming a common thing in games today. we don’t need to put out a complete game cause we can patch it over the next year.. its b.s. to have day one updates because company’s are to lazy to test there own game. i’m so glad i’m not a fan of this crappy game. hope the franchise finally dies, but it wont cause a bunch of 12 year olds will keep buying crappy products from half arse company’s. If people stopped buying crap they would stop making crap. World of gamers need to realize we hold all the power not the game makers… WAKE UP AND STAND AGAINST THIS CRAP. would you buy a half built car and drive it around like its a full car? No company’s would fail but for some reason they get away with it in video games because gamers allow it.

  • CallOfDutyGuy

    Black Ops 2 is great for people who don’t mind getting frozen in the middle of a game when they are kicking ass qnd taking names. This person (above) is not me. When i’m playing for a goal and i get fucked over just before reaching it, my rage makes hell look cold. FIX THIS TREYARCH!


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