Call of Duty Ghosts Won’t Have Any Support For User Generated Content

Problem lies in security, according to producer Mark Reuben.

Posted By | On 16th, Jun. 2013 Under News

Infinity Ward veteran and current producer on Call of Duty: Ghosts Mark Reuben revealed that the upcoming first person shooter won’t allow for user-generated content. So no modding tools, no level editors, nothing.

When asked if they had a desire for the same, Reuben stated that, “It’s absolutely something we’d love to do, the problem lies obviously in security and also it’s a competitive game, and so if you give people too much access to those toys they can ruin other people’s experiences. The unfortunate part of this is there’s almost nothing I’ve seen out there that is people who have hacked the system who are doing good.”

It was suggested that a level editor might be enough to help that urge to “break the game” among some people. “Maybe… no, I don’t think it would [laughs],” said Reuben. “The community would still try and break the game because they’re not trying to break levels, they’re trying to break people’s progression, or they’re trying to break things with, like, aimbots and all that kind of stuff, ” he said in an interview with AusGamers,

Considering all the controversy that’s been created with multiplayer, will that really be enough? We’ll know when Ghosts launches on November 5th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Wii U and PC.

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  • Damienc1985

    This guy has to be stupid if he thinks that the mod and map tools are what allow cheat developers to develop the cheats.

    Look at MW2/3, and Black Op’s 2 both have no mod and map tools but you can either get a free cheat or pay for a cheat and just, ruin the game for everyone.

    The only reason there is no mod or map tools is because, they do not want the community to make the game better than the developers can, and also they are just more interested in getting people to buy the DLC and if you remove the chance of user created, content then you almost ensure people will have to buy the DLC to avoid the game becoming stale.

  • Christopher Ricci

    It’s okay Master game cracker NTAuthority will be waiting in the shadows waiting to fix the game and make it free for all to play, I’m not even buying GHOSTS till I know that they will have dedicated servers, Ranked dedicated servers

  • Christopher Ricci

    But I have a feeling they will screw the PC guys again and I will have to take my entire clan off of STEAM and move them to AlterIWNet

  • Wilson

    Well it looks like u give a fuck about PC once again…. no servers no mod tools and the only thing u give us is crappy dlc’s…. can’t you just give us a game like cod4 where we had all the freedom in the world to make a E-Sport game, now you just make a console friendly game for public gamers, but ask yourself what about the pc E-sport scene ?


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