Call of Duty will not end like Guitar Hero

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Having seen Activision axe the popular guitar hero franchise last week, industry analysts seem confident that a similar fate will not befall the Call of Duty series. A number of analysts have told IndustryGamers that Call of Duty will not suffer a similar demise provided the game’s retain quality control.

Michael Pacther has said that “I don’t think they are comparable at all. GH is a franchise that people buy once, because the peripherals are great. As it saturated the installed base, the only buyers were people who are new console purchasers, and the ‘fad’ appeared to wear off at the same time.”

“CoD, on the other hand, has a vibrant online community that keeps growing. When a new version comes out, the ‘network effect’ kicks in, and many people buy it because their friends have done so. The risk to the franchise is competition, not people tiring of the gameplay… CoD won’t fade unless Activision opens the door to competition by making a bad game.”

David Cole of DFC Intelligence said: “With GH it seemed that it was very likely to be a fad that would be milked until it dried out. It was somewhat the same issue as extreme sports and hunting games. FPS games are a long proven genre and thus don’t seem to have fallen into that fad issue.”

“However, there is a very real danger of milking a franchise and causing quality to decline, which can result in turning consumers off. With COD I think the danger is trying to maintain the quality of the franchise and making sure they don’t release product just to release product.”

Lazard Capital Markets’ Colin Sebastian stated that “I think music games were a fad – just like fitness games were at one point, and maybe dance games are today. But after years of franchise growth, I wouldn’t put Call of Duty in the same category. Could Activision mess it up? Sure, but if they focus on maintaining high game quality, fresh story-lines, and online multiplayer, then I don’t see an obvious reason for the franchise to decline.”

EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich corroborated, saying that “I don’t believe any lessons learned from the music category applies to the Call of Duty franchise. I trust that Activision knows what they are doing with Call of Duty and I remain unconcerned about the franchise’s future.”

Thanks to Industrygamers for the info.

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  • I doubt that people will not buy as much CODs without the former Infinity Ward. COD is built on Infinity Ward’s name and creative genius. Activision will put the IW logo on Modern Warfare 3 because most gamers don’t know or don’t care who makes COD, however, the ones that do and follow gaming news can always spot the differences between the quality of the two developers.

    I also agree that competition will slaughter COD this year because 2011 is the worst year to produce a shooter that isn’t creative, fun, beautiful or on par with these shooters: Killzone 3, Brink, Crysis 2, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Gears of War 3, Resistance 3, Socom 4, Duke Nukem, Portal 2, Homefront, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Child of Eden and maybe Respawn’s game.

    Competition will end COD without Infinity Ward. Treyarch isn’t creative beyond zombies. Treyarch’s gameplay and engine is inferior to Modern Warfare. Treyarch rode the Modern Warfare 2 hype, which is still deserved in my opinion. Activision knew that an open beta would produce loss sales. Treyarch dropped the ball and I believe that to be true. Think about it!

    • In the first sentence, I meant to write, “I doubt that people will buy as much CODs without the former Infinity Ward.”, not “I doubt that people ‘will not’ buy as much CODs without the former Infinity Ward.”

    • dh4645

      i know what you meant, and totally agree. cod blops was fun, but i am having more fun in the killzone 3 beta (with one map!) than i did playing cod blops with all the glitchers. i’ll be getting just about every game you listed up there, might not have time for another cod if they dont step up their game.

  • lukepc92

    It’s a fine line COD walks, Modern Warfar could become the sole focus because cod blops was shaky in terms of the story and some maps online were poor. Maybe an amalgam of the two, stripping the best features of both games would be best.

  • awesomedude1

    I hate to say it, but CoD already is going down the path of Guitar Hero. With these franchises, Acti is taking advantage of its customers and slamming us with yearly releases. Still, CoD will sell well because it’s CoD.

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  • Thatruth86

    Yea i dont think cod will go down anytime soon. Cod n guitarhero are two different type of games and you can only play so much guitar hero and as for cod its a fps and those will never die.. Eventually cod will take its toll and im not a fan of either but im glad guitar hero is finished as for cod they eill continue with the franchise as long as the consumers want it and sells great .. Aside all that cod is not a great shooter in opinion long live battlefield “0

  • noxtics

    I have been uninterested in this series for sometime now, I played the very first game on PC a long time ago and thought that it was awesome …and it still is. Then i picked up the second one and played through it but I was already feeling the “more of the same” on that game.

    I totally skipped the third game and then came back for a rental on the fourth game which i genuinely thought was a lot of a fun and a good try. The game was way too short which seems to be an issue for all the titles.

    The muliplayer is the same for every version of the game, when are we going to see some new modes? Some attempts at changing up the muliplayer?

    Also why do their games nowadays have a cheap “i copy and pasted everything” feel to it?

    I really think that instead of pretending that they have everything under control they start to take a look at how they can refresh the gameplay here.

    This series will crash if they wait. Look at Medal of Honor, they both share patterns in how new versions of the games are pumped out.

  • yodathe3rd

    i believe that COD will always sell people talk and talk saying they won’t go and pick up the next call of duty every year and then bam it breaks a huge sales record. a lot of the causual COD players don’t care about infinity ward truthfully they care about some new multiplayer stuff and some more prestige levels to go up. I think it won’t really crash like guitar hero because guitar hero never did anything new to the game to seperate it from the pack. Like rock band switched things up that is how they took the lead from them and with better DLC as well.

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  • aquaman22

    COD is in trouble this year. There’s a little game oh idk by the name of BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 3 on the horizon and THIS game will make up for the crappy COD game that came out last year in black ops and for this years COD as well. Activision has annualized this franchise and it won’t be long now for their well to go dry. I understand from a business perspective BUT if consumers are SMART they’ll see and understand that this is just the same game wrapped up in different colored maps. And don’t even get me started on the DLC. I have not purchased a SINGLE DLC yet, not from MW2, and will not do so for Black Ops. It’s the same thing with Madden EVERY year, I just got sick and tired of buying the same football game and guess what fellas, I didn’t purchase LAST year’s madden and unless EA Tiburon does something amazing i probably will NOT be picking up madden again this year. every year the differences are so subtle that it blows. “Oh we have new and improved fans, and look-a-like players and coaches”. I don’t care if Romo looks like Romo i just want something new and exciting! Aqua out!

    • dh4645

      It’s just battlefield 3. the “bad company” part is a separate game/series. Battlefield 3 is the true successor to Battlefield 2 that was release in 2005.


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