Call of Duty Ghosts: Infinity Ward Banning Players Using 3rd Party Software

FOV Changers at risk?

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Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward has just tweeted out that it will be banning PC players using any third party software. “Update re: PC bans – Any players found using 3rd party software will be permanently banned in #CODGhosts.” The developer even linked to an official post on Code of Conduct.

The funny part? A major third party software that players have been using for the PC version of Ghosts which helps improve the field of view (FOV) in the game, thus called an FOV Changer, is apparently banned. We say “apparently” because it isn’t clarified in the Code of Conduct – it hasn’t helped that Infinity Ward themselves stated in the past that FOV changes are allowed.

As of now, there haven’t been reports of FOV Changers being banned but it is still an unofficial, third party software. How will Infinity Ward handle it going forward? Will they perhaps finally just fix the FOV themselves? We’ll have to wait and see.

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  • CAJO

    Yeah that blows man, the default fov sux. I use FoV changer just makes the game better to play, and i tell everyone else to use it too. I got a warning when tried to run ghosts this morning that valve might ban me for using it so of course i didnt use it, and got my butt kicked… usually go 2:1 or 2:1.5 kdr. Screw infinity ward man, why don’t they ban all these obvious bleeding aimbotters and leave us legit players alone, might just have to make the switch to BF4.

  • what about all the people who have modified their controllers,what will be done about that..???

    we cant play fair when were up against the likes of that.

  • Andrew Delorey

    Now they are banning tons of people for no reason. My wife, mother of 4, was banned last night. She doesn’t use a headset, doesn’t know how to hack or cheat. Looking at Activision’s Facebook page, it getting blown up with tons of people having the same issue and there is currently no way to appeal the permanent ban.

  • el Cam

    banned for using msi afterburner overlay to monitor card temps, fps, and fan speed.


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