Call of Duty Ghosts: 10 Things Infinity Ward Is Doing Differently

A low down on what to expect from the next Call of Duty game.

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With the tenth Call of Duty right around the corner and releasing on a myriad of platforms, it looks like it’s going to be a leap forward for the series as well as the developers. Infinity Ward is promising to bring a new level of detail, game play and new characters along with a new plot. Fans of the series have plenty of reasons to be excited as well, with some big changes coming in. With Infinity Ward at the helm, there are a few things that they are doing differently. Let’s take a look.

 1. Man’s Best Friend

As many people know by now, Infinity Ward is giving us a new, four-legged companion. What some people might not know about it is that the player will, at least partially be able to take control of our canine compatriot. The dog should add another level of tactical choices, at least in the single player campaign. Hopefully the combat-trained pups will also be showing up in multiplayer. With the perks and killstreak bonuses that have previously been available in the CoD series, it’s probably a good bet we’ll also have access to the adorable and deadly attack dogs as well.

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  • nbnbn

    not going to be different at all. same old shit every year

    • Mini

      if you say so kid.
      And you are making the same lame ass comment “every week”

    • The Sarcastic Guy


    • Mini

      Lol another kid. Stop typing in caps. Like wtf?

      And no kid, I doubt nbnbn is twice as old as I am. If he is, that would be fucking embarrassing, typing an immature comment like that.

    • Elliot Stansfield

      You are still going to buy it and you know it so stop being such a fucking hipster.

    • Delta

      Lol ya said the same thing to the armies of fans pelting bo2 with rage because (insert sqeaky voice) ” it’s not realistic”
      Ok number 1 its as realistic as any fuccking call of duty ever was
      The word you are looking for is futuristic dumbbshiits
      And 2 we all know they bought it anyway
      I mean the number of people that actually boycotted bo2 is smaller than the amount of people that (to this day) boycott l4d2

    • Somebody that you never knew

      The community isnt going to be any different The majority are complete turds
      I actually support cod trolling because the turd community deserves the rage
      But bo2 I actually praise them for trying new things for better or worse (decision making, troop commander whatever mode, campaign loudouts,etc)
      I mean most people who play cod don’t even touch singleplayer There going to have 2 achievements and be prestige master ( *cough booster *cough)
      I kinda wish they would cut some things to crease the douchy ego of some people
      I mean prestige, gold camo, quick scoping, these contribute to these a holes egos and needs to stop

  • mako_zero

    All this »10 things« are totally BS. Jake Demo you have no clue.


    “FPS combat simulator games in Battlefield 3”. How quaint that this is a COD player’s idea of a combat simulator. Arma bitch!

    Dynamic maps? Are u kidding. That event of the building falling over isn’t dynamic, it’s scripted and will get old quick.

    Are u seriously stating “improved AI as something they are doing differently. Every designer that has made any game ever has said that their latest game improves AI.

    The Underdog??? Queue massive eye roll

    Leaning out of cover. Ye this is a good idea, but i think COD is way too run and gun to be a significant mechanic

    The Free Fall map is the only thing on this list that would make me want to play COD again. The rest is complete meh

    • Effect

      I’m a BF fan, but when people lump it into the FPS simulator discussion, it makes me facepalm.

    • ÇℜΔÇK_ℵΙℵℑΔΔ

      Ye I have enjoyed every BF game since I started playing Bad Company 1, and it is more realistic I guess, but FPS simulator?? pfffff….. such a CODtard reaction

    • Dakan45

      More like BFtard, most of them think bf = real warfare for men, ever heard of arma?

    • ÇℜΔÇK_ℵΙℵℑΔΔ

      Red Orchestra is a realistic COD
      Arma 3 is a realistic Battlefield

    • Dakan45

      Good point.

  • Ryan Deadpooln

    Same game with a few new gimmicks. I loved Cod for the first couple games, but wow they are really milking it.

  • Skylar Van Oosterhout

    that was such a pathetic top 10 list
    “can lean out of cover”
    “improved AI”
    “same engine but improved”

    those are things I expect when I pick up a sequel of any game.

    at the end of the day THE GAMEPLAY will be the same as all COD games

  • Dakan45
    2.freefall map ai
    4.1080p with better textures and lighting AKA the pc version of the previous games
    5. more dog
    6.leaning out of cover
    7. Mp character visual customization ops sliding
    9.Second screen
    10. FreeFall map is free with preorder

    There you go.

    • Skyehammer

      Hi Guys , I’m a Dad of a gamer , and someone told my son that ‘ Combat Training ‘ isn’t featured on Call of Duty Ghosts and he’s pretty cut up about it . Anyone know if it’s true , the person who told him said he’d won a competition to play COD Ghosts and said the feature didn’t appear . How likely is this story to be true ?

    • Dakan45

      Well black ops 1 and 2 were made by treyarch.

      Mw3 and ghosts are from IW, treyarch does bots (combat training) IW does not, so ghosts wont have combat training.

  • Delta

    Ya well I’m a customization freak so… um… ya…. This is hype

  • HoneyBadger

    Seriously guys, it is the same old shit again.

    MW2 – Custom killstreaks, further gun customisation…
    BO – Customisable appearance, dolphin dive…
    MW3 – Killstreak tweaks (gunstreak for a moab)
    BO2 – I gave up after MW3, but I’ve heard better things relative to the other games

    Ghosts. Lets talk about the actually new things:

    1. Oh, a dog. How exciting…
    2. Fish move out the way. Super Mario 64 (1996) had this feature.
    3. New graphics, as with all sequels to most games.
    4. Second screen support, cause of all the crucially important stats you need to be aware of whilst holding W and clicking.
    5. An intensively scripted map.

    Are these really selling points. Like previous games, it boasts new features, but these are so fucking minor and practically a requirement by sequels nowadays that it will just follow the same pattern.
    I enjoy the 5 hour long campaigns to these games, whack on the multiplayer for a few days and get pissy with my dumb self for actually bothering. CoD should’ve died after Modern Warfare 1, because the supposed ‘innovation’ which the company so happily proclaims about prior to the launch of their new brainchild (for those of you who have a more restricted vocabulary, a brainchild is a produce from a creative idea) since then has been stiflingly pathetic.

    PS: I am aware that I come across as extremely arrogant
    PPS: And the leaning thing has been in there since Modern Warfare 1.
    PPPS: Don’t call me a noob who has no skill and doesn’t appreciate fast twitch shooters. Because I am/do neither.


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